Internet Wala Love 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahira refuses to help Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya worrying. Jai taunts her. She takes his phone. He asks her to return his phone. He reads his date is fixed and gets excited. He goes to see what’s the surprise. He comes to the place and gets happy seeing two girls dancing for him. He dances with them happily. Aao raja….plays….. He sees the middle aged women and thinks is these oldies my date. He says I think I came at wrong place. The lady says no, you have spoken to me on radio. He recalls and says oh, it was you, such a big cheat with me. The lady gets close. He says I need to go. The lady doesn’t let him go. He says where did I get stuck.

Aadhya talks to Diya. The ladies ask Jai for a pole dance. Jai says I m going, I won’t go. The ladies ask him to entertain them, else they will file

harassment case on him. Jai thinks what to do now, I have to keep my respect. He agrees for pole dance. Tareefan…..plays…. Jai dances and removes his shirt and trousers. The ladies get glad and dance with them. He thinks how to get saved from them. He runs away and finds door locked. The lady shows the keys. He gets an idea that he can run by window. He says you are right, I m stupid to run away. The ladies go to get drink and snacks. He takes a sheet and runs from window. Jai runs on the roads. People take his pics. The ladies run after him. He leaves in the auto. Aadhya is also in same auto rickshaw. She laughs seeing him. He asks you….

She jokes on him. He asks her to shut up, don’t make fun of him. He gets down the auto and the sheet drops. She laughs. People click his pics in shorts. She gives her scarf and helps him. He covers himself with her scarf and comes home. Vihaan and Rajat laugh seeing him and watch his video. They read comments on his profile. Dada ji asks what are you doing, did I teach this, what’s happening. Jai says all this happened because of Aadhya. Dada ji says I want to meet her once. Jai smiles. He thinks Aadhya be ready, tomorrow will be a surprise for you. Aadhya comes to office and thinks to go to Mahira. She comes to Mahira and checks her resignation letter. She checks the rental agreement and stops. She recalls Diya’s words and says I need a favor. Jai looks on. Aadhya calls her mum and says I have arranged money, don’t worry. Vihaan asks Jai not to do much. Jai says come on, its okay. Vihaan thinks Jai wants to get Aadhya fired.

Jai says check and mate. He comes to Mahira and asks her to see his fan following. She asks is there anything else to say. He says no. He shows Aadhya’s profile to her. She calls Aadhya. She refuses to give her the favor. Aadhya gets shocked. Jai smiles. Mahira asks Aadhya to prepare the blog. Aadhya thinks why did Mahira refuse when she agreed, how to save my house now. Roopa comes to meet Shubhankar. Jai says Aadhya has updated her holiday trip plans with her BF. Mahira checks. Aadhya says I should write my blog now. She writes the blog. She gets a call from home and runs off. She sees people throwing the stuff out. Diya asks her about money. She asks Aadhya to stop them. Aadhya says I have no money, I couldn’t arrange money. Shubhankar tries to stop them. Diya makes the video and posts on social media. She writes the problems and asks them to help. Jai sees the video and says it means Aadhya is really in big problem.

Jai takes Aadhya’s video and says social media will run after Aadhya now. Aadhya gets hurt. Vihaan scolds Jai.

Update Credit to: Amena

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