INTEQAAM •° A Fire Of Revenge °• (Twinj) SHOT : 5

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Heya Lovely People !
How are you ?

So here I am back with the fifth shot ? Keep tissues along you might need them in this shot to ?

Sorry for making you wait so long but my last two papers were without any gap and then afterwards tiredness and it’s lasting stress ended up me with a fever so could not post ?

Let’s hop on to next shot without wasting our time ?


” I failed. I failed as wife.. As a lover.. I killed him.. ” twinkle fell on her knees crying miserably remembering how she ignored his please to listen him sometime back while adharv stood shocked and numb at all the revelations.

She failed !!

But no…

No she have to find him..

She have to find him..

She can’t loose him..

” What did you just said ? Where is Kunj ? ” ansh asked holding twinkle by her shoulders.

” I…I sh..shot him.. ” Twinkle spoke shocking day lights out of ansh.

Twinkle and ansh ran into dense jungle down the cliff as things get clear where as adharv stood shocked and shattered at the revelation..

What did he just do ?

He…He had knowingly become the reason of his brother’s death..

His motive was to make them suffer and not kill him..

Regret and guilt hit him like a bucket of cold water..

But was it to late ?

Indeed it was to late..

Twinkle fell on her knees sobbing badly still trying to gather herself and find her Kunj , Sun was setting and red hues mixed with darkness was now invading sky , with the arrival of darkness it felt as if the darkness was invading her life along.

She again stood up gathering the strength. She can’t loose this time. She will find her Kunj at any cost.

Storms brewed on the cold horizon. The noon darkness and damp-smelling air.

Twinkle cast her eyes to the charcoal sky, her attention held by a golden streak, a crack in the cloud layer where the sun streamed through as fast as water through a cracked dam.

The rain was promised and here she was cutting her way through the dense, suffocating undergrowth, fighting through the very air, which hung heavy and moist. Trees tall as cathedrals surrounded her. The rain forest seemed to have an intelligence of it’s own. It’s voice was the sudden screech of a parrot, the flicker of a monkey swinging through the branches overhead.

But it all came along with a wave and guilt. It came with unbearable pain.

Before darkness completely invades and clouds shudder she have to find her Kunj. She cut through the dense jungle down the cliff all alone finding her kunj even without caring for herself to get into some trouble or might having a face off with deadly wild animal.

Twinkle and ansh was trying to find Kunj in that creepy jungle down the cliff. But as time passed darkness became apparent in lightness. The mixed hues of darkness and sunlight gave a vibe of horror in this creepy jungle but it promised a new morning.

She was about to move ahead in search when she felt a hand on her shoulder scaring her. She turned around to find adharv whom she glared angrily.

” Twinkle please let me help you finding Kunj. I know what I did to you both is unforgivable but please let me help you find m (my).. your Kunj” spoke Adharv with guilt and head down. He knew he had lost the right to call Kunj his. His revenge had became the reason of his brother’s missing. His brother who was unknown to all this became the victim of his wrath. His one misunderstanding ruined everything.

He Lost his friend (Twinkle)..

He lost his brother..

The worst was he lost their trust..

Twinkle glared at him angrily but agreed to him knowing the fact that they can’t find her Kunj without anyone’s help.Night was falling and soon darkness will completely invade the sky and they need to find Kunj as soon as possible. Trio twinkle , adharv and ansh dispersed in different areas to find Kunj. It was more than half hour they were finding him but no use.

” Twinkle I don’t think we can find Kunj. We should go home and look for him tomorrow or atleast found help to find him in darkness. “ spoke Adharv trying to make twinkle understand though he himself was breaking inside with guilt of doing all that to his brother.

” No.. no Adharv how can I go leaving my kunj alone here.., I know he is here only , I know he is teasing me , tang kar raha hai woh mujhe.. He loves to tease me. I will find kunj at any cost ” twinkle spoke in a haze not in her senses just one thing was going in her mind , she needed her Kunj right this moment with her and nothing else. Her guilt was breaking her inside.

Adharv felt bad seeing her vulnerable state and it just added to his guilt more. He felt ashamed of himself.

How can he do this to his brother ?

” Please twinkle try to understand.. Just look at your condition. You can’t continue with this when you are this weak ” Adharv said with a tint of guilt and disgust at his own acts as he remembered how just a day ago he made twinkle loose her child.

