Internet Wala Love 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya angers Roopa

Internet Wala Love 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone laughing on Jai. Jai asks Rajat and Vihaan to meet him at home. He comes home and checks for Aadhya’s profile. They don’t find any profile. Rajat asks him to see the news of Jai. Jai gets angry. He says I won’t leave this girl. Aadhya says I have taught him a lesson, its too much, what does he want. Jai says I want to kill him. Vihaan asks is she your enemy. Jai says how will I get any enemy.

Roopa hits someone’s car and scolds the man. She comes home. Everyone gets scared. Puru pleases her. She says I have to talk to my son. She sees Jai’s video and says this girl is finished, how dare she throw water on his face. She comes to Jai’s house. She says I have come to tell you about that video girl. He asks who is that girl. She says my eyes is news channel camera, follow me. Rajat says we have internet search engine. Jai says I m going to see trouble on that girl. Roopa goes online and asks Jai to catch the phone, she will catch that girl’s neck. She comes to some house and says you will see a new episode, how to take class. She sees Savita and says she isn’t that girl. Jai says no. Roopa says this is my son, RJ Jai, why did you create big drama, you think you will get famous like me. Savita says I m not that girl. Jai says yes, she is right, she is not that girl. Roopa says you are innocent, you aren’t that girl, we shall leave. She asks Savita to give Aadhya’s address. Savita says I don’t know her. Roopa says liar’s words are weak and stumbling, you are lying. Dada ji calls Roopa and asks her to come for shop inauguration. Roopa says sorry, I have to go, this girl will help us, see what I do now.

Aadhya asks about notice. Shubhankar reads it. The man says you have to vacate this house in one week, else pay ten times rent. Shubhankar argues. The man says the new house owner Mittals have sent this notice, you can talk to them. Roopa makes Dada ji cut the ribbon of the chaat bandhaan shop. Roopa clicks selfies and posts on social media. Dada ji blesses her. Shubhankar says we are living here, you should have informed. Lawyer asks him to take notice seriously. Aadhya stops Shubhankar. Roopa gives interview to media.

Aadhya says I will talk to new owner, Diya come with me. Shubhankar worries. Aadhya sees the new shop inauguration. They go to buy some snacks. They become first customers. Roopa welcomes them and clicks pics with them. Roopa boasts about herself. She says you will also get media coverage. Diya says the bhujiya has less salt. Roopa asks what, its fine. Aadhya says yes, its silly, that bhujiya has a hair in it. Roopa asks what, I can’t see it. She scolds servant. She asks him to give some bhujiya to poor kids and not make mistake. Aadhya says no, the kids will get ill, throw all bhujiya. Roopa says they are poor dirty kids. Aadhya stops her and throws bhujiya in bin. She says we won’t buy anything from this shop. Roopa gets shocked. Diya says you have much principles, we will go home. Aadhya says people have no humanity. Diya says chill.

Savita asks Aadhya to go in the interview party, Mahira has lined up interview in success party. Reporters question Roopa. Roopa gets angry and thinks I won’t leave that girl. She comes home and recalls Aadhya. She reads bad comments and gets angry. She checks news and shouts. Puru gets water. He says maid Sundari will come, don’t increase wrinkles on face. She asks him to see news. He asks what’s this. She asks where is dad. He says he went for a walk with mum. She says thank God, I won’t leave this girl. Jai talks to his GF. Mahira introduces Jai. Jai praises her. Jai takes selfie with them. Aadhya comes there and sees Jai. She gets shocked. He also sees her and gets shocked. She hides. She says why does he reach everywhere I go, what does he want. He goes to check. She enters some room. He says I won’t leave her. He comes to her. They look at each other angrily. He says enough now. She says I have interview today. She finds the door locked.

Jai says welcome to my world. He makes Aadhya fall down in Mahira’s cabin. Roopa meets Shubhankar. She asks him to leave the house. Diya informs Aadhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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