Internet Wala Love 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai challenges to stop Aadhya and Samrat’s engagement

Internet Wala Love 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya coming to Jai and keeps money in his hand, taunts him and asks him to count his money. Roopa gets angry and slaps Aadhya hard on her face. Shubhankar asks how dare you to slap my daughter. Roopa says she is after my son and insulted him. She says I won’t be quiet, she has insulted Mittal’s son and threw money on him. She says my son is a diamond and can do anything for family. Aadhya says Jai offered her money and asks her to leave Samrat infront of her father. She asks her to think how her father must have felt. She says they came as Samrat called them. She tells Samrat that she don’t want to prove herself infront of anyone and tells that may be you know how I am and that’s why gave the proposal for marriage and says she accepts the proposal. Samrat gets

happy. Aadhya says me and my family can’t be sold. Jai gets angry. Dada says you can’t value a human in money weighing machine, and tells Aadhya that he trust her values and humanity. He says if Samrat is ready to marry you and if you are also ready then I accept this alliance. Samrat smiles and promises to keep Aadhya happy. Dada ji gives Aadhya’s hand in Samrat’s hand. Samrat touches Shubhankar’s feet and promises to keep his daughter happy. Shubhankar nods. Samrat excuses himself. Jai says I won’t let this marriage happen. Aadhya says do whatever you want, but you can’t change my destiny or wipe it. She says you can’t harm me.

Samrat goes to room and thinks everything is happening as I planned. He looks at the wedding card which he already got made and thinks he will marry her after a month. Dadi thanks Aadhya for choosing Samrat and apologizes for her insult. Shubhankar tells them that they have seen today even the good values. Dada ji asks Samrat’s father to bless Aadhya. He blesses her upset. Dada ji says I have to make an important announcement and asks to call Samrat. Aadhya goes to washroom and thinks of Jai’s challenge. She says I am going to marry a guy whom I don’t love, thinks she can’t back off now from this alliance. She washes her face and wipes her face. Jai thinks don’t know what announcement Dadu is going to make. Aadhya comes out of bathroom. They cross each other paths. Aadhya asks him to move from her way. Jai asks her to move and says even black cat will not cross your path. They slip on floor. Title song plays…

Dadu makes an announcement that Aadhya and Samrat’s engagement will happen next week. Samrat smiles. Aadhya is shocked. Dadu asks do you have any problem. Shubhankar says we never thought it will happen so soon. Dadu says we want them to get engaged soon. Jai thinks he has just a week’s time to bring her truth. Dadi gives sweets to them. Dadu says tomorrow there will be puja for Aadhya and asks Roopa to make arrangements. Aadhya messages her internet friend and says she needs his help. Jai thinks he couldn’t talk to her and needs to talk. Aadhya’s sister tells her that it is good that she is getting married to Samrat. Aadhya tells that she will be very much far from Jai. Her sister thinks of Jai and her. She asks her to check her mobile. Aadhya checks Jai’s messages. Jai messages she must be angry and not talk to her.

Aadhya messages she is not angry with her. He writes that he couldn’t meet her because of some trouble. Shubhankar and his wife come to Aadhya. He says others are good in Mittal family except Roopa and her son. Aadhya’s mum checks saree on her. Shubhankar sees her upset and asks if she is happy. She says she is happy. Jai messages where she is busy? She messages that she was speaking to her parents. He asks if something special. She replies that there is an event? He says life is an event and messages her to meet him soon. Aadhya thinks if she shall tell him about her past. He asks if she is feeling uneasy. She thinks how does he know? He messages that he is feeling uneasy. Aadhya messages that she is going to get engaged. Jai writes that his life is mess and says Aadhya Verma is a siyappa for him, he then erases the message and thinks then he has to tell all story. He tells his problem indirectly. Aadhya asks him to show that thing’s bad points. Jai thanks her for the solution.

Jai brings Aadhya’s ex boyfriend and says she is marrying Samrat for money. Aadhya and Shubhankar look on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Do not make decisions in anger. It will comeback to bite hard.

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