Whenever he think’s about his deeds , he felt himself short of breath as the fear of confronting Kunj gathers his mind.

How is he gonna repent for what he did ?

How will Kunj react when he will know what happened with him was all due to a person he loved selflessly.

How will he digest the fact that his own brother killed his unborn baby in his revenge ?

But it felt deaf ear to twinkle, Adharv was about to say something when he was pushed by her and saw her running somewhere.

Twinkle ran towards the big rock near covered with dense trees few meters away from her and adharv’s sight , She saw a masculine figure lying across the big rock unconscious. As she neared him she was happy to know it was her Kunj but his shirt was completely drenched in blood , blood ozing out from his head. Sharp branches of fallen trees piercing through his body. She sat near him and placed his head carefully on Lap trying to wake him up.

” Kunj ! Kunj ! Utho ” Twinkle said patting his cheek trying to make him gain his consciousness.

” We have to immediately rush him to hospital before his condition is worsened ” Adharv spoke and shouted for ansh as he was busy finding Kunj on the other side.

Ansh soon came and with help of adharv held Kunj by his shoulders and with difficulty held him up and moved him into the seat of car. Twinkle was sitting with Kunj on back seat. His head on her lap and she was trying to make him conscious while Adharv was witnessing all that which made him cry.

How can he do this to them ?

To his best friend and brother..

Which ansh watched them numb. He didn’t knew what to do ? Bash these two people who were now crying for Kunj after hurting him to dead end or sympathize them for facing their own miseries.

Everyone have their own suffering’s but the one to suffer the most without any mistake was Kunj.

Hell he was even unaware of many thing’s he was avenged for.

They reached hospital and Kunj was taken to operation theatre immediately. Twinkle wasn’t ready to let go of him but Ansh held her by shoulders and nodded at her with teary eye’s to let go.

Doctor’s were treating Kunj trying their best to revive and save him but due to excessive loss of blood and severe injury on head was making it difficult moreover some reports were still left to be seen as if he had any serious internal injury or in’t.

They dressed and stitched his wound on head but still the loss of blood and lack of nutrients from so long had already weakened Kunj’s body and they need immediate transfusion of blood but due to his rare blood group they weren’t able to find.

A nurse walked out of OT grabbing the attention of trio standing at some distances and alerting them , she walked near them with tension visible on her face which scared of them.

” Patient needs immediate transfusion of blood and as you all are aware he bares rare blood group (O -ve) you need to arrange blood as it isn’t available in hospital and blood bank’s we contacted ”

This was another shock for both twinkle and ansh but soon adharv spoke giving a new hope to twinkle.

” I.. I will donate blood , mine and kunj’s blood group is same ”  spoke adharv from a little far away grabbing nurse attention who stood shocked seeing two same person.

Exactly same as the patient lying inside the OT fighting for his life. Nurse stuttered at her words which made adharv realised what shocked her so her cleared her ” Kunj and I are identical twins. So is our blood group same. I will donate him blood. ”

Nurse nodded her head in yes and lead Adharv to the room so that he can changed and get prepared for donating blood to Kunj , he was lead in OT and asked to lay on the bed opposite to where Kunj was treated and it was sperated from a glass door from which Adharv could see what all was going on.

He was guilty seeing Kunj in such condition but what hurted him more was it was all due to his stupid revenge and obsession to take revenge from Twinj.

Soon blood was transfused , Adharv was bit dizzy due to transfusion so layed there only on bed resting for a while along the glucose that he had been given through the viens of his left hand to stabilize his condition. Though he was dizzy but still he could see all the procedure going on for Kunj’s treatment and the disappointment on doctors face was visible. He came out after a while and sat on a chair near swara. Both were silent praying for Kunj’s well being.

He was ready to bear any punishment for what he did but he wanted Kunj back.

He would accept every Pusnishment Kunj would have him but he wanted Kunj back.

