Interesting facts of Ramayan

1-Ram and Sita are divine incarnation of vishnu and lakshmi. Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughn are divine incarnation of Sheshnag, Shankh, Chakra. Urmila, Mandavi, Shrutakirti are incarnation of conch and 2 lotus flowers of lakshmi.
2-Kausalya Dasharath, Sumitra are rebirth of Aditi, Kashyap, Kadru
3 – Sita is considered as rebirth of vedavati
4-Chhaya Sita is considered to be reborn as Draupadi
5 – In one folktale, a crow carried the food Sita cooked by Sita to Lanka, it was tasty that Ravan was more determined to bring Sita to Lanka, she was a great cook
6-All 4 sisters of mithila had different qualities
7-Acc to some versions, Dasharath had a daughter Shanta
8-The janaki mandir in Nepal,the Golden image of Sita was found here
9 – In some versions of ramayan, kaikeyi and manthara are compelled to do what they did
10 – According to raganath ramayan, Urmila sleeps and Lakshman awakes for 14 years
11-According to South Indian version, Ram, Lakshman, Sita met Shanta during exile
12 – in many retelling, Ram, Lakshman, Sita are teenagers when they went to exile
13 – in kamban ramayan, Shurpanakha draws ravan in quarrel with Ram to avenge death of her husband
14 – in the valmiki ramayan, there is no mention of pushp vatika or lakshman rekha
15 – in kamban ramayan, Ravan takes the Hut in which Sita stays to Lanka
16-in oria ramayan, shabari offers mango

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