Internet Wala Love 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai realizes his mistake

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Internet Wala Love 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and Aadhya get up. He asks what is it? He asks how dare you to touch me. Aadhya says you would have got burnt. Jai says what would have happened and tells that she was trying to get chance to get closer to him. He says he will not let such girl comes near him. Dadu asks the guests to leave and says lohri function is over. Jai says one rasam is pending and says Dadi tells that all negativity shall be burnt in Lohri fire and brings the gift which Aadhya gave to her and puts it in the lohri fire. He says these letters…swaha. Aadhya is shocked and hurt. Jai thinks I will make all your memories end from my life. Diya tells PK that Jai is taking out our anger on Aadhya and she might be feeling very bad. Jai then comes to Aadhya and says I forgot to Swaha one thing and pulls out Aadhya’s chain pendant which he made her wear. He puts it in the fire and says Swaha. Aadhya cries and tells Dada ji that she will leave. Dada ji apologizes to her on jai’s behalf. Rupa comes to Aadhya and says you didn’t eat sweet on your farewell party. She takes her to side and asks her to have sweets. Aadhya refuses and thanks her. Rupa makes her eat forcibly and says this is happy lohri, I made you get out of office and my son kicked you out of his life. She hopes she doesn’t return to his life.

Aadhya says there is no chance as your son gave me so much respect and made it easy for me to go. Rupa asks her not to return and says till now you have seen my good side, and asks her to think how will be her bad side. She asks her to go. Aadhya is about to go. Jai asks PK to drop Aadhya on his bike. Diya says sorry to Aadhya and tells that this is happening because of me. She tells that Jai saw me with PK in the café and thought you are with PK. She says she didn’t do wrong and was hiding from Jai. Aadhya recalls Jai’s words for her. Diya says she will clear Jai’s misunderstanding. Aadhya says no and takes Diya with her. Dadi asks Jai what did he do? She says you have crossed all limits, you have broken her heart and not only hurt her. Jai says you didn’t know her type. Dadi asks him to come with her.

She asks him to look in the mirror and search for his questions. Jai recalls Aadhya taking care of him when he was unwell after the accident. His dance with Aadhya. He thinks it is not my mistake, but of Aadhya. He says go away from my life, I want to go away from your memories. Aadhya packs her bag and keeps Shubhankar and Pratibha’s pic. Diya asks if it is necessary to go and tells that she will talk to jai. Aadhya says whatever happened was good. Diya says it was our mistake and Jai punished you. Aadhya says there is nobody mistake in this and says I know why Jai is angry and says his love is there in his fight and then says his friendship is hidden in his fight. She tells that she don’t want him to come near her again else she can’t go. She asks Diya to give the box to Jai. Diya asks what is in it? Diya says all our things are inside, I am taking the memories and giving things to Jai. Diya hugs her. Aadhya thinks she will keep his memories safely always. Vihaan sprinkles water on Jai and wakes him up. Vihaan scolds him for his doings. Rajat also scolds him for doing bad with Aadhya.

Jai asks them to go. He goes out and sees PK on his bike. Jai asks Pk if he is going to meet Aadhya and tells that he thought her sweet, but she is…PK asks him to stop it and tells that Aadhya is really a good girl, he tells that Aadhya is not his girl friend. Jai asks him to go. PK says that girl in the café was not Aadhya. Jai asks then who was she? Diya comes and says she was with PK in the restaurant. She gives box to Jai and says Di has sent this for you. He thinks these are the memories which I gave to Aadhya and I have burnt her memories. He thinks he is so bad. Diya thinks if Di wouldn’t have given me promise then I would have told you that Di loves you so much. A fb is shown, Diya asks Shubhankar and Diya to promise that they will not tell anybody where she went. Shubhankar agrees and goes. Aadhya asks Diya not to tell Jai that she loves him. Diya promises her.

Jai comes to the place where they burnt lohri and takes out the pendant from the ashes. He thinks what did I do and recalls his words. He hits himself with the stick. PK and Diya come there and ask him to leave it. Jai says I am punishing myself for hurting my best friend, and says I don’t deserve to be called as a human. He says how will I go to Aadhya and see her with this face. PK says with the same face, with which you badmouthed about her. He tells Jai that Aadhya is leaving the city. Jai says she can’t leave me and go. PK gives his bike keys and asks him to go and get her. Jai says sorry. PK says first go and get her. Dadi says Jai got answers to his questions. Aadhya is leaving and tells Shubhankar that she will come whenever she misses him and asks him to come to her place. Jai is on the way and thinks I won’t let you go. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to call him. Aadhya hugs him. Jai thinks he will make everything fine. Aadhya asks Shubhankar to promise that he will not touch the wine. Shubhankar makes her sit in the car. Jai recalls his harsh words to Aadhya.

Aadhya reaches Mumbai. Jai tells Dadu that he has done a mistake and will bring his best friend back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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