INTEQAAM •° A Fire Of Revenge °• (Twinj) SHOT : 6

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Heya Lovely People ?
How are you ?

So I am back with the sixth shot of ‘ INTEQAAM ‘ ? Originally I intended to post ‘ TERE SANG YAARA ‘ but this one got completed before so thought why not to post this anyway before ?

So let’s hop onto the next shot without wasting our time anymore ?



Twinkle was heartbroken and shattered seeing Kunj unresponsive and walked out of the room and ran outside the hospital bursting into tears Adharv tried to stop her but she didn’t cared about anything.

” Tw…twinkle stop.. twinkle ” adharv shouted but twinkle left without listening a word.

Adharv glanced at with a meaningful gaze while ansh who was standing a little far nodded his head in yes expressionless.

He was too numb to say anything.

His friend was in this worst condition on verge of losing his life but he could not do anything.

Adharv left behind twinkle to look for her while ansh watched him leaving and then looked at Kunj from the glass window through door who was lying lifeless pale on the hospital bed and broke into tears finally after holding himself for so long.

He didn’t knew whom to sympathise more.

Twinkle suffered , she lost her child but the way she chose to react have pushed Kunj to an edge where his survival seems impossible.

He could not stop himself from thinking the consequences of it but each time he think about it shivers passed his soul with a lightning bolt.

What if Kunj died ?

But was he even alive now ?

Looking at him through the glass window all he could see was a dead body lying on hospital bed with oxygen mask to give him life support.

They all were standing at the point of life where looking back was painful but going ahead was not even the option.

A few word’s this moment can shatter everyone’s existence.

Everything now depended on Kunj’s survival but looking at his condition there hopes were shattering each passing moment.

Everyone suffered !

Adharv suffered at the mislead game of destiny !

He suffered cause of his misunderstanding..

Twinkle suffered cause of her lack of trust and game of fate !

She suffered in past , She lost her child too but that doesn’t gives her the right to play with someone’s life.

” Humans have no right to destroy the things which they cannot revive “

Kunj suffered cause of his loved ones !

Whom he loved the most made him suffer the worst that today he is a mere step away from his death.

He lost his child whom he is still unaware about.

He unaware of the fact that his brother for whose death he blamed himself for so long is alive and the reason why everyone is suffering this way.

He was mistrusted by his love of life.

TRUST : It takes years to build , seconds to break and forever to repair

They all suffered at the hands of unfaultered fate.

No one knows what destiny has written for them ahead but right now they are walking at a thin rope where a little imbalance can shatter them forever.

Adharv ran after twinkle who walked out of hospital in tears. Adharv was shouting for her to stop but twinkle was in no mood to listen.

It was midnight roads were empty. Storms brewed on the cold horizon promising nothing but winds to level even the mightiest of trees to the soil. Carnage ensued, trees writhing and flailing, their groans of pain carried away by the wind. It screamed like a banshee, uprooting weeds and shrubs in a fit of ever-consuming rage.

Rain hammered the ground, an impenetrable salvo of bullets. Livid black clouds reared up like a cobra readying itself for attack. They spat lightning mercilessly onto the pitiful scene below, which cut through the sky not unlike burning venom.

Twinkle was drenched in the rain , her tears ruthlessly escaped the confines of her eyes and vanished along the drops of falling rain. She appeared distraught and hurt. Her cries and screams muffled due to heavy blowing wind.

She was crying but her Kunj wasn’t there to wipe her tears , to hug her and rub her back to console like just like he promised today when she shot him.

” I never did anything wrong twinkle but you won’t ever understand it until the day you realise you had lost me forever , you will regret this day but I promise you won’t ever find me their to wipe your tears or console you ”

He begged for her to once listen her but his pleas felt deaf ear to her. All she knew was she was burning in the fire of hatred toward’s the person who killed her child but alas destiny played the dirtiest game with them.

He didn’t knew about it’s existence even.

He was blamed for something he never knew existed.

And just the mere thought of confronting about it sent shivers down her spine like a lightning bolt.

But will he be alive to listen that ?

Will he survive to hear how they lost their child ?

