Internet Wala Love 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya’s lives are in danger

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Internet Wala Love 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya asking Jai who is she? Jai says this girl’s name is Shruti. Manager says I hope your work is done with this CD. Jai thanks him, and goes upset. Aadhya thinks what had happened that day. Karan tells Shruti that how can I forget that Jai Mittal took advantage of your innocence with his fake charm. A fb is shown, Jai tells Shruti that he loves her and wants to meet her often. Shruti says she can’t come often to meet him. He has dated many girls and asks her to come and meet him whenever he wants. He says you have no choice, asks her to have coffee. Fb ends. Ragini asks Shruti to break her maun vrat and asks her to talk to them. She says you are very strange and not talking to us. She asks her to talk to her. Shruti is sitting silent. Ragini cries. Karan pacifies

her and tells that their revenge is still incomplete, and tells that till now Jai Mittal gave us pain, now it is his pain and promises to make him beg infront of them for his life within 24 hours.

Jai comes to his house. Aadhya asks him to drink water. He refuses and tells that he didn’t do anything with Shruti. He had a talk with her and left from restaurant. He asks what wrong did I do and asks Aadhya to go away from his life. Aadhya takes him to the idol in his room, and says I trust you, you didn’t do anything. She hugs him. Jai says I really don’t understand what happened with Shruti and what wrong did I do with her? Aadhya says until we are together, nothing wrong can happen. She thinks to solve karan and Ragini’s puzzle and thinks to meet Shruti. Dadu calls Rupa. Rupa asks him to see comments on social media. Dadu asks her to watch news on the channel. Rupa and Dadu watch news that Jai has ruined the life of an innocent girl five years ago etc. They get shocked. Rupa says Jai can’t do this and blames Aadhya for the inauspicious things in his life. Dadu asks her to call Jai first. They want the news that Jai Mittal is missing to hide his face. Aadhya watches the news and gets upset. She thinks of the happenings, and recalls Jai telling that he didn’t do anything. She thinks she shall take Jai out of this problem. She calls Karan and says she is Aadhya. Karan says if you called to recommended Jai then I can’t help you, and says if you want to complain against him, then think that he didn’t do anything bad with her, as he did worst thing with others. Aadhya asks him to tell what is Jai’s mistake and tells that if he is guilty then she herself will punish him. She asks can I meet you both?

Aadhya comes to meet Shruti and thinks I lied to you and sent you both some other place as I need to talk to Shruti alone. She recalls taking PK’s help and asks to find out about the phone number. Fb ends. She tells that I know you, and knows that Jai was your friend. She says I wanted to know what he did with you then you and your family is cursing her. She asks her to tell what happened between them that day. She calls Shruti and finds her paralyzed and immovable. Karan is ready with an injection and says I know you will not come here Aadhya and that’s why I called Jai here. He says Ragini will handle you there and I will handle Jai here. A fb is shown, Ragini calls Jai and asks him to meet her today and she will show his crime and he shall decide his punishment. Fb ends. Jai comes to meet Ragini and finds Karan. He says I knew it that you will be here and not Ragini, and says betrayal is in your blood. He says we will sort man to man. Ragini keeps knife on Aadhya’s neck and says Jai didn’t leave Shruti to speak. She tells that Jai will be punished and Karan will punish her. She tells that you are brought here so that Karan can take revenge from Jai. Jai hits Karan. Karan hits Jai and says you will be punished for your karma. Jai says I didn’t do anything and tells that he will not leave him today. Karan gives him injection. Jai asks what is this injection and faints. Karan looks angrily and leaves unconscious Jai there itself.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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