Internet Wala Love 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai Saves Aadhya from Samrat’s conspiracy

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Internet Wala Love 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupa asking Aadhya to say Live. Jai says may be Aadhya wants to talk to uncle privately. Rupa says my son is saying this, who used to take breath on social media. She says everyone shall know about first marriage in Mittal’s house. Neighbors come and ask Shubhankar if they fixed Aadhya’s marriage in Mittal’s family. They click pics with Rupa. Shubhankar tells Aadhya that they are selfish people who came because of Mittals. They take pics with Aadhya too. Jai thinks which foolish guy first uploaded the news on social sites. Rupa says Aadhya wants to tell something, but first I will tell and tells that they have a custom to take Kuldevta’s blessings and says they do puja once in three years and then nobody can separate the couple. She says once Samrat and Aadhya

do the kuldevta puja, then we will fix the marriage date. Jai thinks then Dadu and Dadi will not break the alliance and gets angry. Rupa asks Jai what happened? Jai says his hand hit mistakenly. He asks for balm.

Aadhya goes to room. Jai follows her and asks her to tell everything to uncle and aunty, and says until you don’t tell them, they will not talk to Dadu and Dadi. Aaedhya tries to apply balm. Jai says Kuldevta’s puja means marriage and says if this puja happens then nobody can stop this marriage. Aadhya asks Jai to see how much happy her father is and asks him to understand. Jai asks her to go and take selfie with them. He asks her to marry and cry all life. Aadhya thinks how to stop the marriage, even I don’t want to marry.

She comes to the restaurant to meet Samrat. Samrat comes and says it is good that we came for lunch before marriage. He holds her hand. He says sorry for that day and says I shouldn’t have questioned you. He says I hope you have forgiven me. Aadhya says lets order something. Samrat calls the waiter. Waiter brings food. Aadhya picks a fork and acts as she is possessed. She says I will not leave you. Samrat asks what happened? Aadhya asks if she has done something wrong and says I think I got an attack again. She tells that she gets it often and says that’s why her family keeps knife etc hidden from her. She says I called you to inform about this. Samrat asks her not to worry and says I know what to do. He asks her to come. Aadhya and Samrat go to the Doctor. He tells Doctor that she has a split personality disorder. Doctor says I will give her injection today and if the case is serious then we have to give her electric shock. Samrat thinks I am a way ahead of her.

Doctor says I will give her high dose. Aadhya gets tensed and says she will go to washroom. Samrat holds her hand and says I will also come with you. Aadhya goes to washroom and messages Jai asking him to come to hospital. She then calls him repeatedly. Samrat is outside. Aadhya thinks Jai must be busy with the show. She calls Jai on the show and tells him that she needs his help. Jai says your friend will help you. He runs outside and asks Virat to help. Aadhya comes out of the washroom. Doctor is about to give her injection. Aadhya says she is allergic to many things.

Samrat says I made Doctor talked to uncle and aunty. He is about to give her injection, but just then Jai rings fire alarm. Doctor keeps the syringe and asks them to come out. While everyone is running out, Jai holds Aadhya’s hand and takes her to some ward. They hide in the cupboard. Jai asks if this was your plan. Aadhya says I thought to scare Samrat and thought of a film scene. Jai says nobody saw that film except you. Samrat looks for Aadhya. Jai asks since when you thought about this. Aadhya says I thought you would have done the same thing. Jai says I used to think how you would have done in any situation. Samrat comes to that ward or Doctor’s room. He looks at the cupboard. Jai and Aadhya see him. Samrat sees the curtains moving and goes.

Jai asks Aadhya not to worry and says I won’t let Samrat come here. He opens the cupboard and looks out. Samrat checks behind the curtain. Jai opens the window and jumps out. He lifts Aadhya and makes her come out of window. He asks Aadhya to go. He takes an auto and asks Aadhya to sit. She says what will I tell to Samrat. Jai says I will handle. He tells Aadhya that her smile is very cute. Aadhya smiles. Samrat sees Jai running and gets angry. Rajat and Virat tell Jai what would have happen if Aadhya got that injection. Jai says I won’t let anything happen to her, and says there will be a big party tonight and their relation will break. Samrat thinks he won’t let their relation break and what break is Aadhya and his hope.

In the party, Jai’s friends make Samrat drink wine. Samrat dances with the dancer. Dadu comes and slaps him. Samrat tells that Jai made him drink wine forcibly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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