Internet Wala Love 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rupa complicates the situation for Jai and Aadhya

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Internet Wala Love 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai coming back to Aadhya and tells that he brought medicines. Aadhya sees medicine box with many medicines in it and says you brought all the shop. She asks why did he bring spray? Jai says he brought it for mosquito. Aadhya asks if shop keeper wasn’t there. Jai says chemist. He recalls going to the shop, but the shop was closed so he steal important medicines. Aadhya says if CCTV camera was there. Jai says thank god, it was not there and tells that he kept the money. He says if I had not broken the lock then how would I bring the medicines for you. Aadhya thinks he has different avatar. Jai takes out ointment.. Aadhya moves her hairs so that he can apply on her neck. Internet wala love plays….Jai applies ointment on her neck. He makes her have medicine. Aadhya acts

as getting vomiting because of medicine bitterness. He gives her chocolate. Aadhya smiles and asks why did he bring so many clothes for her. Jai says he liked it so brought, and tells that such clothes look good on her.

Rupa comes to Shubhankar’s house and taunts him for blaming Jai always, and tells that your daughter must have eloped on her own. She says your daughter even eloped from chunari ceremony. Shubhankar says all siyappa happens due to your son and asks her to leave just as she came there. Rupa leaves. Shubhankar gets dizzy. Jai’s friend who is keeping eye on Shubhankar’s house, informs Jai about his deteriorating health. Jai asks Aadhya to eat food and leaves. Aadhya thinks she feels safe with him, even though she feels something will happen, but nothing wrong. Jai comes to Shubhankar’s house. Shubhankar asks if he came to taunt him. Jai says no and makes him sit. He says I know you are worried for Aadhya, I assure you that she will be fine and will return soon. Shubhankar asks how do you know she is fine and asks do you know? Jai says no and tells that Dadi tells that nothing bad happens with good person. Shubhankar asks again do you know about her? Jai says no and promises to bring her to his house.

Aadhya is still in the house and finds the lock inside. She opens the door. Diya asks Shubhankar to eat food. Jai asks him to eat and says I promise that I will bring Diya home. Shubhankar eats a piece of apple. Jai says I will leave now, he feels sorry. He sees a man locking his house and thinks I didn’t lock the house in a hurry. He rushes to the house where he had kept Aadhya captive and finds the door open. He thinks she must have left by now and worries thinking if she will take his name. He comes inside and sees Aadhya sitting. He gets surprised and says you tried to elope before, I thought you will go by the time I reach here. Aadhya says I thought, but I couldn’t go. A fb is shown, Jai’s handkerchief falls on her and she sits on chair thinking about him. Jai says you have to go now. He says I know I did a big mistake and troubled you, your family and your Papa. He says I have promised your Papa that I will bring you home. Aadhya thinks he is surprising me every day. She says what we will tell everyone. She says she will call Diya. Jai says no way and says then everyone will blame you, and I won’t feel good. He says we have to think something. Jai’s friend calls Aadhya and tells that Rupa uploaded Aadhya’s kidnapping news on social media and it has become viral now. Jai is shocked.

Dadu asks Rupa why did she do that. Rupa says Aadhya is kidnapped, but nobody called for ransom till now. Shubhankar says their respect is ruined and argues with her. Jai tells Aadhya that he knows why mom did this and tells that she was doubtful that no ransom is asked. He says I know what to do now.

Later Aadhya is sitting on the window and seeing the rain, listening to radio. Jai asks her to come and says she will get unwell. Aadhya says she is not wax idol and asks him to come and enjoy the rain. Jai looks at her. Aadhya also looks at him. Jai says your bed is ready. Aadhya asks will you sleep on the chair. Jai says yes and says yesterday also I slept on chair. Aadhya says then your neck will pain and says she will do something. She cleans the floor and says you are not a perfect kidnapper, left me alone all day. Jai says you are also not a perfect victim, cleaning the floor as if we have to stay here all life. Aadhya keeps bedsheet for him and asks him to sleep. She thinks she feels the place safe and she is feeling light and tension free and thinks she wants to go home, but worries thinking what will happen next. Jai thinks I won’t let anything happen against your wish.

Jai tells Aadhya that she is hungry since kidnapping. All family members celebrate Karwachauth. Jai makes Aadhya have water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode, love Jay and Aadhiya chemistry, waiting for tomorrow episode.

  2. Thank you for the update ? @H Hasan

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