Doctor came out from the OT after a while and spoke ” we have bandaged his wounds and removed poisoness thorns from his body but due to lose of blood his condition is quite worsened. He needs to gain consciousness in few hour’s or else he might slip into coma but I don’t want you people to have any false hope. His health is quite worsened. He isn’t responding to any kind of treatment and after receiving some tests he was drugged. This is a police case cause the drugs he was given or either he took it himself. This drug isn’t found easily and on top of that he was shot thrice. We need to call police to look into this matter. ”

” Drugs has badly affected patients body. It’s detoxiation process can even take patients life or can leave long lasting impressions on patients body but to address them I need to look into patients medical history. I want you to provide his medical history and police will arrive soon. ”

” Doctor I know calling police is your duty and important but I would request you to keep this on hold cause all what happened to patient he knows and he needs to know many thing’s. He himself will punish the culprits behind his this state. ” ansh ended exaggerating last line while glaring twinkle and adharv while both of them bowed their head in shame and guilt.

Ansh talked to doctor about Kunj’s health and negotiated to keep police away from this matter for time being while twinkle and Adharv stood with guilt forcing them to dig a hole and bury themselves alive.

Doctor left from their leaving trio in shock , twinkle stumbled a bit only to be held by Adharv.

She was continuously mumbling ” I failed ! I failed as a wife. As a mother. I could not protect my child. ” which broke Adharv more seeing her condition but he could not do anything , he was ashamed and helpless.

Seeing twinkle broken and shattered yet her believe so firm and strong for her Kunj he realised how can he loose his hope just yet. How can he loose his hope for his brother.

Twinkle after taking permission from doctor went inside the ICU ward kunj was shifted , seeing him pale and lifeless with many machines pierced in his hands with life support stabbed her soul , She never thought to see Kunj like this again , She wished she had once tried to understand his weird behaviour. His head and wounded arm had a bandage , he had became so weak and pale.

Why he had to suffer always for her ?

He suffered in his childhood..

He suffered blaming himself for his brother’s death..

He was suffering now cause of her..

She took baby steps towards him holding her tears “ No she can’t be weak , She had to be strong for him , for her , for them. She need to be strong to face his anger and hurt. She would have to work hard to earn his forgiveness. “ She sat beside him on the chair beside him and held his hand in hers firmly and placed soft kisses on it.

He craved for her to be beside him , trust him , console him but she left him and today when she was there for him destiny had decided to snatch him from her , What did he do to deserve this much pain in his life.

Didn’t she deserved punishment ?

But here again he was suffering fighting for his life.

His existance became a mere question.

His smile lost in the darkness she pushed him in.

She held his hand softly that had needles pierced in his hand an oxygen mask covering his face giving his pale and weakened form life support and spoke with teary eye’s choking at her own word’s.

” You can’t leave me like this Kunj ! This punishment is mine not yours , you can’t leave me like this ” twinkle spoke crying miserably.

” Kunj ! Look your twinkle is here..Don’t you want to irritate me today ? See I promise I won’t stop you or won’t even get angry on you promise but please get up.. I know you are angry with me.. punish me as much as you want as you like but please get up ” Twinkle spoke as tears escaped her eye’s seeing him so unresponsive.

” See you only say na you hate tears in my eyes than why are you letting them fall , it hurts you to see me like this then why are you doing this to me ? “


It was a normal happy day in their lives full of of happiness and joyful laughter. While trying to catch twinkle who rubbed flour all over Kunj’s face when they were in kitchen and he was trying to romance with her.

But in catching process he hurt his hand an edged decorative piece pierced his arms leaving a deep cut on his hand and his siyappa queen was aiding his wound while crying like a kid who had been hurt herself.

” Twinkle please don’t ever cry , kyunki roti tu hai par dard mujhe hota hai ” Kunj said wiping her tears while she was lovingly gazing him.

” I can’t see you crying jaan.. smile makes you more beautiful.. ” he kissed her forehead embracing her in his warmth while twinkle cuddled herself into him.

Flashback Ends

……….No Response………..

” please wake up na Kunj ! Look if you won’t wake up na I won’t talk to you ”

………No Response……….

” Kunj Dekho I promise I won’t ever irritate you in morning and won’t even fight with you but please wake up…”

” It hurts me to see you like this Kunj…You are hurting your twinkle Kunj…Pl…ple…Please wake up na I love you…”

.………No Response……….

” I know I have done mistake… sin and I deserve punishment but not this one please..”

” Wake up Kunj..your twinkle needs you.. She is incomplete without you.. ” spoke twinkle crying miserably seeing no response.

