Internet Wala Love 18th March 2019 Written Episode Update: PK refuses to take responsibility of Diya’s baby, Jai confronts him

Internet Wala Love 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with PK showing Diya’s pregnancy reports to Jai and says Doctor said clearly that if we opt for abortion then it will be risky for her life due to the complication. He tells that he can’t handle this big responsibility and wants to jump off from balcony and die. Jai slaps PK and asks Diya to go to Aadhya, says he will bring PK there. Diya looks at him. Jai tells that he will make PK understand and asks her to trust him. He thinks don’t know how Aadhya will handle the situation alone, I can’t talk to her parents now. Aadhya thinks Diya shall not be stressed and have food at small intervals. Diya comes there and cries. Aadhya asks where is Jai and PK and goes to get something for her. Diya feels ashamed and says sorry. She says what will happen if mummy and papa comes to know this. Aadhya asks her to have water. Diya refuses to drink and eat anything. She tells that Doctor refused to abort the baby and says if PK leaves her then what she will do. PK packs his bag and tells that he can’t handle the responsibility of kids as he is jobless. Aadhya tells her that Jai will handle everything and says PK loves you a lot and will not go. She assures her. PK acts selfish and tells that his career will be ruined. He says responsibility is of Diya also and says let her suffer, why shall I suffer. Jai asks how can you say that, and says you used to love her. Vihaan comes and thanks Jai for saving his parents, and says sorry for scolding him. He says fact is that whatever you have done is really bad, and I am upset, but I love you so much and thanks him for the time they have spent with each other. He says I am leaving. Jai gets emotional and says you are leaving brother, friendship. Vihaan says I can’t take risk with mom and dad and tells that he will return after everything is sorted out. He says we are best friends and we can’t stay away. PK says even I am leaving. Jai says both have equal responsibility and hits PK. Vihaan returns and sees Jai hitting PK.

Pratima calls Aadhya and asks where is Diya and you? Aadhya says they are at Diya’s friend now and will stay there for tonight. Pratima asks them to come early in the morning. Aadhya says ok and feels sorry. She thinks why Jai didn’t come till now and calls him.

Dadu calls Jai and tells that his phone is engaged. Rupa gets worried and thinks he is talking to Aadhya. Dadu says I trust Jai and tells that he loves you a lot and will never unite with Aadhya again. Rupa says excellent. Jai reaches his rented house where Aadhya is waiting for him. Aadhya asks about his wound and asks if he had a fight with someone. She bandages his hand. Jai says everything is a mess. Aadhya says everything will be fine. She asks if Karan and Ragini have done something. Jai is silent. Aadhya asks him to sit and goes to bring something for him to eat.

Karan thinks Jai has failed his plan and he had to leave Vihaan’s parents because of him. Ragini asks him to relax and says we had no other option left. She reminds him that they have to take revenge from Jai and not Vihaan, and will find a way to handle Vihaan. Shruti reacts hearing them. Ragini asks Karan to give her medicines. Karan takes her medicines and gives to Shruti. Karan thinks don’t be happy saving Vihaan’s parents, you don’t even know the idea of my next attack.

Aadhya comes back to room and sees Jai slept. She takes out his shoes and makes him sleep properly. She sits on the other side of bed and holds his hand, says thanks for supporting us. She says I am sure, you can’t do wrong with anyone. Rupa calls Jai and asks where is he? She asks why he didn’t come at night. Jai says he is fine. Rupa says Police is coming to arrest you, as PK went missing and Vihaan complained to Police against you. Jai is shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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