Will he ever be able to hear what happened to him all this while when he suffered with excruciating pains but never remembered anything.

Everytime twinkle thought about his condition she felt guilt and regret consuming her alive. Flashes of his vulnerable state pleading her and him shooting her crossed her mind she felt herself shatter each moment.

Twinkle fell on her knees in the middle of hauntedly silent road bursting into tears but it did nothing.

All she had this moment was regret !

A wish to revive him whom she almost killed with her own hand’s.

Her suffering’s , Her loss of child made her blind in her hatred to avenge him but now she hated herself each moment.

She hit her hands on road crying from which she shot him.

She pushed him to dead end herself but just like he said !

She would regret !

She would wish for him to be with her !

But she would never find him even if she wants him to be with her.

Her anger was justified !

Her pain and hurt was justified but not her actions..

Adharv rushed on the lonely roads like a lunatic to find twinkle. His conscience was already killing him with guilt and regret to push his own brother to dead end and realising what he did to twinkle.

To his bestfriend..

To the person whom might be he could have accepted as his soulmate by now if that incident would not have occurred..

But when realisation dawned upon him he felt like digging a grave for himself. A while ago everything he did blind in his revenge was justified but now it was all an illusion.

Reality was hitting him hard but he was helpless.

” You should reap what you sow. KARMA is the consequences , both good and bad , that are brought to you based upon your actions ”

And today adharv was facing the consequences of his actions. He was suffering cause of his action but the one to suffer most was his own brother.

But what they didn’t knew worst was yet to come !

It was just the beginning.

Game of fate was yet not over..

They were to suffer more !

But it was just a start..

One was to suffer with guilt and regret !

One would suffer with pain of losing her two precious loved ones !

While another was to suffer in ‘ LOVE ‘

They all were to suffer more.

Another slap of regret was to hit their faces soon.

Adharv saw twinkle sitting on lonely road hitting on her knees hitting her hands on the rough road that were now almost about to bleed and were red by now. She was vulnerable crying miserably.

Adharv rushed toward’s her and kept his hand on her shoulder. Twinkle was startled with a tap on her shoulder and as she turned to look.

She found Adharv standing there with tensed face. Twinkle’s face reddened with anger as her gaze turned dead cold. She stood up numbly.

Adharv was about to speak when he felt a burning sensation on his cheenu’s. He was stunned for a moment. Twinkle pushed him away angrily and spoke.

” Why you came after me ? ”

” T..twinkle..” before he could reply he received another slap from twinkle.

” Kya dekhne aye ho ab Adharv Sarna ? Apne bhai aur meri bikhri hui zindagi ka tamasha dekhne aye ho ? Ya phir abhi kuch baaki reh gaya hai ? ” twinkle shouted at Adharv angrily , her eyes red and swollen cause of crying and anger.

[ Why are you here ? To see how destiny had played with mine and your brother’s distraught life or something is left ? ]

Adharv nodded his head in no and wanted to speak but spoke nothing. He felt himself short of word’s.

” Kya bigara tha maine ya Kunj ne tumhara Adharv ? Mein tumhari dost thi manti hun shayad uss hadse mein jo hua aur jo tumne dekha usmien mujh par se tumhara bharosa dagmaga gaya par Kunj toh tumhara bhai tha na Adharv jiski hifazat aur bhalayi ke liye puri duniya se lar diye saari zindagi tab kyun nahi kiya bharosa Adharv ke tumhara bhai aisa kuch nahi karsakta. “

[ What wrong Kunj did to you Adharv ? I agree , I was your friend adharv and that incident might have shattered your trust upon me but what about Kunj ? He was your brother right ? The same brother to protect whom you fought whole world your life. What happened to your trust on him ? He was your brother whom you loved so much could not you have a little trust on him that he can never do something like that ]

” Jis insaan se itna pyaar kiya ke uske liye khud se pehle socha ussi ke saath aisa kiya Adharv.Woh Kunj hi tha na Adharv jiske liye tum apne maa papa ke bhi khilaaf khare hogaye uski dhaal bankar toh kyun ek baar yeh nahi socha ke akar uss se sawal karun ke kyun aisa kiya ? Bas khud se soch liya sab kuch. Ek illusion bana liya apna hi aur sab ek jhatke mein barbaad kardiya Adharv. “

