Internet Wala Love 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya decides to hide her feelings from Jai

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Internet Wala Love 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya telling Savvy that Jai has no feelings for her and don’t even realize anything. She tells that she got the pain and tells that she had promised to give good news to Papa and confess to him everything and asks what will I tell him now. Savvy says may be your and Jai’s relation are meant till here, and tells that love is not a crime and asks her not to make her head bent down. Savvy asks her to come to her home for today and says if you go home, then have to answer uncle. Aadhya says I have to be normal as I have to face Jai somehow. She says I am fine and cries badly. Savvy and Aadhya come home. Savvy says she will talk to uncle and asks Aadhya to go to her room directly. Shubhankar tells Aadhya that they are reading to go for dinner and asks what was that

secret, he is eager to know. Aadhya says I will be back and goes to washroom. Shubhankar asks why her eyes are red. Savvy says something went in her eyes and asks Shubhankar to give some cooking tips. Aadhya comes out of washroom and sees Jai standing. Jai asks if she felt very much bad that she is crying badly. He tells that I did a very big mistake and feels sorry after doing mistake and calls him donkey.

Aadhya asks how did you come inside. Jai says I came by window like always. Aadhya asks him to go and says if papa came here. Jai says I will talk to Papa. He says I did a mistake and asks her to forgive him. Shubhankar comes and asks why is he saying sorry? Jai and Aadhya get tensed. Shubhankar asks how you came here, I didn’t see you coming here. Savvy says I saw him going inside, he came just now. Shubhankar says I shall know who is coming to my house. Jai says I have to talk to Aadhya urgently as I did a big mistake. Shubhankar asks what was the mistake? Jai says I will tell you and says my Dadu says that it is wrong to hide the mistake. Aadhya says mistake was mine, Jai didn’t do anything. I thought the things wrongly and overreacted. She says we had a fight, and haven’t trusted Jai and fought with him. Shubhankar says mistake is yours and asks her to say sorry to Jai. Aadhya says sorry to Jai and says you forgave me naa as you say that there is no sorry or no thank you in friendship. Jai smiles and thanks Aadhya and Shubhankar. Shubhankar says Aadhya is taking us to dinner as she wants to tell us some good news. Aadhya takes Shubhankar to side. Savvy asks Jai to go and says if she tells anything by mistake then. Jai says I need to go somewhere. Shubhankar goes to change his clothes. Aadhya cries again. Savvy says thank god, I thought you will cry infront of everyone. Aadhya says now I have to act and may be this act is my truth. Savvy says everything will be fine, Jai and nobody will know. Aadhya recalls about the letter and tells Savvy that she will be back.

Aadhya comes out and asks Jai, did you read the letter? Jai says I didn’t read it as you went from there. Aadhya asks him to return the letter. Jai says letter is in the car, and car is with mom. Rupa gets down the car and thinks there was so much traffic. She sees letter. Aadhya asks Jai, if he will give the letter to her. Jai says ok. Rupa thinks to red the letter and takes it out. She starts reading it. Jai and Aadhya are going to his house. Aadhya asks auto driver to drive fast. Rupa reads the letter fully and is shocked. Jai says I will read the letter first and will see who stops me. Aadhya says if you touch the letter then I will not talk to you. Jai says ok, and says I will rather go on mars rather than convincing you. Jai comes home and gives money to the auto driver. He says he will bring car keys. Savvy asks Aadhya to let Jai read the letter. Aadhya says I don’t want his sympathy or charity, I want his real love and says if he reads the letter then our friendship will break. Jai searches for the letter in the car. Aadhya asks where is the letter?

Jai says it must be with mom. Rupa says that balika bazaar girl showed her value. Jai comes and asks Rupa if she found any letter. Rupa thinks Jai doesn’t know and says may be watchman thrown it in dustbin or kept in Jai’s room. Rupa recalls throwing it outside. Aadhya searches letter in Jai’s room. Wifi and Savvy’s dog Paro come out of the house. Jai sees the dogs, but don’t see the letters. Savvy sees the dogs fighting over the letter. She informs Aadhya. Aadhya comes out and asks wifi to give her letter. Savvy thinks Aadhya was scared of the letter, and now she is not afraid. Jai comes and takes letter from Aadhya’s hand. Rupa sees Aadhya and Jai and gets tensed. She hears them. Jai starts reading the letter. Aadhya asks him to give the letter. Jai smiles reading the letter in which she tells that he is special to her..

Aadhya searches for a boyfriend to show to Jai and takes the guys’ interviews.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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