Interesting… Very interesting… Part 3 (Vansh Raisinghania’s introduction)

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A large house is shown, two ladies are doing puja. One is in early fifties and one is early seventies.
After doing Puja one lady said to another.

Lady: Anupriya give Aarthi to everyone
She is Anupriya
Anupriya: Yes maa
The another lady is Daadi
At that time a girl in wheel chair comes there.
Anupriya: Siya take Aarthi
Siya : ok maa
Anupriya : Siya where are the other??
Siya : Ishani and Anger Jiju are coming. Aryan is still sleeping.
Anupriya : What about Vansh

A man is shown entering into a dark room. He puts the lights on. The room is full of a girl’s picture, her statue, her gifts etc. He moved to the statute and said

Man : Happy birthday dear. One more year had passed without you. Where are you dear ? Come back to me ? I’m sorry for what I have done. I can’t live without you anymore.
Suddenly Anupriya comes comes behind and called him
Anupriya: Vansh
He turned to her His face is revealed he is Vansh Raisinghania.
Anupriya: Beta Take Aarthi
Vansh : Maa how many times I have told you that I don’t believe in this .
Anupriya: Beta Don’t say like this about Bhagwaan.
Vansh :There is no god exist, if there then he will not snatch my life from me. He turned to the statue and continued
Vansh : If god was there,He will not take my soul from me that to on this date.

The episode ends on the angry face of Vansh Raisinghania

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  1. Will wait for the next post🙂

  2. Rianshfan

    Good one..,

  3. Year,please make that girl riddhima not ragini..Is ladki ka naam sunke dimaagi santulan bigad gaya hai

    1. Episode ke waajah se nah😝 me too

    2. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Nicks

      Sorry Yaar. Ragini’s character should be introduced now. Ragini have to be Vansh’s former fiance.

    4. Nicks

      You want to solve mystery then Ragini should be Vansh’s former fiance..

  4. Ohhhh statue again!!!🤦🏻‍♀️
    Please don’t make it ragini, literally from episode no 33 we’re listening this name and still that is going after hitting even century of episodes!!!!😂
    Well beginning!!!…,,,
    Best of very good luck 😉

    1. Nicks

      Sorry Yaar. Ragini should be Vansh’s former fiancé then only story will be moved and mysteries will be solved. But I promise that Ragini’s track will be different from the current serial track..

  5. Episode thoo ek dhaam super tha😎 phir bee chota thaa 😔.
    Hamesha wait karkathae rahogae Kya ……😜 boss

    1. Nicks

      Rass to dheere se hi solve karna chahiye

    2. Bhilukul ithna dheere dheere sae 🙁🙁🙁

  6. Well started dear waiting for next episode.And try not to make that girl Ragini.becoz I hate this name… don’t know why imm2 makers love this name so much.

  7. Nicks

    Next episode will be unsolving one mystery

  8. Great!!!maybe that statue is of ridhima…. excited about next episodes…best wishes for your ff

    1. Nicks

      Can be Riddhima

  9. Are yaar pls yeah statue wali ladki Riddhima honi chahiye ye ragini ne pehle ho dimag kharab kar diya hai

  10. Please update soon.I had to go back to charachter sketch to link the storyline.Anyway, great work

    1. Nicks

      Next part is out

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