Internet Wala Love 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sushma declares Aadhya and PK’s court marriage shocking Jai

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Internet Wala Love 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya seeing Rupa coming there while Jai argues with the man. Aadhya tells that the man has written love instead of friend. She says Jai has no feelings for me. Rupa asks what about your feelings. She says everything is in your hand, I told you everything and if you have any shame or self respect then you will not let Jai come closer to you. Aadhya goes from there. Jai tells the man that Aadhya will shout at him now and asks him to go. He turns and sees Aadhya gone. He calls her name. Rupa hides. Aadhya runs on the road and comes home. Diya asks from where you are coming and tells that Jai locked PK in the bathroom and you are coming home while jogging in night and asks what is happening. Aadhya goes to room and thinks of Rupa’s words. She cries. She thinks she would have got the answer from the Mumbai company. She finds rejection mail and thinks where to go, I didn’t get this job.

Rajat and Vihaan try to give flowers to Savvy. Rajat gives her red rose. PK comes there and tells that he will burst crackers under their ears. Savvy says they were taking me to meet you. PK says just like Jai locked me in bathroom and eloped with Aadhya. He punches them for flirting with his sister. Jai comes and hits PK. Savvy calls Aadhya and tells about their fight. Jai gets angry and says you can’t beat my friends. PK says you and your friends are useless. Aadhya comes there. Jai hits Aadhya by mistake while trying to hit PK. Aadhya’s forehead bleeds. Jai says sorry to her and goes to call doctor. PK says this all happened because of you all and asks Virat and Rajat to go. Vihaan says Jai will bring Doctor and asks Aadhya to be there. PK asks them to get lost. Vihaan says Jai will not let anything happen to Aadhya. He comes to the medical shop and asks if someone is here. He thinks to take Aadhya to doctor.

Savvy brings something. PK says this game is becoming dangerous and asks Aadhya why she can’t tell Jai that she loves him. Aadhya says jai doesn’t love me and even his mum doesn’t like me. She thinks of Rupa’s words. Jai searches for the doctor and comes to someone’s house. He rings the bell and asks Doctor to open the door. Doctor comes and asks why is he shouting. Jai tells that his friend is hurt badly and requests her to come. Doctor agrees. PK says I know what to do.

In the morning, Sushma calls Rupa and Jai to their home. Rupa asks why did you call me? Sushma asks Savvy to call Aadhya and PK. Jai asks Aadhya how is she? Aadhya greets everyone. Rupa asks her to tell what she wants to say and says she is busy. Sushma says she is going to talk something important and asks her to listen. She tells that Aadhya and PK love each other and wants to marry. She tells Rupa that she wants to share with her and tells that Aadhya and PK are going to do court marriage and says court date is final. She says court date is final and shows some papers. Rupa asks really? Sushma asks her to smile and asks her to congratulate her. Rupa is surprised. Jai gets upset with Aadhya and asks her how she can marry without informing her family. Sushma says they are adult, and love each other. She says my son is gym instructor now. Rupa tells Jai that they like each other and thinks to keep eye on them. She thinks Jai will not let this girl go away from him easily. Rupa tells Aadhya that she is very happy for her and says as you are Jai’s best friend, I have decided that we will sponsor all your marriage sweets etc. She hugs her and says I hope this is truth and not new drama. Sushma asks her to take 25 paise in the envelope. Rupa asks her to keep it and goes. Sushma asks Aadhya not to worry. Aadhya says she is going to office. Savvy asks how you will avoid Jai in office. Aadhya says she will manage. Jai is standing outside and waiting for her. He says you have taken a decision and not informing your father, says my Aadhya was not like this. Aadhya asks who gave you right to decide about me.

Rajat calls Aadhya and tells that Jai fell down from stairs and is hurt. Aadhya goes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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