Internet Wala Love 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Samrat asks for Aadhya’s hand

Internet Wala Love 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya coming office and seeing Jai. She greets Mahira. Mahira asks her to read the news. Aadhya reads, Jai should be banned from social media, he doesn’t have a right to become RJ, he is egoistic and a cheap man. Aadhya says I didn’t write this, I know who did this. Mahira says you are a hot couple and I want that to remain, negative thing won’t be good, I don’t give a damn about your personal equation, rectify this mistake. Tanisha thinks I changed your blog on Samrat’s saying, sorry, I m in problem. Jai thinks she got trapped, very good, this should happen with her. Aadhya thinks you won’t be able to defeat me. Aadhya gets busy in work.

Jai messages her. She writes about her tension. He writes her to not entertain tension and not spare the one

who gave her tension. She agrees and goes to Jai. They both argue. She raises hand. He holds her hand and says don’t even think. She says leave my hand. He says why, I m a liar and cheater, I will show you how are bad guys, I did everything openly, I didn’t change the blog, I have accepted my mistake, you act victim and use your innocent face, that’s why I hate you. She says I hate you too, you don’t deserve to be here, you have no right to advice you, you ruin people’s life. He says fine, I will ruin your things. She says fine, I will do the same with you, this is my challenge, remember this. He asks her to get out. Diya and her mum talk about Shubhankar’s job. Roopa comes there. She shows the house to client and says these people will leave house soon. She sees Samrat with Shubhankar. She asks Samrat about his friendship with outsiders. She says spend time with family, it will be good for you. She goes.

Jai and Aadhya chat again and smile. He asks how are you talking to me, if you didn’t accept my friendship. She writes, sorry, battery was off yesterday. He asks friends? She writes yes. He says we are best friends forever, done. She replies done. Shubhankar shouts on Roopa. Samrat says I will handle this. He calms him down. Shubhankar says we will be on roads, what will happen now. Samrat gives him water and consoles. He asks Shubhankar for Aadhya’s hand. They get shocked. Aadhya comes and looks on shocked. Shubhankar says I can’t find a nice guy like you. Samrat says I will be lucky if I get a girl like Aadhya. He sees Aadhya and stops. Shubhankar says you are saying right, I trust you, sorry, we don’t want to do her marriage so soon, she isn’t prepared. Aadhya gets relieved. She says you made many favors on us, but I m not ready for marriage yet. Samrat says its okay, I shall leave, you can call me if you need any help. He goes.

Aadhya thanks Shubhankar. He says I didn’t do anything in life, but I m not stupid to get my daughters married to anyone. He says you will marry the guy you like. She smiles and hugs him. Samrat looks on and thinks you will become my wife, I will create such situation that your dad gives your hand to me.

Jai and Aadhya chat and smile. They prepare to meet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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