Internet Wala Love 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai comes to Mumbai insearch of Aadhya

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Internet Wala Love 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai asking Kiara if she knows about his internet friend. Aadhya comes and snatches phone from her hand and says you can’t tell Jai where I am. Kiara says why and says you are very lucky as someone is searching you madly. Aadhya says I can’t tell. Jai says you told everything Aadhya and says I would have searched you if you are in any corner of the world. Aadhya takes the call and tells Jai that you have found me, but listen to me and tells that she don’t want to talk to him or meet him and asks him not to come to Mumbai. Jai says sorry for his misbehavior and tells that he is feeling guilty. She ends the call. Jai looks on. Kiara asks if Jai will not come here. Aadhya gets tensed.

Jai packs his bags. PK asks how you will search Aadhya in such a big city. Jai says I will find out where is she in that city. Rupa hears them and drops something. PK sees her and thinks if she comes to know then she will do something. He locks Rupa in the bathroom PK asks Jai to go and tells that flight will miss. Dadu asks where is he going? Jai says Mumbai and says he will meet mom. Pk makes Jai sit in the car and go. Rupa sees him going through the window. PK confesses to Dadu that he has locked Rupa. Dada ji says you did right else she wouldn’t have let Jai go. Rupa knocks on the door and says someone locked me in the bathroom. Dadu thinks to trouble her more and wears head phone to listen to songs. Dadi smiles and says this old man will be a kid. Rupa cries in the bathroom and thinks Jai left his mumma alone due to Aadhya.

Aadhya tells Kiara that she doesn’t want Jai to know about her and that’s why avoiding him. Kiara asks are you sure? She says whenever we are angry with special someone, then we have a wish that he convince us. Aadhya says he is not my special friend, but just a friend. Kiara says liar and says when he name is taken, your expression changes and even a blind will tell that you are in love with him. She asks what is the problem between them.

PK tells Diya that he didn’t give any info to Jai, but helped him to take tickets. He tells that nobody can stop from meeting Jai and Aadhya. Rupa hears him and asks where is Jai? PK says he went to Mumbai. Jai comes to Mumbai and says Aadhya….I have come. PK asks Rupa to take his suggestion and don’t do anything to separate them and says Jai loves Aadhya a lot. Rupa slaps him and says Aadhya has nothing to do with Jai. Jai comes to Mumbai’s radio office and tells on his show internet wala love that if anyone comes to know about his friend then let him know. Aadhya hears him on radio. Her colleague talk that Jai is in love with his internet friend. Jai gets his first caller on the show. The caller asks him to tell how his friend looks like and says we will search her for you. Jai imagines Aadhya beside him and tells that she is very pretty and cute, have golgappa cheeks, silky hairs and very much fair. She is cute, honest and a good human being, when she gets angry then her nose turns red and her smile is cute, and best part is her eyes, it is so beautiful that if anyone sees it then will forget the world. Aadhya hears him. The colleagues tell that the description matches with Aadhya and her initial are also AV. Kiara comes and asks them to switch off the radio. Jai gets many white complexion girls pic and thinks there is no info about Aadhya. He calls Aadhya, but she rejects his call.

Jai calls Kiara and thanks her, says I came to know about Aadhya’s location because of you and asks her to make him talk to her, as she is not picking his call. He says please. Kiara says ok and goes to Aadhya. She tells her that it is Jai’s call on the line. Aadhya refuses to talk, but Kiara insists. Jai says I know you are very much angry, don’t come infront of me, and there is nothing between us and asks her to tell whatever she wants to and tells that he is in Mumbai and asks her to meet him in 3 hours else he will make her identity viral on social media. Aadhya says you can’t do this. Jai says I can do anything and asks her to come and meet him, and says I will not be responsible if anything happens. Aadhya cries and thinks why don’t you let me stay alone. Kiara comes to Aadhya and asks if she talked to Jai. Aadhya gives her phone back. Kiara says I thought you both have a regular fight, but seems like it is painful for you, and asks her to go home, says may be anyone calls Jai and informs about you. Aadhya leaves from her office and thinks God, please don’t make me face Jai. Jai is also walking on the road and thinks come infront of me Aadhya, I can’t wait three hours. They are near each other, but don’t see. Aadhya waits to take the taxi. She sees Jai.

Jai also sees her from the other side of road and crosses the road to come there, but Aadhya is already gone. He searches for her showing her pics to the people on road. Aajawo naa song plays…..He recalls his moments with Aadhya. He shows her pic to someone. Man says you can’t search her in this big city showing her pic. Jai says where are you Aadhya? He sleeps on the stairs. In the morning, a woman wakes him up and asks if this is the place to sleep. Jai says I don’t know where is she? I came to search someone. Woman blesses him and says you will find her. Jai gets hopeful and thinks he will not give up so soon.

Jai comes infront of Aadhya indisguise of a chai wala, peon etc. Kiara tells that it is love. Jai and Aadhya hears her. Jai tells Aadhya that he sees her everywhere and that he can’t live without her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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