Internet Wala Love 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Aadhya runs to Jai seeing him shivering

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Internet Wala Love 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai cutting the vegetables in his tent and making food for himself. Aadhya thinks if he makes soup looking at me then all soup will be burnt. She comes out and talks to Diya and asks her not to put water in the pot. Diya says I know and asks why are you telling me. Jai says few house left for the morning. Aadhya looks at him and runs inside realizing that the soup is burnt which she made. She sees the soup burnt and thinks looking at Jai, she forgot about the soup. Shubhankar comes to drink soup. Aadhya says she will make. He sees the soup. Aadhya sees the soup fine. Jai recalls changing Aadhya’s soup with his soup. He drinks the burnt soup made by Aadhya. Shubhankar tastes the soup which is actually made by Jai and says it is good. They see PK and Vihaan coming there. Vihaan tells that hiding romance is fun. PK says uncle will not let them romance. Vihaan says we won’t let this happen. Jai looks at Aadhya. Aadhya also looks at him . Jai, Vihaan and PK dance in the tent. Jai looks at Aadhya and smiles. Diya and Aadhya look at Jai and his friends while they are cooking food. Jai has his eyes on Aadhya. Aadhya also looks at him secretly, but closes the window seeing him.

Later she opens the window and finds him standing. Oh Re Chori….plays….He opens his hand and makes the flower petals fall on her. Aadhya turns and goes. His hand gets burnt as he touches the hot utensil. Aadhya looks at him and feels bad. Ishq ki marzi hai..teri plays………..PK plays the song piya tu ab toh aaja….Vihaan and PK dance with Jai. Shubhankar gets irritated with the loud music and asks them to stop it. He says this is a good street. Aadhya folds her hands and asks them to go from there. She says I will not bear my Papa’s insult and will not go against my Papa and will forget that you are my friends. She asks Diya not to help them.

Jai says we didn’t come here to do tamasha or trouble anyone. I came to talk to one person and asks his friends to go. Vihaan and PK leaves. Jai says I will not go as there is less time remaining for morning and I know you will come surely. Aadhya looks at her. Jai forwards his hand towards her. Aadhya says I will not come to you Jai. She goes inside. Jai is closing his tent. Rupa comes and holds it. She asks him to return home and says her heart is paining. Jai asks her to go inside and say sorry to Shubhankar. Rupa says she is not mad and tells that he also said bad things about you. Jai says you are my mom and I can tell you. He asks her if she will say sorry. Rupa says she will call him and say sorry after reaching home. Jai asks her to go. Rupa acts and falls down. She pretends as if she has fractured her leg and goes to bring ointment. Rupa thinks all will be well. Jai applies ointment and asks if she is better. Rupa says yes. Jai helps her get up and says he has booked a cab and it will come in sometime. He is in the tent and thinks Aadhya will come surely, just 6 hours left for morning.

Shubhankar asks her not to close heater. Aadhya sees Jai shivering with cold and is going to Jai holding the blanket, but Shubhankar asks her to go inside. Aadhya says she will give the blanket and come. She says Jai’s tent has fallen down and he is feeling cold. Shubhankar asks her to go. Aadhya comes to the window and cries. She says why are you shivering in cold and hurting yourself. She thinks if he is stubborn then she is stubborn too and will shiver in cold. She switches off the heater and stands in the window. Jai lies down on the ground and says I know you will come surely. He closes his eyes. Aadhya sees him fallen down, and runs through the window. She covers blanket to him and is going, when Jai holds her hand and says you can’t stop yourself. We can’t live without each other, today you have proved what I meant in your life. Shubhankar wakes up and says it is morning now. Jai must have felt cold and went home. He calls Aadhya and couldn’t find her at home.

Aadhya takes Jai in an auto. Aadhya and Jai are about to confess love to each other, but is unaware of the upcoming danger. Rupa thinks I won’t let Aadhya come in my son’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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