Internet Wala Love 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: kidnapping drama to spark love between Jai and Aadhya

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Internet Wala Love 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai telling Aadhya that he kidnapped her as she don’t want to marry Samrat. Aadhya says you made marriage arrangements since morning and was dancing happily. She says everyone must be worried for us. Jai says I told everyone that I was out for work. Aadhya says Papa must be worried for her. Jai gets scared of Shubhankar and tells Aadhya that he kidnapped her as she was crying. Rupa calls Jai. Jai doesn’t pick her call. Shubhankar tells Rupa that he is sure that Jai has kidnapped his daughter. Dadu says he went for work. Shubhankar blames Jai. Rupa says he is busy in work and says he will pick my call. Samrat thinks if Jai have done something then I will not leave him.

Aadhya shouts for help. Jai asks her to stop. Aadhya kicks him. Jai asks her to be quiet

and says anyone will hear you. He looks at her. They have a romantic moment. Rupa calls Jai and asks him about Aadhya. Jai says she might be stuck with Samrat on the stage. He keeps his hand on Aadhya’s mouth. Shubhankar takes the call and asks him to swear on his mum and say. Jai doesn’t swear on his mum which makes Samrat doubtful. Aadhya makes sound. Shubhankar asks who is with him. Jai says nobody and asks why you always doubts me. Rajjo says she must be kidnapped by Dulhan Chor. Rupa ends the call.

Aadhya bites Jai’s finger and says you have suffocated me. Jai makes her drink water. Aadhya spits water out. Jai asks what happened to her and asks her to breath. He looks at her and moves her hairs off her face. Aadhya looks at him. Jai nods ok. Aadhya says who does like this slowly. Jai says this is girl’s problem. Aadhya gets hiccups. Jai asks her to take heavy breaths or stop breath for 2 sec. He holds her nose. They have an eye lock. Title song plays……He leaves her nose and asks if she is breathing now.

Jai says he saw in film and the experiment work. Aadhya says if I had died then? Jai says sorry for hurting her and says I was on call and sorry for all this. He says your mummy had said that you have 9 days navratri fast and says he has brought something for her to eat. He brings the packet and sees the chips crushed. He says he will bring something for her. Aadhya asks him to free her hand. Jai switches on dim light as she is scared of darkness. He goes. Aadhya gets worried about her father. Shubhankar and dadu come to the Police station and ask Inspector to file report. Inspector refuses saying he can’t file before 24 hours. Shubhankar gets angry. Dadu asks Inspector to catch bride thief. Inspector says I can’t file FIR now, but can do patrolling. Dadu says if Aadhya is kidnapped then kidnapper will call us for ransom. Aadhya sees the glass window and drags her chair towards there. She pushes the chair to break the glass.

Jai comes to buy something on road when Inspector runs behind him and says he is same. Jai runs and collides with someone. Samrat tells Inspector that he has doubt on Jai and shows his pic. Inspector asks Jai to get up. Aadhya shouts for help. Three local goons see her and say she is waiting for us. Inspector asks Jai why did he raise his hand and says the man is dulhan chor. Jai says I saw you shouting and that’s why ran behind him. He looks at the sketch and tells Inspector that he was scared seeing the gun and that’s why raised his hand. Inspector thanks him. Jai says it is my duty and says I hate bride thieves. He says I will go. Inspector beats Dulhan chor and asks him to tell where did he hide the brides. He tells the nearly same address as the dulhan chor. Jai takes the auto to go there. Goons try to break the lock. Aadhya panics.

Jai folds his hand, but gets angry on goons’ words and beats them. He tells Aadhya that all siyappa started after he met her, and tells that he started caring for her and thinking about her. Aadhya gets touched and looks at him. He blows on her hurt hand. Aadhya shows her other hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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