Internet Wala Love 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai insults PK

Internet Wala Love 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya, PK and Savvy leaving for Jai’s party. Rupa thinks Jai didn’t invite her. Jai says it is good if he don’t come. PK and Aadhya come there. Aadhya holds PK’s hand. Jai asks PK to meet his friends. Savvy asks PK to go. Jai introduces PK to guests. Savvy asks Aadhya not to worry as PK remembers all the answer. Jai, Vihaan and Rajat asks how he got her? PK thinks they are talking about his muscular body and gym and goes on talking about it. Jai thinks he was not in Aadhya’s life before and is lying. He asks how did he do this? Pk says he did much hard work and goes thrice. Rajat asks what do you do? PK says if I do this here then it won’t be good. Jai asks what are you saying? Aadhya comes and asks what happened? Jai asks her to go. PK asks Aadhya to come

and says he wants to do something. Jai gets angry and picks a bottle to break his head. PK does push ups, Jai stops and is surprised. PK says he go to gym thrice. Rajat asks if he was talking about gym. PK says then what does he thought.

Jai tells that he will make the party more interesting and thought to play game. He says we will ask question and will choose best boyfriend or girlfriend and will ask with PK. Aadhya signs Savvy. Rajat and Vihaan put the chair. PK sits on it. Jai asks him to get up and says it is for me. He sits and asks when did you propose Aadhya? Pk says the answer with Savvy’s help. Aadhya says right answer. Jai asks when is Aadhya’s birthday? Savvy signs the answer. PK says right. Pk runs to look and comes out and answer Jai. Everyone claps. Jai says lets play next game. He asks PK to drink wine. PK says he doesn’t drink. Jai asks if he wants to drink milk. They call for arm wrestling. Jai and PK are competing. Sushma makes Rajat fall on Jai to make him lose. Aadhya gets happy for PK. Jai thinks she is more happy for PK’s win. He sees Sushma and Rupa fighting. Rupa says she saw PK cheating. Jai says everything is fine and everyone is happy here.

Rupa asks Aadhya to come to room for special talks. Aadhya goes behind her and asks what happened? Rupa says since you came in my son’s life, my son’s life has become rough, and says you knew it well, it is like a pit. She asks her to leave Jai and asks her to make herself understand, and asks her to make sure that Jai don’t get trapped again. Aadhya thinks Jai is always in problem because of me and recalls the incident. She thinks as we are not together, I shall not give him pain and shall go away from his life. Jai tells Rajat that he will teach a lesson to PK. Aadhya comes and sees PK with his undergarment. PK goes to room. She scolds Jai for humiliating PK infront of everyone. Aadhya thinks her decision is right to go away from his life. Jai comes to room and shouts….asking Aadhya and others to come. They all come to Jai’s room and are shocked.

Next week, Jai will realize his love for Aadhya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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