Internet Wala Love 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai decides to prove PK unsuitable for Aadhya

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Internet Wala Love 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai dropping Aadhya and Shubhankar to their house. Aadhya apologizes to Shubhankar and asks him to slap her, but don’t be upset with her. Shubhankar says I am not ashamed of you and says Jai was defending you, but I was silent. He says I should have fought for you and was scared at once thinking I couldn’t save you from this pit. Jai comes and says this will never happen. He says I am really sorry and holds her hand. He says this all happened due to me and says today Aadhya was in big problem because of me. He says if media would have been involved, then also I wouldn’t let Aadhya’s face known to them and would have broken their cameras. Shubhankar says this happens sometimes. PK tells Savvy that he is stuck badly. Jai tells Aadhya that her boyfriend was worried

for himself and looking at his hanuman locket. Aadhya says you worry for me always. Jai says yes, I am your friend, but what about your love. Aadhya says my love is very good. Jai says you are very protective about him. Aadhya turns her face and asks him to go. She thinks why do you care for me, if you don’t love me. She says you make me realize that I would have been lucky if we were more than friends. Jai thinks Aadhya cares for PK more than him. PK asks Savvy if he is her real brother and tells that he didn’t sleep all night.

Savvy says she will call Jai. Jai tells Aadhya that she will have only the best guy and says I didn’t leave my brother, so I will not leave this guy too. Jai leaves from her room. Savvy comes inside and sees Aadhya crying. Aadhya says he cares for me so much, but don’t love me. how to tell him that no guy will be perfect than him. Savvy calls PK and says she will be with Aadhya. Jai comes to car and sees PK lying on the seat. He says home came. PK asks him to let him rest. Jai drives the car rashly. PK asks him to stop the car. Jai asks him to jump off from the car. PK folds his hands and asks him to stop the car. Jai asks him to say fast. PK says if I get hurt then how will I go to gym. Jai thinks to prove that PK don’t deserve to be Aadhya’s Servant also.

Rupa thinks Jai went to drop Aadhya and gets upset. Sushma calls Paro and says beta PK aaya hai….Rupa thinks she is talking about Jai and comes out scolding Sushma. Sushma says I talked about my son PK. PK comes and greets Rupa. Sushma asks him to show his muscles. He shows his muscular body. Rupa makes faces. Jai takes him to side and says he will take out his kundali. PK makes Paro bark on Jai. Rupa asks Jai, how is Aadhya, who keeps him in trouble also. Jai tells Rupa that everything happened because of PK and says he is Aadhya’s boyfriend. Rupa says it is not possible. Jai thinks to find out. He makes a questionnaire again and tells Vihaan and Rajat that he will organize party for Aadhya and PK and will question PK. He says I will prove to Aadhya that he is not suitable for her. Vihaan says he is nice and good. Rajat says he doesn’t care for Aadhya. Vihaan says you care for her much and that’s why PK is afraid of you. Rajat asks Vihaan to understand his feelings and says lets party. Rupa says I will attend this party too. Jai says elders not allowed. Rupa thinks to attend it. Jai calls Aadhya and tells about the party. Aadhya asks why? Jai says post Christmas party and says we shall celebrate our friendship and love, and asks her to bring PK with her.

Aadhya asks Savvy to call PK and says we will prepare him. PK prepares for the test, and tells that he can’t do this. Savvy tells that Aadhya will make protein shake and diet parathas for him. PK gets thinking. Jai asks Rajat to take Aadhya to side and asks Vihaan to take PK to stage. He says PK shall know how clever I am? Aadhya asks PK to handle the situation and says if Jai comes to know that you are my fake friend then he might break friendship with me. Rupa hears them.

Jai says lets play the game and make someone as best boyfriend and best girlfriend. He asks PK about Aadhya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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