Internet Wala Love 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai proposes Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya asking her dad to throw the wine. He says one last time today. She says fine, I won’t talk to you. He says I drink wine and gamble, but I m not so bad, life got miserable for me, I know you feel bad, but I feel suffocated, when person falls weak, he puts his weakness on others, your mum came in my life…. She says stop blaming mum for everything, she tolerates so much, this wine is responsible for everything, this matters to you. He says nothing matters more than you, you are my biggest achievement. He throws the wine. She cries and hugs him.

Jai’s video gets viral. Dada ji scolds Jai and his friends. Jai’s dad Purushottam/Puru asks Dada ji to forgive Jai. Dada ji asks him to shut up. He asks someone to get his stick. The puppy gets his stick. Dada ji makes Rajat and Vihaan run away. Jai gets silent. Roopa messages that she is coming away. Puru says she is coming tomorrow for new store inauguration. Maid says I won’t come tomorrow, I will have acidity. Puru says I won’t give leave, you know, Roopa knows it. Dada ji apologizes to Jai and says sorry, I had to say that in front of family, who’s this girl who slapped you, no girl slapped me till now, there is something in this girl, I have to meet her. Jai says Dadi will slap you when I tell your truth. Dada ji says no, we are besties in this wife, will you get me insulted in front of my wife. Jai says no. Dada ji says this girl is daring.

The man says you didn’t come for interview, so job went to someone else. Aadhya says but I had come there. She tells Diya about Jai. Diya says you slapped a good guy. Aadhya says no, he wasn’t decent, I have an interview tomorrow. They argue. Aadhya says I can get a job based on my qualifications. Diya asks her to sleep. Its morning, a lady scolds Aadhya’s mum and asks her to do work well. She goes. Aadhya cries.

Savita calls Aadhya and asks her to not hunt for jobs now, she can get the writer’s job. Aadhya asks company’s name. Jai comes to office. Everyone talks about the video and jokes. Jai says I went to fulfill challenge and now everyone is joking on me. The girls take his side. Jai smiles. The guy says he got glamour in his kundli. Savita says Mahira is strict boss, impress her once. Jai worries that he will lose job and become halwai. Mahira comes to office and fires staff member in anger. Aadhya asks how will I work then. Savita says you are talented, Mahira values talent, come to mall, I will give you details. Aadhya agrees.

Mahira says congrats, after that slap video, our web channel viewership got high, Jai you will be hosting fun live event at mall, so that you get sympathy from girls. Jai says sure. He gets a new phone gifted. Jai prepares for the live event. He says small things happen in big cities. He gets a fan challenge. Roopa’s maid comes to mall and says Roopa is coming, so I have come here. She hides seeing Jai. The fan asks Jai to propose the girl who comes to the mall first. Jai says I like challenges and dares, so challenge accepted. Jai sees Aadhya entering the mall. He thinks, why is this girl here. Savita says omg, look there, he is RJ Jai. Jai thinks God knows how will he react. Savita says say sorry to him, he is so cute. Aadhya refuses. Chahat ka silsila….plays…. Jai runs to Aadhya and proposes her. He says I love you baby…. Maid records the video. Aadhya gets shocked. He gives her a rose. Aadhya sees everyone watching. She throws water on Jai’s face. Jai gets shocked.

Aadhya scolds Jai. Jai says I want to kill her. Roopa comes and says my eyes are news channel camera. Jai sees Aadhya at the party and says I won’t leave her. They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Hey everyone..nice episode..good storyline.. liking it. Needed this as wexed up with bepanaah, kalerein n Silsila. Initial episodes will be gud n later they are horrible.

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