Internet Wala Love 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai finds Aadhya unhappy with the engagement

Internet Wala Love 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya coming for her engagement. Jai and Samrat looks at her. Music plays chahat ka silsila hai….. Aadhya feels strange. Jai thinks why is he restless. Dadi and Dadi welcome them. Jai greets Shubhankar and Pratibha. Samrat smiles looking at Aadhya. Aadhya sits on the sofa. Shubhankar reminds Jai of his words. Jai asks him not to take tension, have cold drink and chill. Diya thinks Samrat and di are getting engaged, next is Jai and my turn. Savvy asks Diya to come and check gifts. Samrat looks at Aadhya and the engagement ring in his hand. He says you are looking good and shows the ring which he got specially designed for her, and tells that he can’t wait for this day. Savvy says there is still time for engagement, once it happens, you can talk to her. Aadhya gets

restless and thinks what are you doing God ji. She says wrong feeling is not going from my heart and asks God to do something. A girl is seen walking in the house and looking for Samrat. Samrat gets shocked seeing her. He thinks what Shanaya is doing here? Dada calls Samrat and he goes. Dada ji makes him meet his childhood friend. Shanaya thinks to expose Samrat to save Aadhya’s life.

Samrat excuses himself. His friend stops Samrat and asks him to meet someone. Samrat refuses and pushes Rajjo and their friend. Jai asks what happened? Rajjo complains about Samrat. Samrat searches for Shanaya and comes to a girl. She says hi. Samrat says hi. Aadhya is still restless. Dadi realizes her restlessness. Rajjo reads a news that a man entered a wedding venue wearing blanket and fled with the bride. Jai asks them to do the work. He gets Shanaya’s message asking him to meet her from an unknown number. Jai thinks whose number is this? Shanaya gets Jai’s number from the security and messages from her number. Samrat searches for Shanaya and thinks where did she go? He comes out and thinks if she opens her mouth then it will be problematic. Rupa thinks why Samrat is restless. Jai comes out and calls Shanaya. Shanaya is about to come out infront of Jai, but just then Samrat comes there and asks Jai what is he doing? Jai says someone called me. Samrat asks if someone called or messaged him. Jai says someone must be joking. Samrat tries to look beside the car, Shanaya hides and thinks to inform Aadhya and Jai.

Dadi takes Aadhya to room and asks why is she not happy and sad. Aadhya thinks to inform Dadi that she don’t want to do this engagement. Shubhankar comes and tells Dadi that Aadhya is nervous and tells that she knows that Samrat is very nice guy. Dadi says ok and goes. Shubhankar asks Aadhya if she said Samrat as she likes him. Aadhya looks on.

Shubhankar says whenever we get in any trouble, Samrat helped us and he is a nice man and good son and will be a good husband too. He says I am lucky to have daughter like you. Aadhya doesn’t say anything. Jai comes and sees her going to washroom. She cries badly and thinks I am not that good. She says I know Samrat is a good damad for you, but I am unable to get happy in this relation. She says I can’t accept him. She thinks of Karan Johar’s words that may be imperfect man having many flaws will be perfect for her. She cries badly. Jai sees her crying and is about to come inside, but stops himself. Aadhya sees him in mirror, recalls Karan Johar’s words and closes her eyes, then looks at Jai in the mirror. She thinks why am I thinking about him and why his face is not going off my mind. Jai looks on.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Jai sings suno ek thi kaanch ki gudiya….Aadhya thinks until he was my friend, he asked me not to get engaged and now enjoying the most.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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