Internet Wala Love 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai rescues Aadhya and bring her home

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Internet Wala Love 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai asking the goons to free Aadhya first and then only he will give money. They open the rope. Samrat asks Aadhya to come. Aadhya looks at Jai. Samrat sees Aadhya and Jai looking at each other. Aadhya walks towards Jai. Just then Boss signs his goon. Samrat tells Jai that he will take Aadhya with him as she is looking very weak. He thinks of calling Police and asking them to come and beat goons when he calls them. Jai asks Aadhya to go with Samrat. Aadhya and Samrat are about to leave. Jai asks the goon if he counted the money. Goons bring Aadhya and Samrat back. Goon tells Aadhya that he will not let her go without wanting what he wants to do. Samrat thinks to go out and calls Police. He walks out. Rupa worries for Jai. Aadhya sees Jai getting beaten by the goons. Jai

looks at the goon trying to misbehave with Aadhya. He asks the goon to leave Aadhya and beats the other goons angrily. He comes to the goon misbehaving with Aadhya. The goon aims gun at Aadhya.

Aadhya gets shocked and calls Jai. He shoots at Jai and pushes Aadhya on him. The bullet hits Jai on his hand when he shoots again. Aadhya is shocked and shouts Jai. Jai pushes her for safety and throws brick on the goon. Other goons come. Jai fights with them and beats the goon misbehaving with Aadhya. He asks how dare you to touch Aadhya and says I will kill you. He kicks him. Aadhya asks him to stop it. Jai comes to Aadhya and asks if she is fine? Aadhya says you are wounded and asks him to come. Jai says how will you walk, you have hurt your leg. He lifts her and starts walking.

Samrat comes to the building with the police. Inspector and Samrat see the goons beaten up badly. Inspector says you said that you are coming alone here, and asks who has beaten them, and if the girl eloped alone. Samrat gets angry at Jai. Jai calls Dadu and tells that he is bringing Aadhya home. Dadu informs his family and tells that they will celebrate Karwachauth.

Jai is walking on road holding Aadhya in his arms. Aadhya says you have risked your life today and asks him to drop her down. Jai says I already hurt you so much and don’t want to hurt you more. Aadhya closes her eyes and recalls Karan Johar’s words asking her to close her eyes and see the person whom she loves. She closes her eyes and sees Jai’s face. She smiles and suddenly starts coughing. Jai gets worried and makes her sit on the bench. He brings water from the shop and says you are thirsty since morning. He makes her drink water with his hand. Aadhya looks at the moon in the sky. The family members celebrate karwachauth. The wives break their fast. Jai goes to bring something for her to eat.

Aadhya looks at Jai’s bullet wound on his hand. Jai brings Banana and makes her eat with his hand. Aadhya eats it. It shows that the husbands are making their wives eat something. Aadhya says you are hurt and says she will walk. Jai says you can’t walk. She gets up and feels pain. She says you are in pain. Jai says even you are in pain. He lifts her and says they will not get taxi now. He says sorry and says because of me, you and your family suffered a lot, I don’t want to give you more pain. He brings Aadhya home. Everyone see Jai bringing Aadhya holding her in his arms from the terrace and come downstairs. Shubhankar and Pratibha get worried for her. Rupa sees wound on Jai’s hand.

Dadi asks Jai to bring Aadhya inside. Jai makes her sit on sofa. Shubhhankar asks someone to call doctor and asks Aadhya if she eat anything. Aadhya asks him not to worry. Pratibha asks Aadhya about her changed clothes. Jai says what is the clothes, it is good that she is back. Rupa thinks Jai is hiding something from her. Dadu praises Jai. Rupa asks Jai how is he and tells that there are some thankless people here, who is not thanking Jai. Shubhankar says what to say, and tells that I am very much thankful to you and folds his hand. Jai holds his hand and says I didn’t do anything for her, she is not only my colleague, but my good friend. Aadhya smiles looking at him and nods her head. Samrat comes and gets angry. Jai says sorry and apologizes to Shubhankar. Shubhankar hugs him and asks him to forget all. Jai signs Aadhya smilingly. Rupa gets surprised seeing jai and Aadhya looking at each other.

Samrat calls Aadhya. Aadhya’s smile vanishes from her face. He comes to her and asks if she is fine. She says yes. Samrat says I can’t tell you, how did I spend these three days and says I was worried about you and was thinking where were you and how? Jai wishes Aadhya shall refuse for this marriage as she is not ready to marry Samrat. Samrat tells Shubhankar that he wants to talk to Aadhya for 2 mins. Rupa says what is the problem, you can talk to your would be wife, it is ok. Dadu nods yes. Shubhankar says I have no problem, but let her rest for now, you can talk tomorrow. Samrat says ofcourse. Shubhankar asks him to understand. Jai thinks Aadhya…you have last chance, tell that you are unhappy with this marriage. Aadhya thinks why did Jai go?

Aadhya’s friend asks her if kidnappers mixed something in her food that she changed much. Virat and Rajat ask Jai why did he kidnap Aadhya? Jai gets upset with Aadhya and says you couldn’t make the family understand that you don’t want to marry Samrat. He says I was mad to kidnap you from home. Rupa hears him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you for the update ?

    Now Rupa also will join to create misunderstanding between Jai and Aadhya ☹️

  2. Really nice serial.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am not watcher or reader of this show… So i don’t know any name or anything about show much… But just i saw on tv today as nothing was interesting coming, so I saw this show, understood nothing… But girl was looking nice in blue suit??? (don’t know her name)

    1. She is Tunisha Sharma,,, her role in this serial is Aadhya

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