Internet Wala Love 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya avoid each other

Internet Wala Love 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat coming after Aadhya and asking about goons. He says I have filed police complaint. Aadhya says I m fine. Shubhankar worries. Samrat says I thought its Roopa’s goons. Aadhya says don’t worry, I have fought with goons. She says Samrat, ask your brother not to be after us, you don’t need to bother. She goes. Shubhankar says don’t feel bad. Samrat thinks to make her run to him. Aadhya messages Jai to thank him. Dada ji asks the girl’s pic and asks shall I send her friend request. Jai says yes. Shubhankar asks Aadhya for tea. Aadhya makes tea. The chat continues. He asks her to be at cafe tomorrow. She thinks what to wear tomorrow, its difficult to decide. Diya smiles and asks what happened, tell me. Aadhya says no, I m excited for new project.


messages her. She writes I m busy, I m planning a surprise for her. He says oh no, I need to take a gift for her, she likes writing letters. He writes a letter for her. She makes a beads band and thinks he likes her gift. He thinks what to write. He thinks and pens down the letter. He crushes many papers. She makes a greeting card to thank him for making her a better person. Rajat and Vihaan ask Jai what’s all this. They read the letter and tease Jai for writing a love letter seriously. They help Jai and ask him to copy the poem. They ask Jai to praise the girl and please her. Jai says no, she is real and different. He writes the letter by heart.

He wants to see her smiling in real life. She sees the time. She doesn’t get sleep. Jai wakes up. Aadhya also wakes up. They get ready. Diya asks what’s the matter. Aadhya says I told you about the project. Roopa asks lawyer to put any clause and get the house back. Laywer says they will be on road soon. Wifi runs and drops water on paper. Roopa gets worried. She runs to get wifi.

Aadhya sees Wifi on the road. She runs to save him. Roopa scolds Aadhya. Aadhya argues with her. Jai hears them and shouts Aadhya, how are you talking to my mom. They both argue. Roopa looks on. Aadhya goes. Roopa says don’t know what was she saying, I didn’t do anything. Jai says I know, are you fine, go home now. He goes. Roopa says I will trouble Aadhya now. Aadhya comes to cafe and looks for her friend. Jai comes there. He looks at the girls and thinks who is his friend. Aadhya and Jai think not to message each other and surprise. They chat. They lie that they didn’t reach and complain about each other. They smile and wait. They go to get coffee. She sees him and hides. He also sees her and hides. He thinks how did she come here, will she create a drama, no, my friend will misunderstand me. Aadhya says I was going to meet a good friend, he will spoil everything.

Jai asks Samrat what happened, you can get any nice girl, why Aadhya, I know her well, she is very clever. Samrat apologizes to Aadhya and invites her in party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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