INTEQAAM •° A Fire Of Revenge °• (Twinj) SHOT : 4

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Heya Lovely People !
How are you ?

So here I am back with the fourth shot ? Keep tissues along you might need them ?


” OH MY GOD TWINKLE ! You Killed Kunj ? “ person said acting utterly shocked.

” You Killed Kunj ? You Killed your Kunj ! “ continued the man laughing hysterically like insanes.

While twinkle slumped on the rough barren ground in shock. She could not believe her eye’s. Some blur flashes started invading her mind. Gun fell of from her grip as those blur flashes started becoming clear.

Realisation started hitting her with alot of questions that were left to be answered but this was too LATE to realise. He already left her..

” You killed your kunj ? Just like the way you left me to die that day in that fire just because I rejected your love ” spoke adharv with blazing anger.

” NO ! This is not true.. you are wrong.. this never happened.. I never left you there.. ” twinkle spoke exasperated holding her head in pain..

All the painful memories of past came crashing over her. All those memories sue forget were now infront of her like a sharp knife piercering her soul. There were many unanswered questions from her side but many became clear.

She knew there was only one person other than adharav who can answer them everything and so without wasting any second she called ANSH….

The only person who could answer them..

The one who can resolve this mystery cause other than him it was only Kunj who knew everything. Panic took over her when she realised what she did and broke into tears while adharav stood their seeing her crying.

Her cries satisfied her..

Her vulneravle state calmed his agony..

Everything went wrong because of that one fateful day. Everything was destroyed but she could not remember anything. The only two person who could answer this was not here at that moment.


Twinkle and adharv were best friend’s since high school. They were inseparable. Everything was happy between them. But thing’s took a turn when twinkle feeling’s for adharv started exceeding their boundaries. Gathering all the courage in her she confessed her love for him.

Adharv felt bad to reject her , His friend but he never considered him more than friend infact he always considered her like his younger sister who was two years younger than him and his junior. But she ended up falling in love with him. He rejected her..

Twinkle was heartbroken and hurt by his rejection but never wanted to loose him and she could not thank Babaji enough that even after her confession he didn’t broke their friendship.

She knew he don’t loves her but she will wait..

She will wait till her feeling’s would be reciprocated..

She will wait till her love won’t be just a one sided love..

But who knew that thing’s will take a worst turn where someone else was going to enter her life to enlighten it in the most beautiful way but that meant her to forget everything related to her past.

Even her only bestfriend in her LIFE.

Twinkle and adharv were roaming around the college boundaries chattering and bickering over anything and everything.
Adharv could not stop admiring his cute friend.

She was beautiful , mature , happy going yet childish. A woman every man wanted in his life but his mere feeling’s were of admiration and love as a friend and nothing more. Even if he wanted he could not LOVE her but no he was just exaggerating himself. Just mistaking his love for her as friend..

And that day something unfortunated happened. Something they never expected. But the realization for him came to late.

Adharv’s pov

I was stuck. We were stuck. Stuck between the furious fire that was spreading like water in all directions. There was no way out and I was losing my senses. Terror surrounded me and the smoke suffocated me as I felt my ribs heating up with the air I breathe.

I turned to look for twinkle and see if she is fine or not but to my shock, I was alone in the red burning room.

I shouted for twinkle’s name in fear.

What if something happened to her?

What if fire catches her??

No no no… Nothing can happen to her. She was my responsibility. I can’t let anything happen to her. I love her. Yes I do love her more than a friend does and I can’t lose her at any cost.

My eyes started getting heavy as my conscienceness knocked down but still I managed to stand breathing a bounty full of air from my mouth. My lungs seemed jammed and I was seeing a sword of death hanging above me but I was afraid more for twinkle than for myself. I was searching a way out, shouting for help and twinkle at the same time but my feets froze as soon as I saw HIM.

MY TWIN BROTHER. MY KUNJ ! He was here. I saw a hope coming to life seeing him.

But wait… Wasn’t he supposed to be in London? What is he doing here and where is he running too? He came back ?

” Kunj !! Kunj bro help me out. I am stuck here” I shouted for help but my voice came out much slower than I expected. I coughed as smog filled my nostrils making it more tougher and harder for me to breath. I jumped back from my place as fire neared me and I knew that I need to call someone for help or it would be my last day.

The smoke made it difficult for me to see so I got to my knees to find a run-way. The vision down was better than above but not much clearer. I was no more able to shout for help.

This was getting terrible.

I turned around to look for the door when I saw something that made my eyes pop out as I felt like killing myself that moment.

Twinkle was being carried away by someone and that was none other than my own brother, Kunj.

