Internet Wala Love 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya misunderstands Jai and slaps him

Internet Wala Love 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya asking bar owner to help her, but he refuses. They take Shubhankar out and make him sit on the road. Aadhya asks the people on road to help her, but nobody helps her. Aadhya calls Jai still, but he doesn’t pick the call. Aadhya’s phone falls down. She thinks phone screen is broken and calls from Shubhankar’s mobile. Rupa is holding his phone and messages Aadhya from Jai’s behalf that he is coming there in 10 mins. Aadhya tells Shubhankar that Jai is coming. Rupa thinks Aadhya will not see Jai’s face now. Aadhya sees Shubhankar’s bad state and tries to stop auto, but auto driver doesn’t stop. Rupa thinks I can do everything to keep smile on my son’s face. Aadhya comes infront of someone’s car and asks for lift. The men in the car give them lift

till hospital. She brings Shubhankar to hospital and prays for his recovery. She asks Nurse if he will be alright. Doctor comes and asks why did she wait to bring her father to hospital and for what, even after knowing that he had so much blood loss. Aadhya calls Jai and thinks pick my call, I need you. She thinks of Doctor’s words and cries badly.

Jai tells Rajat and Vihaan that he is not getting his phone since long. Rajat calls on his number and gets Jai’s phone. Jai sees Shubhankar’s video in which he is humiliated, and then Aadhya asking for his help. Doctor asks Aadhya to bring medicine. Jai comes to the hospital and asks Nurse about Shubhankar. Nurse tells that his daughter brought him to hospital and he was in extreme bad state and had major blood loss. Jai looks at Shubhankar and thinks what Aadhya might be going through. Aadhya comes and thinks of his message asking her to wait, which is actually sent by Rupa. Jai says sorry to her. Aadhya slaps him recalling Doctor’s words. She asks how dare you to come near me, and gives medicines to Nurse. Jai asks what did I do and says I came running here immediately. Aadhya says this is happening because of you. Jai asks what? Nurse asks them to be quiet. Aadhya asks him to go. Jai says I know you are very stressed and asks what happened. Aadhya says if I have become late then…Jai asks her to listen. Jai asks her to listen to him and says just as I come to know, I came running here. He asks her not to talk to him if she don’t want and leave.

Aadhya thinks I was so bad about Jai. Vihaan comes there and asks Aadhya about Jai. Doctor asks Aadhya to meet Shubhankar. Tanisha calls Jai. Jai comes to the office and takes out his anger on her. Tanisha says company is taken over by someone and we don’t know about the new owner. I called you as the show time was near. He comes inside the show and thinks not to talk to Aadhya. Vihaan calls Rajat and tells him that Jai and Aadhya have a major fight and even Jai left from here angrily. Rajat gets worried. Jai starts his program. Rajat calls him as a caller and asks about his relationship status with Aadhya. Jai says don’t know and tells that it is impossible to understand woman. Vihaan asks Aadhya what did Jai do, but Aadhya refuses to tell him anything. Rajat as caller as Jai to help him as he is going to propose his best friend. Vihaan tells Aadhya that the friendship matters to Jai very much. Aadhya says no and tells that she used to blindly trust Jai, but he…Jai says one shall trust her friend. Vihaan asks what?

Jai says it is very important to communicate and tell the reason why you are insulting him. Aadhya tells Vihaan that she was sure that Jai will come and help her, but…Vihaan asks what? Aadhya says leave it. Vihaan says I will get the discharge papers ready. Rajat asks Jai why are you angry? Jai says yes, I am angry..Rajat asks him not to take the anger on heart and try to know the reason of the anger of the other person. Jai thinks may be Aadhya was tensed and that’s why did this. Rajat asks Jai to give a chance to a special friend. Jai says you are right and asks him to hear the song. Vihaan comes to Aadhya and tells that you will not get truthful and good friend like Jai. He says Jai has done so much for you. Aadhya recalls Jai saving her. Vihaan asks her to give him a chance to clarify. She thinks she shall give him a chance. Jai thinks to talk to Aadhya face to face.

Jai tells Aadhya that he didn’t do anything against uncle. He asks do you think that I can do that. Aadhya says you wrote that infront of car and told that you will come in 10 mins, but didn’t come. Jai pulls her closer angrily. Rupa thinks they will get back together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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