[ The person whom you loved so much that you thought about him before than you , then anyone else. He was Kunj Adharv for whom you fought your own parent’s. It was you only who shielded him from there wrath and anger. What haven’t you done for him ? Then why did you do this ? Why didn’t you once thought to come back , question him that why he did this to you ? But no you made your own illusion and ruined everything adharv. ]

” Apne hi bhai ke bache ko maar diya Adharv ? Kabhi socha hai ke Kunj ko jab hosh ayega aur usse sab baaton ka pata chalega toh kya guzre gi uspar ? Adharv woh tumhare apne bhai ka bacha tha. Mujhe nahi pata Adharv tumhara aur Kunj ka rishta kaisa tha par itna zaroor jaanti hun jab woh bacha bada hota aur Kunj ko ‘ papa ‘ bulata aur tumhe ‘ bade papa ‘ toh usse zyada khushi tumhare liye hoti aur Maine uss bache ko Khodiya Adharv aur ab main apne Kunj ko bhi Khone ki kagaar par hun. Main Kho diya unhe Adharv. Maine apne bache ko Kho diya. ” twinkle yelled breaking down into tears. Unconsciously her hand rubbed over her belly. A mother , a wife inside her was shattered today.

[ You killed your own brother’s child Adharv. Have you ever thought when Kunj will be conscious again what will he go through when he will come to know about all this ? It was your own brother’s child Adharv. I don’t know how was your and kunj’s relationship but I know one thing when this child would have grown up and stared speaking. Kunj might not have been that happy if he called him ‘ Papa ‘ but calling you ‘ Bade Papa ‘ would have given him immense happiness and I lost that child Adharv. I lost it and now I am on verge of losing my Kunj to Adharv. I lost my baby. I lost it]

Adharv was looking down all the while. Each passing moment guilt was shattering him inside out. He felt himself short of breath. Everything was shattered with few word’s like the pieces of glasses which seem unrepairable.

Twinkle continued with stuttering voice and moisten eyes ” Meri galti sirf itni thi Adharv ke Maine khud ko ek aise insaan ko pyaar karne ka yaqeen dilaya jo shayad kabhi pyaar tha hi nahi aur agar tha bhi na Adharv toh ab mein har pal Babaji ka shukar karungi ki woh kabhi mukamal nahi Hua aur unhon ne meri zindagi mein ek aise insaan ko bheja jisne mera haath uss waqt thama jab mein khud ko hi bhul bethi thi. Meray pass khone ko sirf woh insaan tha jisko maine apna dost samjha aur ab meri sirf har pal ek hi khwaaish hai ke kaash mein us se kabhi na milti. Tumhara wajood mujhe khud se nafrat karne par majboor karta hai ke main tum se mili. Main nahi jaanti woh kismat ka khel tha ya meri ek galti jab main tum se mili. I wish I would have never met you. ”

[ My only mistake Adharv was to make myself believe that I loved a person which was never true but even if it was now I thank Babaji each moment that it was never completed. Instead he sent a person in my life who held onto me at the moment when I forgot myself but the only wish I have is that I would have never met you. Your presence make me hate myself that I ever met you in my life. ]

” Tumhari nafrat aur INTEQAAM ki aag ne sab kuch barbaad kardiya adharv. Aaj hum sab aise mor par khare hain adharv jahan peeche mur kar dekhne se zyada aane wala lamha taqleef ka ehsaas deta hai. Iss baat ka andesha lata hai ke shayad woh ek pal hum sab se na jur jaye jahan hum khud ko puri tarah se Kho bethe. Hum Kunj ko hamesha ke liye na kho bethe. Ek lamha hum sab ko jhanjhor ke rakh dega Adharv. “

[ Your hatred and fire of revenge has destroyed everything Adharv. Today we all are standing at point where the upcoming moment brings more pain and a realisation then the past moments that one single moment ahead can destroy everything left if connected to us. We all would loose everything we are left with to that one moment that can shatter our whole lives. A moment where we will loose Kunj FOREVER ]


[ Song Link : ]

Saanson ke kisi ek mod par
Mili thi tu zindagi
Meri dost bann ke

Chal diya teri baat maan kar
Tera haath thaam kar
Tujhe saathi chunn ke

Doctor’s were time to time monitoring Kunj’s health but there was no improvement instead each passing moment his health was deteriorating. He wasn’t responding to any kind of medication.

