Internet Wala Love 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rupa plans big against Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ash chatting with Jai. Aadhya asks if she wants anything. Ash says no. Aadhya asks with whom she is chatting? Ash says Jai. Aadhya logs in to her laptop and messages Jai. Jai asks Aadhya why she is using this id today? Aadhya says she didn’t chat since long so thought to reminisces some old moments. Jai says even I was missing my internet friend. She asks Jai why is he busy? Jai replies that he was chatting with Ash and says you might know. Aadhya says she went out. Ash thinks what happened to Jai. Aadhya asks her to sleep, but Ash says no. Jai checks Ash’s messages and replies to her. Aadhya messages that he is taking care of Ash much and says you didn’t think about me. She says you went to Ash’s favorite restaurant and shopped for her. Aadhya sees Jai not responding to her and closes her laptop. Jai thinks to go and convince Aadhya. He leaves in his car and sees a car following him. He thinks he takes many risks for Aadhya which he didn’t take even for his girlfriends. He thinks he will be beaten by her father if caught. He thinks he has to take risk. He goes to Aadhya’s room through window and sees someone sleeping on bed. He thinks Aadhya is sleeping and asks her to wake up. He says I brought gift for you. He hears someone coming and hides himself in blanket. He sees Ash in the blanket. Ash wakes up and sees him. Aadhya comes and sees Jai coming out of blanket. Ash asks if he brought gift for her. Aadhya asks Jai to go from there. Jai asks Aadhya to listen to her.

Ash opens the gift and likes teddy. She kisses Jai. Aadhya asks Jai to go. Jai thinks to tell Aadhya tomorrow in office that the gift was for her. Aadhya comes to the radio station. Jai says hi. Aadhya is upset and doesn’t reply. Jai starts the programme and asks the listeners to call. A caller asks Jai, if she shall get closer to her boyfriend. Jai says yes, and tells that spice is needed in the relationship. Aadhya says if he wants to take your advantage then you shall refuse him. Girl says we shall test whether we are compatible or not. Jai says you said right and tells Aadhya that this is 21st century and your 19th century thinking will not work. Aadhya says first mummy, aunty and now…They argue on programme. Girl says you sounds cute while fighting.

Jai asks her to listen to the song. He asks Aadhya what happened? He says you are getting angry since yesterday and asks what happened to you actually. Aadhya says you don’t know. Next caller asks Jai and Aadhya to solve her problem. Ash is the caller and tells that her ex boyfriend is trapped by a liar girl and says she swears on mata rani. Aadhya understands it is Ash and thinks she thinks this about me. Jai says I know such girls and says I can give you tips. Aadhya tells Jai that he don’t know who is she? Jai asks her to stay quiet and asks why she called a caller liar on radio. He ends the call and asks if the caller complained about us then we will lose our job. Aadhya tells that the caller was Ash and asks him to ask Ash. Jai calls Ash and asks if she called him just now on radio. Ash lies and tells that she is learning cooking with his mom. Jai says good and tells Aadhya that she is doubting her unnecessarily. Aadhya thinks now I can’t bear her anymore in my house. Jai and Aadhya come out of their office. Aadhya calls auto. Jai sees a speedy car about to hit Aadhya and saves her. Aadhya says she felt that someone wants to hit her. Jai asks her to relax and offers to drop herm but Aadhya says she will go by auto. The speedy car stops. Rupa and Ash come out of the car to the office. She talks to the manager and says even my son shall not know this. Ash says it is too much. Rupa says I can cross any limits for my son’s happiness.

Aadhya comes home and checks Ash’s friendsbook. She sees Jai and her pic in romantic pose. She sees Ash and Jai romancing in her house. She asks Ash to sit separately. Ash says it is cold. Jai says she is aunty. Aadhya tries to separate them, but fails. Jai says I am feeling hot. Ash says shall I remove my jacket. Aadhya says no. Ash comes. Aadhya realizes it was her imagination.

Aadhya closes water tap and switches off electricity when Ash is taking bath. She tells her that they face such problems. Savvy calls Aadhya and tells her that Ash came to Jai’s house. Aadhya comes to Jai’s house and sees Ash with Jai. Savvy asks Aadhya if she is in love with Jai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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