Internet Wala Love 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa scolds Samrat

Internet Wala Love 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya asking Dadi to understand her. Shubhankar tells inspector that Jai defamed Aadhya many times, problem is with his upbringing. Jai says I have already apologized. Aadhya says he has troubled me a lot. Vihaan says but, he has helped you too. He tells how Jai has made video to help Aadhya and convinced Mahira too. Aadhya gets shocked. Vihaan says if you don’t trust Jai, ask people who know him, he can never do such a cheap thing. Shubhankar asks Jai to bear this. Dadi gets Aadhya and Vihaan there. Dadi begs to Shubhankar. Jai stops Dadi. Shubhankar takes Aadhya with him. Dadi asks the people to stop protest, Jai is innocent. Reporter asks why did Jai do this, what enmity does he have against Aadhya. Dadi says he is not culprit. People pelt stones. Aadhya saves

Dada and gets hurt. Samrat stops the protest. Shubhankar argues and takes Aadhya with him. Everyone comes to meet Jai. They ask inspector to help Jai. Jai looks on. Shubhankar says Jai is a cheap person. Aadhya says you maybe mistaken.

Shubhankar says he is a shameless man. Diya checks news about Jai’s arrest. He asks Aadhya to quit her job and not try to help Jai. Jai is in lockup. Aadhya thinks of him and worries. Jai checks for water. Aadhya imagines Jai. He says I have apologized by heart, even then you didn’t believe me, you didn’t do this right. She worries. Jai recalls her words and sits worried. Roopa asks Puru to get Jai home. She scolds Samrat’s mum and dad. She says I had trusted Samrat and called him here to solve problems, he has put Jai in problem. Samrat says whatever I did, its not dad’s mistake, I have your given values, you taught me to respect women and raise voice, I was doing that. Roopa says I taught you not to leave family in any situation, Jai is your brother, you know him well, even if you had a doubt on him, you could have asked him, I m his mum, I know him, he can be naughty, he can’t be dirty, he is not so bad. She cries.

Samrat and family come to meet Jai. Samrat asks Jai did you do this. Jai says yes, why are you asking you, you declared me a criminal, I was wrong, I felt you know me well, thanks for clearing my misunderstanding. Samrat asks inspector about proof against Jai. Inspector says these photos are saved in Jai’s social media account. He fails to show pics. Samrat says then there is no case against Jai, someone else did this, you have to free Jai. Jai gets freed. He goes. Samrat’s dad asks what’s this drama, you got Jai arrested and then freed him, what do you want to do. Samrat says I felt Aadhya is right, then I felt Jai is right. Aadhya comes there. Roopa sees her angrily. Aadhya thinks maybe Jai is innocent this time. Roopa raises hand. Jai holds Roopa’s hand. He says if you do this, what will be difference between us and them. He goes. Roopa gets angry and threatens Aadhya. Aadhya looks on and cries. Jai leaves with his family.

Jai comes to some function. He asks Aadhya not to play with his respect. She goes to hit him. He stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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