His pulses were dropping moment by moment. Doctor’s shared a glance of dismay and disappointment. They sighed heavily , reviving Kunj back seemed impossible.

Main kis manzil ka raahi hoon
Tu kinn raahon pe laayi hai
Samajh paaun na main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko…

Jo na-manzoor hai mujhko
Wohi manzoor hai tujhko
Samajh paaun na main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko…

Each passing moment everyone’s hope’s were crushing. It seemed fate was planning to strike another bolt of lightning on them.

Every attempt to revive him was failing. Every time result was same it seems like he had no will left to live anymore. Something had broken him to the extent where he no more wanted to live.

Jo le liya tha tune faisla
Zameen pe aasmaan mein rakh diya
Main chhaaon mein lapete dhoop ko
Kahaa jo tune kehna kar diya

Chalaa main apni manzil ko
Ja tu bhi laut ja ghar ko
Samajh paaun naa main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko…

It seemed he had walked away from everything. He was finding his own path but something was holding him back. His condition was pitiful. There would be many scars that might never heal neither physically nor mentally.

Some wounds tends to heal by the time but they leave scars forever.

Wounds might not hurt that much as much as scars do cause they leaves an impact on the lane of our memories forever and same was about to happen with Kunj.

Doctor’s fear the worst coming once other reports will come but before that reviving him was important. So left with no other option they decided to give him shocks. The last option left

Jo na-manzoor hai mujhko
Wohi manzoor hai tujhko
Samajh paaun naa main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko…


Other side twinkle fell on her knees crying miserably. His pleas , her word’s , the noises of bullet fired were haunting her. Each passing moment was like an hour that might take away there souls any moment.

Twinkle shouted in fear and agony to brush away the noises of his laughter , his pleas , his cries , the face that appeared on his face that moment now haunted her. She wanted to runaway from this pain that pierced her soul like thousand needles being pierced in her soul at a time.

” Main har gayi Adharv. Main har gayi ! Main uspar bharosa nahi kar payi. Usne mujhe kitni baar bola ke main ek baar uski baat sun lun but maine kya kiya ? Maar diya usse inhi haaton se. Maine khud sab kuch tabah kardiya. Usne ek mauka manga tha mujhse aur main usse woh naah de saki jab ke aaj se 5 saal pehle Usne mujhe ek nahi zindagi ki raah dekhayi thi. Jisne mujhe maut ke muh se nikala Maine us se ussi taraf dhakel diya. ” twinkle said hysterically crying.

[ I lost Adharv. I lost ! I could not believe him. He said to me so many times , pleaded me to listen to him once but I never payed heed. I killed him with my own bear hand’s. He asked me for a chance but what did I do ? The person who gave me a chance over life give years ago , saved me. The one who pulled me from the mouth of death I pushed him there. I pushed to death. ]

Adharv fell on his knees to and nodded his head in no and spoke with hoarse voice contaminated with guilt and regret ” Nahi twinkle ! Tumne sahi kaha galti meri thi. Main apne bhai par bharosa nahi kar paya. Main har rishte ko nibhane mein nakaam raha. Main apni dost par bharosa nahi kar paya. Maine apne bhai ko aaj aise mor par la khara kiya hai jahan se har ek kadam usse maut ke qareeb le ja raha hai. Jis bache ki hifazat meri hisse ki ek ahem zimedaari thi maine usse apne haaton se maar diya . I am your and everyone’s CULPRIT par main kya karta twinkle ? “

[ No twinkle ! You said right it was my mistake. I could not trust my brother. I failed to fullfup requirements of every relationship twinkle. I could not trust my bestfriend. Today I have pushed my brother to the point from where each step is closer to death for him. The child whose protection was one of my responsibility. I killed that child with my own hand’s. I am your and everyone’s CULPRIT but twinkle what should I have done ? ]