How could she do this? How could they do this to me??! They betrayed me while I thought them of my own. It’s truly said that our owns back stab us at the moment we want them the most.

I was broken as twinkle left me when I was struggling for life, caught in between the fire but more broken seeing that my own brother didn’t turn for my help shattered me more.

“He became selfish. He came just for property adharv! He never loved you but the money that was on your name. He knew that he can easily manipulate eveeyone to think of him as adharv since he seems fine and recovered. No one will ever know anything since for world Kunj disappered long back. ” my brain mocked me while I was trying to keep my sanity.

I always loved you Kunj..

I supported you all the time when our parent’s pushed you away just cause you had some problems since birth. I took care of you Kunj. I loved you selflessly. Before thinking for myself I always thought of you first. I wanted you to be completely fine and that was the reason I sent you to London to recover through a treatment.

When everyone hated you pushed you away from them I was the one who held you and tried every possible way to protect you but what you did.

The terror mixed with smoke and shock was eating my whole inside.

“I will avenge you twinkle and Kunj ! I will come to take my revenge. This is my promise to you both” I whispered these words to myself with full hatredness for the last time as blackness surrounded me and I closed my burning red eyes.

Pov ends


Kunj had a brother ?

No not brother but a twin brother ?

Damn her whole life she thought she spent her childhood with the best person she could ever have in her life. She loved him..

No this wasn’t possible..

He is lying..

How can she fail to recognize the difference..

Yes she knew he had a brother who died in a fire broke out into the building but he was his twin she never knew that..

” We were twin identical brother’s twinkle.. I was Adharv Manohar Sarna.. you spent your whole childhood and teenage with me claiming to be my best friend and loving me. But when you saw your life in danger you just left with my brother who wanted to kill me.. You blo*dy left me to death. “

” And that brother of mine whom I Loved my whole life selflessly left me in that fire. He left me to die. Whole of my life when everyone hated him pushed him away from them I was the one who held him and tried every possible way to protect him. Our parent’s wanted to left him in orphanage when we were 12 just cause kunj could not be intelligent like any other child back then and he was humiliation for them ? I stood for him. I  I promised to take care of him and I did but what he did ? Left me to die ? ”

” I always tried my best to protect him twinkle cause I knew he suffered alot at the time of our birth. He was younger than me and normally every twins have the same story but he suffered more than just that but I tried to help him in every way possible. He had problems with communication. When he could not speak I became his voice. When he needed support to walk I held him. Instead of thinking about myself I thought about him first. I tried every possible way to make him fine to make him live his life like any other person and that was the reason he lived in London for so long. He was getting treated there but when he came back look what he did. He left me to die not just that he doesn’t even have an ounce of regret. “ Adharv spoke the last sentence with voice filled of pain and hurt.

” And that’s when I decided to avenge you and Kunj. I was somehow able to save myself that day and since that day I wanted to avenge you both but never got chance but after your and kunj’s marriage I got that chance. I started drugging Kunj. I started giving him twice the dose it should. His mind was numb due to the effect of drugs and he was manipulated easily. I manipulated and forced him to do everything that happened with you. He could not remember anything cause of another dose of drugs. But that man I might admit that he loved you unconditionally. It wasn’t as easy to manipulate that man it should be but still we did that but my had luck I could not convince him for your abortion “ adharv completed and this came as another blow for twinkle.

” Remember that day when you called Kunj ? My man has kept an eye on Kunj every moment. They were following him. And then… “


It was a normal day everything was going well but today twinkle discovered something that changed the meaning of their (twinj) relationship. It could strengthen and mend their broken relationship and she decided to give kunj one more chance for the unborn soul growing inside her. Their symbol of LOVE.


Twinkle could not name it but she knew for his deeds she cannot let an unborn baby suffer without even trying for the one last time to gather the pieces of their shattered souls and relationship.

Screen is focused on an orphanage where many children were surrounding a man, happy in his presence as if his love heals their broken soul’s, they were laughing and playing around him.

The man was none other than Kunj !! Whom anyone seeing won’t believe is a Devil for someone’s life. He was lost in their company.

He was smiling but can anyone believe the devil behind that innocent smile , that devilish smirk that ruined a soul is smiling and laughing selflessly. These small smiles of these innocent kids gave him peace when he tried to ruin another life but unknown to him he was being destroyed by his own brother.

That’s when he recieved a call from twinkle. She asked him to come home as soon as possible. He was confused why this urgency but still left for their mansion. He bid adeu to the little happiness spreaders and sat in his car to leave and meet the love of his life but a truck came infront of him and to save himself from that truck took a quick turn crashing the car into a tree which lead to an injury on his head.

