Internet Wala Love 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai gets upset, Aadhya realizes love for him

Internet Wala Love 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya telling Jai that Ash is acting to get hurt. Rupa hears them. Jai and Aadhya come to room. Aadhya says I will apply ointment. Ash refuses. Jai asks her to show her leg. Ash shows her wounded leg. Aadhya is shocked. Jai looks at Aadhya upset. Rupa comes and asks Aadhya to go, says Shubhankar must be worried. Jai says I will drop Aadhya home as it is late night. Aadhya sees vase and is shocked. Rupa recalls hurting Ash intentionally so that wound appeared on her foot. Ash shouts. Rupa says sorry. Aadhya thinks she hurt herself and goes. Ash asks what was the need for Jai to drop her. Rupa says Jai will come. Jai tells Aadhya that Ash’s wound was real. He sees car following them and says he will teach them a lesson, but the car goes to other side. Aadhya says it was some other car. Aadhya thinks how to make Jai see the truth. Jai asks her to calm down and sleep. Aadhya goes inside.

He comes to his car and sees some goons sitting on his car. He asks goons to get down from his car. The goons ask if his car will get dirty. Some goons take Jai’s pics with the goons. Jai asks goons to get down from his car. Goon signs the man clicking their pic. They leave. Jai sits in his car. The goon comes to the man sitting in black car and takes the money.

Pratibha comes home. Diya asks how was the function? Pratibha says good. She gives her jewellery to Aadhya and asks her to keep it safe in almari. Diya asks her to throw something in dustbin. Aadhya is thinking about Jai and Ash and keeps the waste in cupboard and is about to put jewellery in dustbin. Diya stops her and says you didn’t realize that you was about to throw Maa’s jewellery in dustbin. Shubhankar comes and asks Aadhya to make tea. Aadhya goes to kitchen, and brings tea for Shubhankar. Shubhankar checks the tea and says there is no milk, tea and sugar in it. It is just hot water. Diya says Aadhya is behaving strangely today. Aadhya says why everyone is thinking that I am behaving strangely and gets angry. Shubhankar asks her to tell what happened? Aadhya goes to her room.

Ash asks Jai if Aadhya has problem with her. Jai says Aadhya is a good girl and has no problem. Rupa thinks I will not let Aadhya enter Jai’s life and tells Ash that she has taken Doctor appointment for Ash. She asks Jai to go with her. Jai goes to get ready. Rupa asks Ash to take full advantage and not to let Jai go to Aadhya. She asks her to go on an outing with him all day. Ash smiles. Jai gets Savvy’s message that Aadhya is not well and asking him to come. Jai asks Rupa to take Ash to Doctor and says he needs to go to meet Aadhya as she is unwell. Rupa says Jai will not meet Aadhya and calls someone.

Jai is about to sit in car when Police comes and stops Jai asking him to show licence. Jai shows his licence. Inspector tells Jai that his licence will be with them for a month as he fought with the goons late in the night. Ash hears them. Inspector says you can’t drive now and leaves. Ash asks Rupa what she is going to do? Rupa says I can cross any limits to separate Jai and Aadhya. Ash thinks this is a dangerous woman and I have to be saved from her. Jai runs on the road and tries to take. He finally gets an auto. Savvy asks Aadhya why did she act to be unwell and says you never act in school also. Aadhya asks her to do as she said. Jai comes there running and asks what happened to her. He sits on her bed. Savvy says she got unwell and there was nobody at home. Jai asks what happened and says she don’t have fever. Aadhya says her stomach is upset. Jai says I told you not to eat road side food. Aadhya says sorry. Jai says I will bring medicine for you. Aadhya asks Jai why is he sweating so much. Jai says he was not getting auto so he ran for half a distance. Aadhya is shocked and asks why did you run? Jai says he was not getting auto and tells that they have to take Aadhya to doctor or have to call doctor here. Savvy says she will be alright if she takes rest. Jai says I will make something for her and goes to kitchen. Aadhya covers herself with shawl and comes to shawl. Jai asks why did you come and makes her sit. He says I will make soup for you. He gets his hand burnt. Aadhya gets up and gets concerned for him. She takes out ice from the fridge. Jai asks what are you doing? Aadhya says I am alright.

Jai realizes Aadhya’s lie and asks why did she lie to him. Aadhya says sorry and says I am fine. She says I wanted you to come to me and says sorry. Jai asks why did you lie and says do you have any idea, how did I come? He says my licence is cancelled and I was running on the road to reach here. He says today is the limit and says I don’t hope this from you. Aadhya asks him to listen to her once. Jai leaves. Savvy hears them and tells Aadhya that Jai will not stop. Aadhya says Ash is betraying him and he left from here angrily. Savvy asks why you are getting affected? Aadhya says she is taking his advantage, and says I am his friend. Savvy says Jai is Ash’s friend too and her ex-boyfriend. She asks if she is jealous to see Ash and Jai together and tells that you never got angry with Ash for her lies, but today you have a change in your behavior. She says I know why this is happening, as tells that you are in love with Jai. She says he is not your friend only. Aadhya is shocked.

Aaadhya realizes love for Jai and gets ready to express her love. Jai gets dizzy and falls down on the glass window on the road. He gets severely injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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