Internet Wala Love 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya cheers up Jai and sings song for him

Internet Wala Love 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vihaan asking Jai to talk to Aadhya and clear the matter. Jai says what shall I tell her and says she don’t trust me. He says what to tell that the misunderstanding between us is because of my mum. Rupa hears him. Jai says Aadhya and my mum have broken my trust, who I trusted a lot. Rupa hears him and tries to talk to Jai. Jai leaves ignoring her. Rupa thinks how to convince my son. Aadhya and Jai come for the radio party. Aadhya tells Tanisha that they shall do live music show. Tanisha says it is a good idea. The new boss comes to the radio station with the new boss sash. Jai is surprised while Aadhya is shocked. Rupa says surprise and shows the sash with the new boss written on it. She smiles. Everyone claps for her. Vihaan says you. Rupa says this company was in

loss so I bought 90 percent shares and took it over. She says this company will climb the success ladder and says she will be in the office for 24/7 and everyone will work hard for the success. Aadhya calls her aunty and says congrats. Rupa asks her to call her Maam and thinks she will make her rub her nose infront of her. Rupa comes to Jai and asks if he is happy? Jai says I don’t have the right to know your decisions. Rupa says it was surprise. Jai says I am so sorry and gives her bouquet. He goes to do the show. Aadhya asks Vihaan if Jai is upset with Rupa. Vihaan says yes and tells that actually Rupa aunty messaged you that day from Jai’s phone. Aadhya is shocked and thinks she did a big mistake, but today she will convince him.

Jai and Aadhya start the program. Jai says the famous Rupa Mittal has taken over our company and tells that she said that our radio company will climb the ladder of success as she stepped here. He says one gets success with the team work. He talks about betrayal in relationship, and asks listeners not to expect anything from anyone. Aadhya looks on. Jai says today is our company’s special moment so I am bringing special song for you, for those friends who don’t trust you. He plays the song. Aadhya writes sorry message and gives to Jai. He tears the paper. Sad song plays…dost dost na raha…..She writes again and again sorry, but he throws it away. He asks her to do the show alone. Aadhya says Jai forgot that relation happens between the two people and says one shall give chance to other. She plays the song Acha ji main maani…Jai also sings. Aadhya holds his hand and they start dancing. Rupa gets upset and sings chanda hai tu…..Jai talks to the listeners and plays the song from his side. Zindagi ke safar me……plays…

Aadhya sings Maana ke hum yaar nahi…..Jai tells the listeners that he hopes that they are enjoying the songs. He says next song is very closer to me. He plays the song and sings maine dil se kahan dhund ke laana khushi..Jai tells the listeners that he hopes that they are enjoying the songs. He says next song is very closer to me. He plays the song and sings maine dil se kahan dhund ke laana khushi..He dances with Rupa and then Aadhya. He tells that our new boss came, and RJ Aadhya is also here. Aadhya plays the song Oh Mere Sona re…She plays forcibly with him. Rupa gets upset and angry. Jai sings the same song…Jai enjoys Aadhya giving him attention. Tanisha says this was the best show. Later in the washroom, Tanisha tells Aadhya that she did cheer up Jai nicely and asks her not to keep her feelings limited to heart. Aadhya thinks to tell her feelings to Jai. Rupa hears her and thinks if she tells everything what I am thinking then I will die, I have to put full stop on her plans. Vihaan tells Jai that Aadhya has become filmy. Jai says company’s effect. Rupa mixes something in the drink. Jai asks Vihaan to bring mocktail for him. Rupa asks Vihaan to give the drink to Jai and thinks very good, Jai will not understand whatever you say. Aadhya comes to Jai and says sorry. Jai says can’t hear your sorry. Aadhya says I am sorry. Jai says its ok. Aadhya says I missed you so much. Jai smiles.

Jai and Aadhya get romantic and kiss each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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