Internet Wala Love 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai feels guilty and decides to apologize to Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and his friends coming to the tea stall to have tea in Aadhya’s neighborhood. Jai gives tea to old men sitting there. He asks them about the locality and asks about Shubhankar. A man comes there and asks if he wants to know about Aadhya’s past. Jai looks on. Later Aadhya and her family come to Mittal’s house. Jai greets them which surprises Aadhya. Roopa stops Aadhya and says how can bahu enter without aarti. She does her aarti and asks her to enter. She recalls threatening Samrat and Samrat telling her that he will leave the house with Aadhya after marriage. Jai gets a call from the young man. He takes Samrat out and asks him to hear Aadhya’s kundali. Dada hears them and asks to come inside and tell infront of everyone.

Jai calls him inside. Aadhya

is about to play shank, but just then Jai stops her. He says he is the proof of Aadhya’s betrayal. He asks the man to tell them truth and says he is Aadhya’s ex boyfriend and proof of her betrayal. He says Aadhya is not interested in Samrat, but in his money. He says everything was fine till he took care of her financial needs, but when he stops giving her money, she kicked him out of her life. He asks Aadhya to tell and then asks Shubhankar to say something. Dada asks why this man is silent? Man says I will go now. Jai asks him to say and not to be scared. Man says Aadhya was behind me. Dada ji asks since when you know her. man says 2 years ago. Shubhankar asks what was the day? Man says the date. Shubhankar says this guy used to trouble Aadhya. Man says I didn’t trouble her. She was after me after I met Aadhya in someone’s marriage. Jai recalls Man telling him different version. Dada ji asks him to show the pic. Man says he don’t have pic with Aadhya. Jai looks shocked as he told him that he has many pics with Aadhya. Man tells Dada ji that she is very clever and made him shell out many money. Jai recalls man telling him that he spent 6-7 lakhs behind her.

Dada ji says Shubhankar told me about him before and proposed Aadhya, but she refused for marriage. He then threatened to commit suicide. Aadhya asked him to give her some time to think. When she refused, he misbehaved with her on the road. Samrat makes the man leave. Dada ji apologizes to Shubhankar for the insult. Jai says why you are apologizing. Dada ji scolds him and promises such things will not happen again. Jai comes out and holds the man’s hand. He beats him and asks how dare you to lie, because of you, I have broken my dadu’s trust and doubted on a girl’s character. Aadhya does the aarti and plays shank. A girl hears on radio that Aadhya is marrying Samrat and not Jai. She calls Samrat. Dada ji tells Shubhankar that Aadhya is their responsibility now. Samrat thinks he has to do something to this girl. Jai feels bad.

Aadhya comes home and messages Jai, says she wants to tell him something. Jai messages her not to talk to him and says he is a bad guy. Aadhya asks what are you saying? Jai says I am a fool and drunk. Aadhya messages what happened? Jai says he did a big mistake and don’t know how to rectify it. Aadhya asks him to say sorry and end the matter. He says I will be blamed and will not get forgiveness. She asks did you do mistake firstly? He replies no. Aadhya asks him to apologize and leave the forgiveness on others. Jai comes to Aadhya’s house and asks Shubhankar to bring bat, says he is ready to get beaten. He asks him to call Aadhya and says he needs to talk for 2 mins. Shubhankar says what is the time? He asks him to go and says it is late night, I won’t let you meet her after whatever you have done with her. Jai enters the house forcibly and calls Aadhya. Aadhya wakes up hearing his voice. Shubhankar holds him. Jai says I need to hear her. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to go inside. Dadu and Dadi come there.

Dadi beats Jai. Aadhya feels bad. Later Dadi asks why he hates her so much. Jai says it is not like that. Aadhya and Jai are on an outing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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