Internet Wala Love 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai exposes Samrat and saves Shubhankar

Internet Wala Love 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savvy’s mum Sushma comes there and tells Jai that she didn’t hear anything, and asks him to clear his misunderstanding with Aadhya. Jai says someone is doing this using my name. Sushma says this thing is done by Rupa as she puts blame on others. She tells about their school incident. She says she got English and Maths teacher fought and took revenge on them. She says someone is doing Rupa’s doings with you. Jai comes to Rupa and asks her to tell if she messaged Aadhya. Rupa tries to make him emotional, but Jai keeps her hand on his head and asks her to tell. Rupa says Aadhya called him so she messaged him on her behalf. Jai says Aadhya needed me then and thought I will come, uncle was critical. Rupa says I just want that my son shall be with me on my birthday.

She thinks if my son will go far from me and don’t trust me. She thinks to find out who told him and sees Ash coming. She asks how you enter? Ash shows the keys and says with these keys. She says you gave me this and says Jai just came to know about the message and says what will happen if I tell him everything. You will be on road. Rupa gets upset.

Jai calls Aadhya and tells her that if she trusts him ever then trust him and promises to bring her father infront of him in next 24 hours. Aadhya looks on. Ash asks why is he disturbed? Jai tells Ash that Aadhya and I have a big misunderstanding between us. She thinks I have hidden her father and says someone is mastermind and doing this, all proofs are against me. He says if Aadhya goes to Police station then everyone will think me wrong. He says what to do to prove that I am innocent. Just then he sees Samrat’s call on Ash’s mobile. Samrat hears the news about Shubhankar as the reporter says that he committed suicide to save from Police. Ash comes to meet Samrat. Samrat says today all the world is slapping Shubhankar, for slapping me. He says this old man have become breaking news. Ash asks him to leave uncle and says if Aadhya files Police complaint then Jai will go to jail. Samrat says they will be distanced if anything happens to old man. He asks her to go and check Shubhankar. Jai indisguise of an old man rings the bell. Samrat opens the door. Jai says Madam ordered pizza. Samrat asks him to give pizza. Jai punches him and asks what do you think, only you knows to do makeup. He takes out his fake beard and moustache.

He says I never thought you can do this. He says when you called Ash, I understood everything and came following her. He says I did a mistake that I left you last time, but will not leave you this time, and asks why did you do this. Samrat picks a vase and hits on Jai’s head saying he wants to take revenge from him. Ash comes out and is shocked. She calls Dada ji there. Inspector tells Aadhya that Shubhankar’s phone is traced. Samrat tells Jai that he don’t forget and won’t let others forget anything. He is about to hit Jai again, when Dadu, along with Samrat’s parents come there. Samrat’s mum slaps him and blames herself for not giving her right teachings. She says I shall be blamed and tries to hurt herself. Samrat tries to stop her. Jai says Chachi. Samrat’s father is also upset with him. Aadhya comes there with Police and sees Samrat. Inspector asks Constable to arrest him, but Samrat runs and escapes from there. Aadhya asks what is happening? Dadu says Samrat has kidnapped your father and Jai searched him. Just as we got the news, we came here. Ash tells Aadhya that uncle is inside.

Aadhya sees Jai injured and runs to meet Shubhankar. Dadu and others take Jai out.. Aadhya comes to him and asks him to hear her. Jai says I will not hear a word from you as your apology can’t do anything. He says you made fun of our friendship and says Aadhya Verma couldn’t trust her friend. He says I wouldn’t have been hurt if someone else have done this with me. He says we were a team, but a fake sms and post finished all. Aadhya tries to say. Jai says let me finish and says you had said that where trust breaks, relation breaks. He says our friendship, team and relation broke up. Aadhya is shocked. Jai says I will not hear you and says I don’t want friendship where I will be doubted and breaks his friendship with her. He says we are just strangers for each other. He gets teary eyes.

Later Aadhya thinks of Jai telling her that he is innocent. Jai also comes to the police station. Inspector says Samrat surrender himself and confessed to have trapped Shubhankar in match fixing game and kidnapped him. They take Samrat. Jai and Dadu are leaving. Inspector asks Aadhya to sign on the papers and says he is freed from all charges. Aadhya thinks to make her relation better with Jai.

Jai confesses I like you to Aadhya. They kiss each other and get romantic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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