Internet Wala Love 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai offers money to Aadhya to leave Samrat

Internet Wala Love 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai seeing Samrat and recalls his conversation with Aadhya. He thinks sorry Samrat, Aadhya will not come. Samrat looks at the door and thinks you have to come Aadhya, I have worked hard to get you, now you have to come. Roopa tells Samrat’s mum that Samrat has gone mad to make Aadhya bahu of Mittal family, but she won’t let this happen. Puru tries to give her juice, but Roopa refuses to have it. They all dance on the song Nach de saare….Dada tells Dadi to bring two bahus for their grand sons so that their house gets enlighted. Jai says surprise and opens the door. They all see Aadhya. He fumes looking at her. Aadhya’s parents Shubhankar and his wife come next. Samrat welcomes them and asks to come in. Roopa comes to Pandit ji and makes the pots kept in the mandap

fall. She blames Shubhankar for the inauspicious moment. Dada says all guests are yours, you have to take care of them. Shubhankar and Aadhya wish happy anniversary to Dada and Dadi.

Aadhya gives Bappa’s idol as gift. Dada and Dadi like it. Roopa taunts telling Puru that they don’t have any standard to attend Mittal’s party. Dada asks Puru to take care of Aadhya and her family. Jai tells his friend that he is thinking to name his show as ladke phasawo, paise kamawo. Aadhya hears him. Roopa comes to Shubhankar’s table and taunts him indirectly telling waiter that he don’t earn anything, but go to someone’s house for having food. Shubhankar says this house is of my would be son in law, I will have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Roop says why not? He says you must have planned to stay here. Shubhankar says my would be son in law is not like you and tells that he has his parents values.

Samrat asks Aadhya to try starters. She says she needs to talk. Jai thinks what she is going to tell Samrat. Samrat shows her painting. Jai sends wi fi to Aadhya. Aadhya is about to lift it. Jai thinks what happened to wi fi and asks not to disturb them. Aadhya says I have some dreams and I want to do something for my family. Samrat says you can work after marriage if you want. Aadhya says she didn’t live her life still. She says marriage is a big decision for her and she don’t want to say yes or no being pressurize and needs some more time to decide. Samrat says ok. He asks her to have food. Aadhya says it will be late. Samrat asks her to wait till Dada and Dadi finish the rituals. He thinks Jai troubled her so much that she is hesitant to say yes to him, and thinks he will make her say yes to her today itself. He pretends to call someone when Jai is hearing him and tells that he needs money for his marriage, Aadhya will marry him only if he is financially stable.

Jai tells something to someone. Shubhankar says we will go. waiter makes something falls on him. Puru asks him to change clothes. Aadhya and Shubhankar come to the room. She asks him to clean the stain. Jai comes there and asks her to leave his brother. He asks her to take the money and leave. He says this is all my savings and I earned this with much hardwork, take this money and leave. He says it is much than you have expected from Samrat.

Aadhya says what are you saying? Shubhankar comes there. Jai says my brother is innocent and gets trapped easily. He asks them to take the money and leave. Shubhankar asks how can you insult us? Jai says I think you must be feeling ashamed to pick the money and turns his face. He asks them to take the money and leave from Samrat’s life. He counts 1 2 3 and sees Aadhya and her father gone. He smiles and thinks thank god, I have saved Samrat. I can earn money, but if his life get ruined then I won’t forgive myself. He comes downstairs and sees Dada thanking for the piano which came as a gift. He plays piano. Jai dances happily. Just then Aadhya throws money on Jai and others, and says this engagement will happen in this house.

Dada approves for the alliance and gives Aadhya’s hand in Samrat’s hand. Jai determines to stop the marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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