Internet Wala Love 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai breaks his friendship with Aadhhya

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Internet Wala Love 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya coming to Jai and asks him to listen to her once. Jai asks her to shut up and asks what do you want. He says I learnt saying truth from you, but when your turned came to say truth, you couldn’t say that. He says you had told that relations works for trust and tells that today there relation is over. He says the girl who can’t take a stand for herself is no longer my colleague or friend, just a stranger. Jai sits in his hand. Aadhya asks him to listen to her once. Aadhya cries as Jai leaves. She thinks you didn’t know why I was quiet, and says I wish I could tell you truth. She recalls Rupa coming to her house and giving the house papers to Shubhankar. She tells him that Samrat asked this house as his wedding gift and asked me to give it to you. She asks Shubhankar

to accept it happily. Aadhya and Shubhankar are shocked. Shubhankar’s wife takes it. Rupa goes. Diya gets happy. Shubhankar tells that Samrat came in their life and make it alright. He promises Aadhya that he will not touch wine again and says we will celebrate century in partnership. Fb ends. Aadhya cries and thinks how could I become selfish and wipe all the happiness. Jai thinks why did Aadhya stay quiet and proved him wrong infront of everyone. Aadhya comes inside and sees Samrat apologizes to Shubhankar. He says you can punish me and apologizes. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to come and they leave.

Rupa scolds Samrat for trapping her son and says I am helping you to save your marriage and saved you from shanaya. Samrat says I will have no problem if Jai don’t support Aadhya and says she don’t have strength to do anything after taking house from you. Rupa thinks Samrat is right and thinks to do something.

At the radio station, Aadhya calls peon and asks him to come. She asks about Jai. Peon says Jai haven’t come till now. He comes to office. Colleague congratulates him for saving Aadhya from goons. Tanisha asks Aadhya to go and start the show as Jai has already started it. Jai starts the programme and says today’s topic is lie and betrayal. He tells that lie and betrayal are of different types. Aadhya looks sad and comes to him. She holds his hand and asks him to listen to her. She says she was helpless. Jai says I don’t want to listen to you and ends the show. He leaves from there.

Rupa comes to Pandit ji and asks him to search a puja’s name which is equivalent to ghatbandhan. Pandit ji says your kuldevta’s puja is after Diwali. Rupa says it is after 36 hours, but I want the same puja to happen now itself. She offers him bribe. Pandit ji looks on.

Samrat comes to Aadhya and gives her bouquet. He says I hope Jai apologized to you and says he should hold your leg and say sorry. Aadhya looks on. Samrat brings Aadhya out so that Jai see them together and tells Aadhya that he can’t go closer to any girl except her, don’t know why Jai did that. He gets a gift for her and says I hope you forgive me for yesterday. Jai looks at them. Samrat says I will make you wear it and says I will make you wear earring. Jai gets jealous and upset. He tells Samrat that this is office and outsiders are not allowed. Saamrat asks why are you calling me outsider, Myra made me this media house’s legal advisor. Jai says you got only this office to work. Samrat says Aadhya works here so I took it. Aadhya refuses to take the gift. Jai goes past them.

Samrat forces her to have gift. Jai breaks the glass angrily and asks Peon to clean it. Samrat tells Jai that it seems you are taking out anger. Jai asks what do you mean and comes to Samrat. He asks Samrat to say. Samrat says your plan failed to break Aadhya and my alliance. He says Aadhya and uncle trust me so much, and you are irritated seeing it. He says I don’t understand what is your problem with Aadhya and my alliance. He says I can do anything for Aadhya and I will forgive Jai irrespective of his mistakes. Jai asks what did I do and asks him to say. Samrat asks Aadhya how is he talking to him. Aadhya says please jai. Samrat asks Jai to say sorry to Aadhya.

Jai says accept that I am not your brother and asks him to say. Virat asks him not to fight with Samrat else family member will know. Samrat smirks and turns to Aadhya, seeing Jai going from there. He tells Aadhya that he needs to change his mood and asks her to comeout for dinner. She says not today as she has much work. She takes an auto and thinks Jai left 3 hours ago. She worries for him and asks Auto driver to take her to many places and says she will pay by his meter. She recalls Jai telling her that whenever he is upset, he goes to some places. She goes there and gets down from the auto seeing Jai. Jai asks what are you doing here, and says I forgot that I am not speaking to you. He is about to sit in car. Aadhya stops him and says you can’t drive in drunk condition. Jai is upset with her and says you will taught me right who has never done right in life.

Jai comes to Aadhya’s house in the night. Aadhya is surprised. Rupa and Samrat come to Shubhankar’s house with Pandit ji. Rupa tells him that Samrat and Aadhya have to do a rasam for their happy marriage else they will face troubles. Shubhankar knocks on the door and asks Aadhya to open the door. Aadhya tries to hide unconscious Jai under the bed. Rupa asks Aadhya to open the door as they are waiting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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