Internet Wala Love 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya plan to expose Karan and Ragini

Internet Wala Love 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya telling Jai that everything was fine until yesterday and our families was with us, now we have to get engaged hiding. She says how anyone gets engaged like this. Jai says what we could do, as Ragini and karan applied all formula of a book. He says what matters is we are together and asks if she ever thought that they will unite. Aadhya’s phone rings. Jai gives her phone from his pocket and says it is your Papa’s call. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to return home and asks if she is with Jai. She says no. Shubhankar asks her to reach home. Rupa calls Jai and asks him to come home fast. Jai tells Aadhya that they have to go to their respective homes and behave as they are separated and have a fight. Aadhya returns home. Shubhankar asks where were you? Aadhya says she was

sitting alone to handle herself. Shubhankar asks her to come near him and asks her to hear carefully, says you shall not get weak and shall not meet that guy. He says if you don’t listen then pack your bags and leave, never return again. Pratima asks what are you saying? Today, her engagement broke. Shubhankar says I am not her enemy and asks Aadhya to remember his words. Aadhya goes to her room. Pratima thinks she saw engagement ring in Aadhya’s hand. Aadhya comes to her room and thinks this is happening because of Karan and Ragini. She thinks she had to lie to her parents. She tries to take off ring from her hand.

Pratima comes there and cries, says Diya is not picking the call. Aadhya says I will handle Diya and asks her to handle Papa. She hugs her. She then calls Diya and thinks if Karan and Ragini kidnapped her. She calls Jai and tells him that she is doubtful that Karan and Ragini have kidnapped Diya. Jai asks her to listen. Dadu comes and asks to whom he is talking to…Aadhya? Jai says ofcourse not. Dadu checks the call and the name Aishwarya on the screen. Dadu says you shall not talk to that girl, we loved her, but she betrayed and hurt her. He tells that Rupa had sidelined her ego and had accepted her, but Aadhya doesn’t deserve her love. He goes. Jai tells Aadhya that he will not leave Karan and Ragini for hurting their family members. He asks Aadhya not to worry as they will find Diya. He checks the CCTV footage and sees PK going with the bag. He thinks PK has stolen money from mom’s locker.

He comes to Pk and asks him about stealing money from his house. PK says I was helpless and tells about Diya’s kidnapping. Jai says I will give the money just for our friendship, I have nothing to do with Diya, as I have a fight with Aadhya. PK says I will return your money. He comes to the goons and pays the money. Goons check and says they will release the girl. Jai records the video. Police comes and catches the goon. Diya hugs PK and says it is good that you came. Jai calls Aadhya and asks her to meet him immediately. He tells that Diya is fine. Aadhya meets Jai and thanks him for giving money to PK. Jai says money is not important, we have to save our family from Karan and Aadhya. We have to be two steps ahead of them.

Someone throws a bottle in Karan and Ragini’s house with a message. Ragini reads that the man asking them to meet him else he will tell the truth to Jai and Aadhya. Ragini says this is Vihaan’s threat. Karan calls Vihaan and asks if he has forgotten that his parents are in his captivity. Vihaan says I didn’t do anything. Karan thinks then who has done this. Jai tells Aadhya that he will win as Rani is with him. Aadhya smiles and says until they know who is blackmailing them, we will know the truth. Jai says I don’t know why they are doing this and what I have done. He asks her to promise that she will not go away from him. Aadhya promises him and tells that she trusts him. She says I will never go far from you. Karan says if this guy thinks that he can threaten me then it is wrong. He says he will get Jai punished. Ragini says we have to do everything hiding and says she has a very strong feeling that there is some trap, as the caller must have come out by now. Jai and Aadhya come to Karan and Ragini’s house and see someone sitting on chair. He asks who are you?

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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