Twinkle could not hold herself more and ran away from there bursting into tears Adharv tried to stop her but she didn’t cared about anything.

” Tw…twinkle stop.. twinkle ” adharv shouted but twinkle left without listening a word.

Adharv glanced at with a meaningful gaze while ansh who was standing a little far nodded his head in yes expressionless.

He was to numb to say anything.

His friend was in this worst condition on verge of losing his life but he could not do anything.

Adharv left behind twinkle to look for her while ansh watched him leaving and then looked at Kunj from the glass window through door who was lying lifeless pale on the hospital bed and broke into tears finally after holding himself for so long.


So here ends the fifth shot..

How was it ?

Hmm.. What does Adharv’s meaningful meant ?

How about Adharv and Twinkle’s confrontation before brother’s confrontation ? ??

How will Kunj respond ?

Will it be Adharv or Twinkle to make Kunj respond ?

Few words for each character ?

Kunj ?

Ansh ?

Twinkle ?

Adharv ?

Are you all liking the way plot is taking turns or do you feel anywhere I am dragging or taking thing’s to fast ?

Be honest while answering them cause It will help me to enhance the points I lack ?

I read each and everyone’s opinion about twinkle’s suffering and regarding Kunj’s forgiveness..

Everyone has their standpoints regarding twinkle and her suffering but just like ” Adharv failed to have trust in his brother twinkle to failed to trust her LOVE ”

Adharv sure deserves severe punishment but twinkle’s impulsive decision could have took Kunj’s life.

I won’t exaggerate her suffering’s but she sure needs to earn Kunj’s forgiveness.

Are you all excited for brother’s confrontation ?

Thank You for showing your love and support on previous shots ?? I hope you like this shot to and will keep supporting ?

Ciao gente bella a presto ❤???

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    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      But what if twinkle’s this step would have taken Kunj’s life ? Then what would be your opinion ?
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    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      Yeah that’s what many reader’s aren’t considering ?

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    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
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    I am looking forward to see how those two seek forgiveness.
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    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Cheenu’s ??
      Girl your comment is one of those I awaits the most ?? My moral support and motivation that boosts up my confidence each time ??
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    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
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    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You so much yaar ❤??
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      Thank You Dear ❤??
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      Thank You so much vibhu ❤??
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      Their are few comments including yours that makes me believe that I won’t go wrong with the planning of the story in next shot ? Thank you for being a constant supporter and loyal reader ??

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      Thank You Vidhi❤??
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      Let me consider your suggestion ?

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      Thank You Dearie ❤??

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    Kunj is an amazing soul
    Ansh supported Kunj and didn’t took anything to police. Amazing one he too.
    Twinkle failed to trust her love. She should repent but the person who needs to repent more is Adharv.
    What he did is not forgivable
    He just assumed everything on his own without confronting
    This is my Pov.
    Story is going in great way.
    Can’t wait to read more.
    Post soon aanu

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Ramu ❤??
      Adharv sure need to suffer and he will repent for his mistakes whereas twinkle needs to earn kunj’s forgiveness if not suffer and I won’t do injustice to any character ?

  30. Fantastic Shot ??
    Kunj’s condition and everyone’s emotional turmoil was so beautifully described ??
    I loved every part of the shot ❤❤
    Twinkle deserves kunj’s forgiveness but just not like that she should earn it ??
    Her suffering’s sure makes her eligible for kunj’s forgiveness but what about kunj’s suffering then?
    Her ruthless act could kill Kunj will then her suffering’s with anything?
    Whatever will happen next I have trust on you that you won’t do injustice with any character ?
    Sorry for the late comment ??
    Post soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      Will post soon 🙂

  31. Soo sorry for commenting this late??exams on head. ..coming to the shot it was very painful to read…like really u can make me cry?? Abt twinkle she is at fault coz she didn’t trusted the Goodie one i mean KUNJ? she should not be forgiven this easy…Adharv should repent for his deeds…( I started hating him)? Btw the some situations are sooooo beautifully and perfectly described I was imagining what u ate at the time of writing?I loved how u give justice to each & every character ❤ post next soon.

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Sumo ❤??
      It’s okay yaar ! I understand ?
      I am glad you liked the shot ?

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