Internet Wala Love 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai finds out Aadhya is his internet friend

Internet Wala Love 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya coming to the restaurant and checking the gift which is on the table, which states for internet friend. He thinks it seems this is the same table and asks waiter about the person who were sitting here? Waiter says he went out. Jai sees her from back side and thinks she has come. Title song plays….Aadhya checks the greeting and smiles. Jai sees Aadhya and gets shocked. He thinks she can’t be my internet friend. Aadhya thinks her smile is not stopping reading his card. She messages him and asks where is he? Jai is in shock and recalls the happenings with Aadhya. He leaves from there silently. Aadhya waits for him and thinks where did he go? She messages where are you gone? Jai comes home and thinks why you have become my internet friend. Aadhya says she made

someone as her friend, but couldn’t meet him. She thinks you wrote so much about me, but don’t want to meet me. Jai thinks yes, I don’t want to have any relations with you. Waiter comes and tells Aadhya that it is time to close the restaurant. Aadhya gives the gift which she had bought for her friend and asks him to give it to someone who ask for her. Waiter says internet friendship is wrong. Aadhya asks if her thinking is wrong about internet friendship. She keeps Jai’s card and gift and leave from there upset. She comes home.

Shubhankar asks if she had any problem while coming home. Aadhya says no and says you told me about vodaphone emergency alert. Shubhankar asks her to remember and activate the emergency alert to send her location to 10 people. He asks if she is worried for engagement expenses. He asks her a small bag. She opens it and finds gold coin. He tells the story behind getting it and tells that I had decided to sell it for your marriage. Aadhya gets emotional. Shubhankar says good night. She thinks now I can’t refuse and thinks even my friend is missing. She thinks why he didn’t meet her. Jai is drunk and slept. In the morning, he comes to office and thinks how can Aadhya be his friend. He thinks his friend is sweet and Aadhya spits fire.

Aadhya comes to office. He thinks this is not possible with Aadhya and thinks she is siyappa queen. He messages her hi. Aadhya receives it and messages why he didn’t meet her after keeping gift there. She gets upset. Jai thinks to clear his doubt and messages her that I know I hurt you. He messages her asking her to send selfie to him without asking why. Aadhya says she don’t know how to take selfie. Jai messages her to take someone’s help. Aadhya looks for someone. Jai asks Aadhya if she needs his help. She says no, goes to corner and takes her selfie. Jai don’t see her taking selfie as Tanisha comes to him just then. Aadhya tries to send the selfie, but it couldn’t be sent. She thinks why her friend went offline.

Tanisha comes and asks Aadhya to go, says the show is ready. Aadhya checks if the selfie is sent. Jai starts the show with Aadhya. Aadhya says I know you like our show very much. Jai checks his mobile silently and sees Aadhya’s pic which he received. He gets shocked and looks at Aadhya. Aadhya signs him what happened as the show is recording. She goes on speaking about Jai indirectly. Jai signs her that he can’t work and sits on sofa. Tanisha comes and asks why your mood is off, you didn’t say anything on the show. Aadhya wraps up the show and checks her mobile. She thinks phone is sent and he saw. Tanisha asks Aadhya to complete the work.

Samrat comes. Tanisha looks at him and goes. He comes to Aadhya and says he thought to take her for dinner. Aadhya says can we go some other time, I am not in a mood and still have to do work. Samrat thinks she was roaming outside yesterday. Aadhya looks at her phone and asks Samrat if he would like to take tea or coffee. Samrat says water. Aadhya goes. Samrat thinks to check her phone and thinks she is busy in her phone. He checks her phone. Aadhya comes just then and asks what is he doing with her phone. Samrat says I am seeing it. Aadhya says you are checking it. Samrat shouts and says yes, I am checking and I have right to check it. Jai comes and asks what happened? His colleague says some guy is troubling Aadhya. Samrat says we are about to get engaged and I have right on you. Aadhya says we are not yet engaged. Samrat holds her hand tightly and shouts at her for answering him. Jai gets angry, but control his anger. Aadhya gets hurt.

Aadhya asks Samrat to leave her hand and says it is paining. Jai gets angry. He thinks how to forget that Aadhya is my internet friend.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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