Interesting… Very interesting… Part 1 (Character Sketch )

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I am back with another fanfiction on one of my current favourite couple RIANSH (Riddhima & Vansh). This fanfiction will be the same of the erial with some new twists and changes. i hope you all will enjoy.


Riddhima – An orphan, Physiotherapist by profession. A lovely and chirpy girl, who always believes that love is the best and most powerful emotion in the world.

Sejal Sharma –ย  friend of Riddhima physiotherapist by profession and wife of Kabir.

Kabir Sharma – Ex lover of Riddhima, husband of Sejal, a sincere police officer, he was very loyal to the dept but now his only motive is to kill Vansh Raisinghania after that incident.

Vansh Raisinghania – Businessman, arrogant man, loves his family very much, he hate the word cheating, doesnot believe in love. have a connection with Kabir.

Ragini – former fiance of Vansh.

Ishani Raisinghania –ย  Vansh’s sister, a spoiled brat, fashion designer , due to some circumstances she is the wife of Angre but hates him.

Siya Raisinghania – Vansh younger sister, an innocent girl, college student, physically handicapped

Aryan Raisinghania – Younger brother of Vansh, businessman, loves his family but hates Vansh the most.

Anupriya Raisinghania – Mother of Vansh, Ishani, Aryan and Siya, a loving mother but has a dark past.

Nandini Raisinghania – Grandmother of Vansh, Aryan, Ishani and Siya , lovely grandmother.

Angre – Vansh secretary, loyal to Vansh, Vansh consider him as family, husband of Ishani.

Guysย  I am stopping here with lots of questions for your thinking.

Why Kabir had break up with Riddhima and married Sejal ? What is his dark past with Vansh? What is the bitter truth of Anupriya? What happened to Ragini? What were the circumstances for Ishani to marry Angre and why she hates him ? What happens when Riddhima meets Vansh ?….

To know the answers Stay Tuned !!!!

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