Internet Wala Love 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai saves Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai checking the address which Myra gave and thinks Aadhya must have come there. Jai comes there. Aadhya is stuck in the lift and worries for the siyappa in her life. Jai gets her mobile and thinks how can she be so careless. He hears her voice and thinks someone is stuck. He goes to help her and sees Aadhya. Aadhya sees him and asks him to save her. Jai says I should have understood that you are here. He tries to open the lift. Aadhya says you can’t do anything nicely. Jai asks her to open then. He tries to open the lift. Shubhankar calls Jai. Jai picks the call. Shubhankar asks him to make him talk to Aadhya. Jai says they are still in the meeting and ends the call. He manages to open the lift and asks her to come up, but she falls and hurts her foot. Jai jumps down

and checks her leg. Aadhya and Jai looks at each other. He lifts her and asks her to climb up. Aadhya pulls the lift door and it closes. Jai scolds her. Aadhya panics.

Jai asks if she is claustrophic and gets scared of darkness. She nods her head. Jai asks her not to worry and says nothing happened to you. He asks her to relax and says you are afraid of darkness being Jhansi ki rani. He says you ran behind a goon holding pepper spray and made my life miserable and is afraid of darkness. He tries to divert her attention and continues talking. But seeing her panicking, he shouts ghosts.

Aadhya hugs him scared. She opens her eyes and where is ghost? Jai says in white clothes. She scolds him. Her says you are breathing properly now. She says don’t know where she left her phone. Jai smiles and asks if she uses mobile to chat. She says no. He says he will call someone to help, but just then Aadhya holds his hand and says torch light. Jai says sorry. He gets his mum’s call and she asks if chudail did something. Aadhya gets angry. Jai says he is busy and ends the call. He says your father gave more dangerous names than this. Electricity comes back, Jai says we shall go for conference. After attending the conference, Jai says thankfully conference was good else Myra would have. He gets Myra’s call and tells that Aadhya also puts on lots of efforts, it is a team work. Aadhya gets impressed with him. They leave. Aadhya thinks I don’t want to go back with the guilt and will talk to my internet friend, don’t know where is my phone.

Jai messages his internet friend and Aadhya’s phone beeps. He thinks to check her phone and seeing her looking at him, he keeps the phone back. They return back to hotel rooms Aadhya thanks Jai for saving her. Jai says you have to thank me for returning your phone. Driver comes and says you forgot your stuff. They come back. Jai messages his internet friend asking where was she since morning? Aadhya asks him not to ask. Jai asks if she refused that guy. Aadhya says no and says she can’t think of refusal.

Jai asks her to share her concern. Aadhya thinks she don’t want to share with Samrat, but want to share with her internet friend. Jai thinks if she felt bad and thinks how to make her understand. He calls Karan Johar on radio and tells that he himself is RJ, but is find its difficult to handle his problem. He says he has dated many girls on internet, but he is liking a girl who is unique and he feels peace and magical after talking to her. Karan says how many signals you want, you are in love. He reminds of kuch kuch hota hai line. Jai thanks him. Next Aadhya calls Karan and hesitates to share her problem. Karan says you can share your problem. Aadhya says I am confused and tells that she started talking to someone online and feeling trust on him. Karan says nice and asks what is the problem. Aadhya says I am going to engaged soon and the guy is perfect and have good qualities, but I think this alliance is not right. She says even my internet friend asked me to refused. Karan asks her not to marry if she doesn’t want to and asks her to close her eyes and sees the face of the man she loves. Aadhya thanks him.

Aadhya closes her eyes. She sees Jai standing at the door with only tshirt and smiles. Jai gets surprised. They decide to meet each other and fix the time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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