” Uss din maut meray satane thi. Mujhe toh yeh bhi nahi maloom tha ke main zinda bachunga ya nahi par mein tumhe mahfooz dekhna chahta tha par jab maine wahan Kunj ko dekha mein khush tha ke hamesha ki tarah babaji ne iss baar bhi meray Kunj ek farishte li tarah bheja hai par jab uss din maine wahan se Kunj ko sirf tumhe le jaate dekha toh mujhe uss din unki baaton ne andar se jhanjhor kar rakh diya. Aisa laga UNHON ne jo kuch bhi kaha twinkle woh sach hogaya. Woh sahi the aur main galat. Aisa laga Maine khud apni Zindagi ke saath khela jaisa ke unhon ne bola tha.”

[ That day death was right infront of my eyes. I didn’t even knew if we would survive but I wanted to protect you. I wanted to safe you but that day when I saw Kunj there I was happy. I had a hope that like everytime Babaji sent him as an angle for me but that day when I saw him just crying you and saving you only I felt something shatter inside myself. The that I felt that whatever THEY said became true. I was wrong and they were right. Just as they said I played with my own life by having Kunj by my side ]

Twinkle listened to everything Adharv said but something left her stunned ” They ? What are you talking about Adharv. Kya sach hogaya Adharv ? “
Twinkle asked him sure that there was something more hidden behind everything he did while Adharv looked at her with numb gaze went back into flashback.


Pens down for the sixth shot ❤

How was it ?

How was the confrontation between Twinkle and Adharv ? Justified or you felt something lacked ?

Will Kunj Survive ?

Well……..Well………Well now I hope many of the reader’s might have gotten there answer that how twinkle wasn’t at fault ?

” Humans have no right to destroy the things which they cannot revive

And this is where twinkle becomes faultered ? What if Kunj doesn’t survive ? Then ?

Nevertheless all I have to say more is trust me I won’t disappoint you all but you need to be patient enough for that ?

I won’t do injustice to any character or make them suffer more than they deserve. Trust me you people are going to have witness another 360° turn in the story ?

It’s not the end yet ?
After all ‘ He is her CULPRIT..
Yet he is INNOCENT.. ‘ ??

Now keep thinking about it till next Update ??

Next update will probably be of ‘ TERE SANG YAARA ‘ or you never know what suprise might come next ??

I tried my best to use as easy urdu as possible cause I know I would have sucked athindi if tried and honestly i believe that there are no better language than ‘ HINDI & URDU ‘ that has so much powerful emotions so I have given English subtitles for help where you can’t understnd typical words though I tried my best to use common word’s.

If there are any word’s whose meaning you don’t know feel free to ask and I am sure one or two of you all might ask if I am Indian but I am not ?

Thank you so much everyone for your overwhelming love and support ❤ I can’t describe in word’s how kuch blessed I am to have TEI Tellyupdate Family who supports me through up and down ❤ Thank You Everyone for your unconditional Love and Support ❤

Ciao gente bella a presto ?❤?
Lots and Lots of Love

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    This story is so complicated full of emotions ??
    It was just like roller coaster ride of emotions ??
    Each character is so well written and beautifully penned down ?
    Adharv and Twinkle confronting eachother was so beautifully penned and much needed ?
    Twinkle’s speaking her heart out was so intense and treat to read ? You absolutely justified her emotions and now I am eagerly waiting to read Adharv’s part of story ❤
    Again and mystery and one more twist ?
    Goodness !! How much surprises do you have under your sleeves ?
    Post soonest cause you have increased my curiosity by mentioning ” THEM “

  21. Fantastic shot once again ??
    It was so good to read this shot ??
    I wonder how would be Kunj and Adharv confrontation when this one between twinkle and adharv is so good ????
    Post Soon

  22. Awesome amazing superb
    Abhi aur flashback.
    Can’t wait to read more.
    Feeling so bad.
    Twinkle Kunj ansh and adharav.
    Hope sahi ho jaye

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Ramu ❤??

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