Internet Wala Love 29th March 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya unite for forever

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The Episode starts with Jai reaching his house at the right time and saves Karan from shooting himself. Ragini asks Jai…you are alive. Jai says it was Aadhya and my plan to make Shruti confess and that’s why we enacted this drama. Karan says sorry to Aadhya and Jai. Jai asks him not to say and says I would have reacted the same way if something like that happened with my sister. He hugs Karan. Shruti says sorry to Jai for all the problems and then says sorry to Shruti. Aadhya asks Karan to forgive her and says she must not have thought that her small lie will become serious. Karan forgives and hugs Shruti. Ragini apologizes to them and tells that misunderstandings happened because of us and tells that Rupa and Dadu have heard us, and tells that they will go and talk to Aadhya’s parents. Pratima comes there and tells that Jai and Aadhya had told us and I made her father understand, he is not upset with anyone. She says he is busy with Kanpur team coaching and that’s why couldn’t come. He has sent his blessings for Jai and Aadhya.

Jai says everything is fine and better now. He says they did engagement long ago and the fight was an act. He tells Shruti what had happened that day actually. Shruti asks did you remember that I called you to meet me for last time. A fb is shown. Shruti calls Jai and asks him to meet her for the last time. Jai tells that there is nothing between us. She says please. Jai looks on. Fb ends. She says when you came to meet me on my terrace. FB starts. She tells that she likes him and can’t live without him. Jai says there is nothing between us and asks her not to call him often and says it doesn’t look good. She tells that if you don’t accept me then I will jump off from the terrace. Jai says if she is mad us and leaves. Shruti calls him and shouts Jai. Fb ends. Karan tells that they found her in a pool of blood, they took her to hospital, but she got paralyzed. He says we came to know that she met you last. He says sorry. Jai says all is well when end is well, and says its fine. Ragini says this has happened because of you, and tells that they couldn’t lower his favour. Jai says there is nothing like that. Dadu tells Aadhya and Jai that he is very proud of them and apologizes to her. Aadhya says it was all a misunderstanding which is cleared now. Pratima asks them to agree to their saying. Aadhya asks what? Rupa says you have to do engagement again infront of us, and asks them to exchange rings. Jai says we have the rings with us. They exchange their rings again and look happy.

Aadhya comes to radio station. He says she is looking hot and says he wants to propose her again. Aadhya says you had so many girlfriends, may be you like someone else. Jai says you know that I just like you and don’t see anyone else. Aadhya says she wants proofs. Jai says you will get in RJ Jai Mittal style. He starts his show and tells that his fiance Aadhya Verma is with him. He tells that Aadhya is asking him how much he loves her, so he wants to give proof of his love infront of everyone. He says Aadhya …I love you and says for her, family comes first and she knows how to keep the family united and will not think even if she has to give her life for them. He says only Aadhya can do this. He says second thing is that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and her heart is also beautiful, not just face. He says thirdly, he likes her as she supports truth even if she has to go against the world. He says I like her all these things. He says I love you…Aadhya Verma…Aadhya looks on touched. He is about to kiss her, just then a caller calls them. Vihaan is on the call and asks when the hottest couple is marrying. Rupa takes the call and tells that they can’t wait anymore and asks them when to fix their marriage date. Aadhya says we will settle down in career and then will marry, we are not thinking about marriage at the moment. Jai asks them to hear the song till then and keep doing the ishq. He says we will also do the ishq and gets closer to her. She says Jai.

They meet in the restaurant and tells about her dream. He looks at the paper and says they will fulfill it. Later they see the logo on the laptop with Vihaan, and argue over the selection. Rupa says your selection is worst and selects the logo. Jai and Aadhya say yes. Aadhya makes Diya have fruits. Jai comes to meet Aadhya through the window. Pratima comes just then and looks at him. Jai gets tensed. Aadhya says there are no tied dogs on the gate which will bite you. Jai says he is helpless because of his habit. They smile.

Jai takes Diya to the mirror and asks her to see herself. He says you have become fat. PK feels her baby bumb and tells them that baby kicked. They get happy. Jai and Aadhya hug each other. PK kisses on Diya’s head. They are in happy space.

Rupa calls someone and tells that she has an appointment with internet wala love owner and is coming. Dadu asks why she wants to get the marriage done at the earliest. Jai says I am not ready yet for marriage. Rupa asks Jai to get ready fast and says she is waiting for him. Jai says ok, we will meet. Rupa asks Dadu to wish her luck. Dadu wishes her best of luck. They come to the office and see Vihaan there. Rupa says she has an appointment with the owner of internet wala love owner. Vihaan asks them to wait for sometime. Jai pats on Vihaan. Vihaan goes to the boss office and tells that Rupa came to meet her. Rupa, Jai and Dadu come inside her cabin. Aadhya turns on her chair. They are surprised to see Aadhya as the owner of the website. Aadhya gets up and touches their feet. Rupa and Dadu bless her. She asks what I can do? Rupa tells that Jai is her son and she wants him to marry soon. She shows Aadhya’s pic to her and tells that they love each other, but don’t want to marry soon. She asks Aadhya to agree Jai and herself. She says I am leaving my son here, talk to him and convince him. Jai says mom. Rupa and Dadu go out.

Aadhya tells Jai that she has to go and meet her boyfriend. Jai says even I have to meet my girlfriend. He says bye and goes. They come to the park. He asks where is your boyfriend and asks if he betrayed you. Aadhya asks where is your girlfriend. Jai says she will come soon, and never break her promises, but your boyfriend is worst boyfriend and keeping a hot girl waiting. Aadhya says he is best. She says she will message him. Jai says he will message her. They tell they are coming. He says lets have a formal intro and asks Aadhya if she will come on a date with him. Aadhya says sure. Jai says lets run from here for forever. Aadhya says for forever. They hug each other happily.

No Precap. May be the show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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