Internet Wala Love 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya confess love to each other

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Internet Wala Love 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya holding Jai’s hand and takes him out. She says I asked you not to come, but you are habitual to come here. She asks him not to come again to her house. Jai walks some distance being upset and stops. Vihaan says Jai had come to save your family. Aadhya says I didn’t ask him to come and asks Vihaan and PK to go and handle his friend. PK asks Jai to come to his house, but Jai refuses to go and asks them to go. He cries looking at Aadhya’s house. Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays……Aadhya is also crying behind the door. Jai thinks of Aadhya and her care for him. Shubhankar comes and sees Aadhya crying. Aadhya smiles and goes to her room. Rupa thinks don’t know how Jai reached there as a superman and saved them. Dadu hears her and says their richness have become their ego. Rupa says first they have troubled Jai. Dadu warns her saying if she don’t stop her doings then he will inform Jai everything. Jai gets a caller’s call and he asks Jai if he got his AV. Jai thinks of Aadhya and says it is my personal life and asks why shall I tell you. He asks the caller to mind his own business and not to interfere in his personal life. He asks shall I ask same question. Dadu, Rupa and Aadhya hear him. Shubhankar sees Aadhya hearing Jai’s show and asks if she is fine? Aadhya says she is fine. Shubhankar says he will search best guy for her and tells that he is going to Kanpur and tells that he will take them after taking the house. He tells her that he hopes that she will fulfill her promise. Jai asks the caller to stay out of his personal life.

A colleague comes there and asks Jai why did he get angry on the caller. Jai says I am not answerable and asks her to go. Dadu comes there. Jai says everyone think of themselves and nobody think of my feelings. He says why shall I bear the sufferings for someone. Dadu asks him to listen and says you love Aadhya naa. Jai nods his head. Dadu asks him to go and get Aadhya. Rupa hears Dadu motivating and hugging Jai and gets upset.

Jai calls Aadhya. Aadhya picks the call. Jai tells that he will wait for her in the park on that bench and complete the story which was left incomplete in Mumbai. He says that day you told me to statue, and says I will not go until you come there. Aadhya thinks I will not go, his wait is useless. Jai is waiting for her in the park and thinks of his moment with Aadhya. Aadhya checks her phone. Rain starts. Jai gets drenched in rain and shivers. Aadhya gets worried for him thinking Jai must be drenched in rain. She is about to call Jai. Diya comes and asks Aadhya what is she doing? Aadhya asks her to call Papa and tells that Jai must be drenched in rain. Diya says you worry for Jai more than Papa. Aadhya asks her to call Jai and asks him to go home. Diya calls Jai and asks him to go as Aadhya will not come. Jai says he won’t and ends the call. Diya tells Aadhya that he ended her call. Aadhya runs to her room. PK and Vihaan come to Jai and ask him to come home. Jai refuses and gets angry. He then feels sorry for his behavior and tells them that he can’t go until he meets Aadhya. Aadhya is in the room and thinks of Rupa’s warning and Shubhankar’s promise. Chadariya song plays…..She thinks Jai must be waiting for me in this rain. Jai is waiting and crying for her. Aadhya comes out of the house, and takes an auto. She asks auto driver to drive fast. She says I am coming Jai.

She comes there and sees Jai standing. She slaps him. Jai says even today you will slap me. Aadhya asks if he is mad to stand in this rain and says if you get unwell or if something happens. She pulls his collar and asks him to tell what he wants to say. Jai holds her face and says Aadhya….I actually wants to tell you that….he says we were fighting much when we met, and then we became friends.. Aadhya asks why you are not telling for which you are bearing so much pain. She says what is that thing which is in your heart. Jai says I came to Mumbai to tell that and keeps hand on her mouth. Music plays….Jai smiles and says Aadhya Verma, I love you. Aadhya gets happy. Jai says I love you really much. Aadhya asks really. He nods and hugs her. Both of them smile. Aadhya asks him to say it again, please. Jai shouts aloud….I love you Aadhya. He kisses on her forehead. Aadhya says I love you too Jai…Jai hugs her again.

Jai and Aadhya are coming closer. Jai and Aadhya romance in the kitchen, but they are unaware of the upcoming troubles. Jai says I will not let Jai marry Aadhya. Shubhankar thinks he will not let Jai and Aadhya unite. Jai lifts Aadhya in his arms.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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