Internet Wala Love 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya tries to warn Jai against Ash

Internet Wala Love 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya asking Ash about her mom and dad. Ash says they must be fine. Aadhya says they must be missing you. Ash says they are habitual to miss me now. Aadhya says she is busy in office and it is getting difficult for Papa to handle Diya and your responsibility. Ash says she can’t stay in hotel. Aadhya asks her to go back and says she will book her tickets. Ash says but. Aadhya thinks once she go out of my house, I will not see her face. She books her tickets. Shubhankar asks Ash not to go before seeing his academy students cricket match. Aadhya is tensed. Ash says she will call and calls Jai. She asks shall we go to your favorite icecream parlour. Aadhya thinks what to do? She switches off shower tap when Ash is taking bath. Ash calls Aadhya and tells that water is

not coming. Aadhya says we have water scarcity in our neighborhood. Ash asks her to do something. Just then Aadhya switches off lights. Ash asks about the light. Aadhya says sorry to God and says you know why am I doing this. Ash comes out of bathroom. Aadhya says they got call from Municipal Corporation that there will be water and electricity problem for 2 weeks. Ash says I will go. Aadhya asks her to come when the problem resolves.

Jai is in his house. Someone throws letter in his room with a message asking him to choose friend wisely. He thinks what does this note mean and checks who threw it, but couldn’t see anyone. Aadhya calls Savvy and tells that Ash went from here just now. Savvy asks where did she hide her talent? Aadhya says Ash was badmouthing about me infront of Jai. Savvy sees Ash with jai and tells her that she is in Jai’s room. Jai shows his house to Ash and introduces her to Vihaan and Rajat. Aadhya thinks why did she go to Jai’s house and thinks why Jai can’t see what Ash is upto. She checks Jai’s status and says he is offline. Jai asks Ash to stay in guest room, but she says she will stay in Jai’s room. Aadhya calls Ash. Ash picks the call and then asks Jai to pass blanket to her. She tells Vihaan and Rajat about telling Jai that she wants to see adult movie. She says then Jai gave me his hoodie jacket and we went to theatre to see the film. She says nobody recognized me that I am a girl. Aadhya is upset. Ash says lets do that masti again. Jai says no. Ash asks did you remember December incident, when you threw water on me and asked me to change my dress. She throws water on Jai. Jai says you are gone and throws water on her. Ash says I am wet fully, and don’t have clothes now. It seems I have to spend night in towel. Aadhya hears her and says never.

Aadhya takes an auto and comes to Jai’s house. She rings the door bell. Vihaan opens the door. Aadhya asks him to move and goes to Jai’s room. She sees Jai and Ash sitting on bed together. She asks what is happening. Ash says we were wet so wearing blanket. Aadhya sees her wearing Jai’s shirt and asks where is the pajama. Ash says shirt is big. Aadhya asks Ash to come with her. Ash says you have problem at your house. Vihaan and Rajat look at Ash. Aadhya calls Savvy and asks her to bring her clothes to Jai’s house. Savvy says ok. Aadhya thinks to take her to her house and bear her. Jai comes to Aadhya and asks why is she behaving weirdly. Aadhya says you are a duffer and don’t understand anything. Jai asks her to tell what happened? Aadhya says I don’t want to talk to you. Savvy comes to give clothes. Aadhya asks Vihaan and Rajat to open the door. Vihaan and rajat couldn’t keep their eyes off Ash. Ash smiles. Vihaan opens the door. Jai asks Aadhya to calm down. Savvy gives the clothes. Aadhya asks Savvy to change her clothes. Ash changes her clothes. Aadhya says lets go. Jai says I will drop you both. Rupa looks at them and signs Ash to act as getting her leg sprained. Ash pretends to faints. Rupa smiles. Ash thinks I will not go from here until my work gets over. Jai takes Ash inside and asks Aadhya to take her bag. Aadhya gets doubtful about Ash. Jai tells Ash that nothing will happen and goes to bring ointment. Aadhya finds her holding right leg and thinks she is hurt at left leg, this means she is lying. She goes to Jai and tells that Ash is feigning and sitting holding her right leg. Rupa hears her.

Aadhya tells Savvy that Jai got upset with her and left. Savvy tells her that you have fallen in love with Jai. He is not only your friend, but became your love too. Aadhya is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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