Internet Wala Love 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya misses Jai’s messages

Internet Wala Love 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai’s friend coming to his room and tells him that Aadhya’s family went and asks why didn’t he come downstairs. Jai says I bear her in the office and it is enough. He searches in the cupboard. His friend asks what is he searching and shows the CD box. Jai looks at him. His friend asks what is he hiding? Jai says what to tell you that my internet friend is Aadhya. Rajjo says she stays away from internet and media. Jai says yes, but…He says he will return her gift and will live his life his way.

Next day, Jai welcomes the listeners on the show. The caller asks them why they are not arguing them. Jai says I will argue with you and talks to him. Aadhya checks her phone and thinks why she is checking, nobody will message her. Jai ends the call and takes another

caller’s call. Next day asks Aadhya, that he heard of her engagement and says your story is very filmy, now you are getting married. Aadhya and Jai say that we are not getting married. Jai says she is marrying my cousin Samrat. The caller is none other than Rajjo and he asks if she feels for Samrat. Jai realizes that he is Rajjo. Rajjo asks Jai if he is happy? Jai says he is very happy and Aadhya is very happy and taking off to go to shopping. Aadhya says she is marrying a guy who respects woman and he takes relationship seriously and not like him. Jai says you are magnet of trouble and says it is better to end friendship with you. He ends Rajjo’s call. Aadhya gets upset.

Rajjo thinks their fight is having chemistry too and thinks there is something different for sure. Aadhya thinks of Jai’s words that he wouldn’t have wasted time on her. Dadi comes to Jai and asks where was he? Jai holds his ears and apologizes. Dadi asks him to attend all the functions. Jai says we shall keep theme for the engagement. Samrat asks what is the matter? You were against engagement and now planning theme. Jai says I have understood that it is for everyone’s betterment. Dadi gets happy.

Jai searches for CD and recalls Aadhya messaging him to hear her favorite old song.. He plays that CD which Aadhya gave her….tumse milke….plays..and reminisces her. Rajjo comes and says it is a good song. He asks if Aadhya gave this and asks why he didn’t return her. Jai says I will return it. Rajjo says I can understand what is going on?

Aadhya talks to Savvy and says I am not happy from within. She says Samrat is in my destiny as I worn his chunari, but still I am feeling something is wrong. Jai says everything is good, once Aadhya gets engaged to Samrat, all siyappa will end. Rajjo asks if he is really happy? Jai says yes and tells that now she can concentrate on Samrat. Aadhya reads Jai’s words on the cards and gets upset. She keeps it in the cupboard. Jai calls his friend and asks to come for party. Aadhya looks for her phone and thinks everything ended, he is not my friend, but just Jai, who means nothing to me. Shubhankar asks Pratibha about his ironed clothes. Pratibha says it is in Almari. Diya comes and gives her phone asking her to switch it on. Dadi, Rupa and Jai come there. Aadhya greets them and asks them to sit. Dadi asks Aadhya to try engagement dry for fitting. Shubhankar asks Jai why is he looking happy? Dadi says Jai is happy with Samrat and Aadhya’s alliance now. Shubhankar says it is good for everyone and threatens Jai silently asking him not to hurt Aadhya. Jai says I will go and wash my hands. He hears Aadhya coughing and crying. He runs to Aadhya’s room and sees dress’s lace stuck and suffocating her. He asks her to relax and gets angry on designers for making such dresses.

Aadhya recalls his concern for her. Tedha Wala love plays…..Jai asks who got the nail here. Jai looks at Aadhya. They have an eye lock. Rupa comes there and shouts Jai. Jai says dori is stuck on her neck. Rupa asks him to go downstairs and says I will check. She takes the dress dori out of the nail and asks her to take the dress out. She helps her to take the dress out and then stares her angrily. She says you are marrying someone and eying someone. Aadhya doesn’t understand. Rupa says I understand Jai and knows his pain and happiness. I know mean girls like you and says you haven’t seen my real avatar till now. Aadhya gets tensed as Rupa threatens her. She says I can go to any length for my son’s happiness and to save him. I can do anything and asks her to remember.

Jai sings suno ek thi kaanch ki gudiya….Aadhya thinks when Jai was my friend, he asked me to refuse for engagement and now he is enjoying the most.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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