Internet Wala Love 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rupa accepts Aadhya wholeheartedly before media

Internet Wala Love 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai bringing Aadhya home and asks her to open her eyes, says you are fine. Rupa calls Doctor and asks him to come Mittal house. Jai asks him to ask Doctor what to eat if someone eats poison by mistake then what to do. Doctor asks him to make her vomit and don’t let her sleep. Ragini sends message to Karan and says you know what to do, she is critical. Karan says of course I know and posts message that Aadhya is critical after consuming poisonous bhujiya to save her mum in law. Jai asks Aadhya to open her eyes and not to sleep. Rupa also gets concerned for her and asks her to be awake. Jai tells Vihaan that if something happens to her then he will die. Doctor comes there and asks Rupa to make her lie down on bed. She checks Aadhya. Dadu asks Jai not to worry. Doctor asks Jai to bring the injection fast. Ragini thinks you can’t return with this injection. People read the message on social media.

Diya gets well and asks PK about Aadhya. PK says Doctor checked her and she will be fine, asks her to relax. He thinks who kept this news on social media and thinks to inform Jai. Karan with mask on his face sees Jai going and thinks I won’t let you reach Aadhya with this medicine. He hits Jai with his car. Jai falls on the car. Karan escapes. Jai picks the injection and leave. Karan takes off his mask and says media will reach before you. Doctor tells Rupa that stomach is washed, and much poison is out, but injection needs to be given. Rupa thinks where is Jai and thinks he must be on the way. Ragini calls NGO people and food inspector and media inside the house. Reporters ask her to call Aadhya. Dadu invites them inside and says Aadhya is coming with Rupa. He thinks NGO people and food Inspector will not go without meeting Aadhya. They tell that they will go inside and check Aadhya. Rupa says no need and brings Aadhya and Jai with her. Karan gets surprised to see Jai coming from inside. Aadhya tells that she is fine and asks if they are assured now. Rupa says she has a breaking news for them. She tells that the way Aadhya supported her family and fight for her. She says Jai is perfect son and has chosen perfect daughter in law Aadhya. She says she trust Aadhya fully and handovers house responsibility to her. Jai goes LIVE and tells that his mum has stamped Aadhya as her bahu and accepted her. Aadhya asks him to keep something private. Dadu gets happy. Shubhankar calls Aadhya. Aadhya says she is fine and asks him not to worry. She gets happu hearing something. Jai comes and asks who was on call? Aadhya tells Papa and says he was worried reading the news, and tells that good news is that he is selected to be a coach for Kolkata cricket team. Ragini says their happiness will be short lived.

Aadhya tells Dadu that they will leave. Jai says you are not going anywhere. Rupa says Jai is right and says you will stay here, not only you, but everyone. She says PK went to bring Diya. PK brings Diya there. Jai says everyone is here now. Dadu thanks Aadhya and gives her a gift. Aadhya says it was not needed. Dadu says Dadi sent this for you and says whatever you have done is priceless, think this necklace as our blessing. Jai asks Aadhya to touch Dadu’s feet. Diya asks PK if he is seeing how jai and his family do so much for di and gives her expensive gift. PK says I will give you expensive gift. Rupa asks Aadhya to fulfill her responsibility and takes out money from the envelope. She asks her to keep the money in safe locker, safely. Aadhya takes the money in her hand. Jai says I will keep. Rupa says I trust Aadhya more. Karan looks on. Aadhya keeps the money in the locker when jai comes there and blind folds her. Aadhya drops the keys on floor. Jai takes her to hall. She scolds him and asks why did you bring me here like this. Jai asks her to look around. She sees dancing couple ball on the table. Jai says it is saying I love you. They dance. Jai thanks Aadhya. Aadhya asks for what? Jai says thank you for everything and says you have reached the highest level of perfectness and asks her not to do this again else he will die. Aadhya says I was confident as you was with me and I know nothing can happen to me when you are with me. She hugs him and says I have a surprise for you and tries to switch on the light. He feels electric current. Karan throws the wine bottle with a message inside. Aadhya reads the message. Jai runs out to catch the man who threw the bottle inside and throws plant pot on him. He catches him and tries to pull the hood. He don’t see karan’s face.

Precap: Karan talks to a woman and tells that Jai has to die and blames him for his sister’s condition. Jai asks Aadhya who might be their enemy, what wrong did he do?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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