Internet Wala Love 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai challenges Aadhya to come to him

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Internet Wala Love 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupa blaming respect and favoring Shubhankar and his family always and says he has threatened to send your grand son to jail. Jai says you have done so bad about Aadhya infront of her Papa, I was proud of you, but you made me so embarrassed today, my eyes were lowered infront of them. Rupa says I love you beta…and says I did this for your betterment. Jai says you have ruined my happiness, I was waiting for her at Nariman Point and it was the best moment of my life. He says I will not accept defeat and will confess my feelings to her. Rupa says Aadhya is not right for you. Jai goes. He thinks to convince Aadhya somehow. Diya meets PK and says Aadhya is very stubborn and she will not break Papa’s promise and will not let Jai meet her. Jai thinks to chat with Aadhya. He messages her that he can’t tell something which is stuck in his heart. He writes Aadhya actually…but Aadhya goes offline. Jai thinks what is she doing? Dadu tells Dadi that he trusts Jai and he will convince Aadhya surely. Aadhya comes to his radio station and asks the callers about love. He says a girl stays away from a guy due to family pressure and asks caller to say if the girl will stay away from him from long. Aadhya hears him. A caller calls Jai and tells that if the girl loves him then she will come. Aadhya calls him and says if the girl has a strong belief that guy shall stop trying. Jai realizes her voice and says thank you.

Shubhankar is talking to someone and tells that he wants to leave the city somehow, and agrees to work on a less salary. Jai tries to enter the house through the window. Shubhankar locks the main door and thinks all doors and windows are locked, now show how you enter inside. Jai finds the doors and windows locked. PK and Vihaan come there. PK says Shubhankar’s house security is tight, all doors and windows are locked. They get an idea. PK and Vihaan shout that the thief has come. PK acts as a thief while Vihaan runs behind him, other people follow them. Shubhankar comes out hearing this. Jai recalls sharing his plan with PK and Vihaan. He comes inside the house and kidnaps the sleepy Aadhya and takes her in his car. Shubhankar and the neighbor come back to their houses. Shubhankar sees the car going, but don’t see Jai. Aadhya wakes up in Jai’s car and asks him to stop the car. Jai says I will not stop the car until you hear me. Aadhya says I will jump off from here.

Jai says he wants to tell something important. Aadhya says if you respect me a bit and if I have some importance in your life then don’t say anything. She asks him to promise that he will not do this again and says I don’t want to meet you. Jai says I will meet you. Shubhankar comes there and slaps Jai. Aadhya comes out of the car and asks him to forgive Jai and says he will not do this again. Shubhankar asks him not to do tamasha in the night and says if I saw you doing this then will not be patient. He holds Aadhya’s hand and takes her from there. Jai gets upset and sits in his car. Shubhankar takes Aadhya’s phone and says you can’t talk to him. Aadhya cries.

Later Diya calls Aadhya and Shubhankar to come out. They see Jai’s tent. Jai says you asked me not to come inside, and says I can stay outside, and I will not leave until you hear me fully. I will sit here. Aadhya says you can’t do this. Jai says I can do this, nobody can stop me. Shubhankar asks Diya to bring the bat and goes himself to get it. Jai tells Aadhya that he can stay here as the road is public property. Shubhankar says I will call Police. Aadhya asks him not to call Police and says Jai will not do this. Shubhankar says I left him because of you and asks her to make him understand and goes inside. Aadhya asks Jai why he does tamasha all the time. Jai says I want to tell my words, that’s it. Aadhya says everything ended between us. Jai says then let your Papa call Police and send me to jail. Let him bring the bat and beat me. He asks why you are getting affected. He says even if we don’t say, but our eyes tell all. He says I understood late, but now I will not go alone atleast. Aadhya cries hearing him. He says I challenge you that you will be with me before 9 am , infact before the sunrise. He promises her. Aadhya looks at him. PK and Vihaan see Jai setting the camping. They appreciate Jai for having the camping set up. Rupa also sees the video and says Aadhya made my sweet son as duffer son. Dadu sees the video and says you are like me. PK tells Vihaan that Aadhya has become egoistic. She didn’t meet Jai outside her house and says I don’t know if she will agree. Vihaan says Jai will convince her. Rupa hears them.

Jai tells Shubhankar that Aadhya’s forgiveness is his stubbornness and says until I get it, I will not leave. He asks her to tell what is in her heart.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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