Internet Wala Love 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya exposes Jai’s truth

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Internet Wala Love 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shubhankar asking Aadhya to leave the job, else Jai will trouble her at office. She says I won’t be afraid of Jai and continue my job. He feels proud. Diya says I can’t let Aadhya know about Jai. Aadhya comes and sees Jai in college fest pamphlet. She asks is Jai the chief guest. Jai says I m going to my college as chief guest, I don’t have a smile, Aadhya has made me angry. Rajat says forget her, think you will be an imp person tomorrow, we will come along. Aadhya says sorry, I can’t come. Diya says I m getting an award and want my family with me. Aadhya says mum and dad will be there.

Its morning, Jai meets the people at college and takes selfies. Dadi hugs Jai. Dada takes selfie with him. Diya says its my imp day, Aadhya didn’t come. Shubhankar

sees Jai and recalls old moment. He asks what is Jai doing here, everyone knows him. Diya stops him. Jai goes for the speech. Roopa says maybe they don’t know my style, my style and upbringing are gold, I want that house empty, so that I can teach a lesson to Aadhya. The guy says don’t worry, I will make everything fine. Roopa boasts her of her children in the kitty party. She says Jai is getting VIP treatment in his college. Jai comes on stage and gets the honor. Roopa says Jai is the best example, girls like to hear his voice on radio. Jai says I won’t praise myself here, its my life’s funda to solve all problems by love, Lord gave good looks to everyone, but I have manners and values given by my family. Jai introduces his grandparents.

Shubhankar looks on and hears Jai’s lies. Aadhya comes there clapping. Aadhya scolds him. She reveals how Jai misbehaved with her and she slapped him. She insults him in front of everyone. She says you have made that fake video to make fun of me, you have troubled me so much, the goons got after me because of your cheap joke, everyone was taunting me, don’t know what would have happened with me if I didn’t reach restaurant that day. Dada and Dadi feel bad hearing it. Aadhya says technology is to join people, social media has made everyone alone, it has made people lose humanity. People record Jai. Jai stops them. Aadhya sees Dada and Dadi. She comes to them and greets. She says forgive me for this, I came here for my sister’s sake, I couldn’t tolerate Jai’s lies, you can slap me if you find me wrong, I accept your punishment. She cries and goes. Jai says this is Miss Siyappa.

Dadi asks did you make that girl’s marriage video. Jai says no. Dadi asks yes or no. Jai says yes. Dadi says enough, I won’t listen to you, we gave you much freedom, but you can’t joke with a girl’s respect, you have to apologize to that girl, else I won’t talk to you. Dada says not even me, do anything if you don’t care. Dadi says I can’t forgive you for this. Roopa gets shocked seeing Aadhya scolding Jai. Her friend jokes on Jai and laughs. Roopa gets angry and thinks to do something. Guys meet Shubhankar and give proposal for Aadhya. Shubhankar scolds them and sends them. Roopa comes to meet Shubhankar and blames Aadhya. Jai says I will meet Aadhya.

Jai and Vihaan come to Aadhya’s house and learn about new landlord and Shubhankar’s argument. Vihaan says I got an idea to say sorry, get Aadhya out of this problem. Jai asks how shall I save this problem. He sees some cow dung and smiles. Roopa says look at your daughter, how dare she insults my son, she is staying in my house, I can make you get out any time. Shubhankar says we have paid ten times rent, we won’t leave, what will you go, get out. Jai makes cow dung fall over the landlady. Roopa gets shocked. Jai and Vihaan laugh. Jai says now we will tell Aadhya that her enemy is our enemy, we did this for her. Jai takes the video. Aadhya and Diya come there with their mum. Everyone laughs. Roopa says Jai. Jai and Vihaan see Roopa and get shocked. Jai says oh no, mom…..

Dada asks Jai to talk to Aadhya and give her assurance. Jai says give me 2mins to talk. He apologizes to Aadhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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