Man who were following him quickly retrieved him from car. It was thankfully a small wound on head so he directly took him to adharv’s mansion. Where he was treated by a doctor.

In the dark room, even the ticking had a relaxed feeling, as if it was a heart-beat at rest. It felt as if the air moved like cool water and the aroma of her wet soil from heavy rain would infused anyone far more deeply than it did in the light of day.

In the twilight the fabrics were muted hues, as if they too awaited dawn to ignite their colours for all to see. Adharv was sitting on a chair. His face hidden in darkness.

But his gaze was fixed on a picture that could he seen due to the candle burning on the table below. It was a twinj picture with cross sign marked. He turned his face opposite to look at Kunj who was lying on bed unconscious.

” You both will pay for this.. Today I will broke her and soon you will be broken by your love KUNJ SARNA ” spoke the adharv with venom and hatred laughing hysterically.


” That day I decided to come infront of you but as Kunj Sarna. It was me who called the team of doctors for abortion and not Kunj. Somehow that poor lad was lying unconscious in my mansion and I. I killed his happiness ” adharv spoke with venom and hatred.

No you are mistaken Adharv Sarna. You are badly mistaken. He never did what you thought. ” shouted ansh shocked who heard adharv’s confession.

They both were so wrong and mistaken about his bestfriend Kunj.

” You are mistaken Adharv  !! He was broken after you left !! He was broken and shattered after your death. He never knew you survived. Damn he didn’t even knew that you were also present their in that fire. He suffered with night mares thinking he lost his brother. He wished to be there instead of you. He blamed himself that he could not save the person who gave him another chance at life. He broken adharv when he came to know that you died in the fire from which twinkle was rescued. ”

You don’t know the truth adharv you just assumed everything. ” ansh spatted angrily.

Things were getting clear to her..

She felt unable to breath as realisation hit her..

She felt like killing herself..

She killed her Kunj..

She killed him..

” How come she don’t recognize me ? How is it possible that she never knew he was not me ?” spat adharv angrily.

” How could have I differentiate you and Kunj ? I never knew you had a twin identical brother. That day Kunj saved me but did you saw in what condition I was ? I was unconscious adharv. When you left to find a way from out of the fire while saving myself from the burning flames I troop over a fallen pillar and hitter my head. I didn’t knew what happened next and when I woke up I was in trauma I thought him to be you and even Kunj never talked about that incident to me. Your I’D card had ” KUNJ SARNA ” I had always known you to be Kunj. Haven’t you taken his i’d in his absence. Everyone knew you as Kunj Sarna. It’s you who hid your identity. ” Twinkle spat back with same anger.

Adharv realised yes ! He intentionally let his i’d swapped cause he never wanted anyone to know about Kunj’s treatment amd once again let anyone humilate him. He did this all to protect him once again. Realisation was hitting him hard.

” You failed to understand your brother… you failed… You failed as a wife and lover twinkle..You failed to understand the person whom you claimed to LOVE. ” Ansh muttered angrily.

” The reason Kunj avoided to talk about that incident was your health twinkle. Have you forgotten that what you want through ? How depressed you was ? How bad panic attacks you suffered and Kunj was by your side then when he didn’t even knew about you. In that building which happened to be your both college many other students died due to fire adharv. That day Kunj came back from London to suprise you. But when he came back he saw the fire all around , some students and teacher were running outside to save themselves. ” ansh spoke.


Fire was spread all around. Many people were stuck between the furious fire that was spreading like water in all directions. There was no way out for those that were stuck there. Everyone was surrounded by terror and fear of death. The smoke suffocated everyone as they felt their ribs heating up with the air they breath.

Ansh and Kunj both reached adharv’s college to suprise him but they were left in utter shock seeing the building burning. Falmes of fire surrounded with the shouts of people to surround them. Many ran away and some were still left there.

Kunj panicked seeing the fire. Fear of losing his only brother , only family engulfed him. Ansh tried to calm him and console him but he wothout listening ran inside the fire after not finding his brother in the survivors even though many tried to stop him.

He called for him.

He shouted his name but no reply came and that’s when he tripped over a body. He looked to see a woman lying their unconscious. He tried to wake her up but failed.  That moment ansh to came there.

” Ansh see this girl. I can’t locate bhai. Please help me take her out and find bhai “ Kunj spoke stuttering breaking into tears at end.

” Kunj the authorities say that almost everyone is vacated our of this place and might be adharv bhai also had we just could not find him in panic and I guess this girl is left over here cause of being unconscious I can’t see anyone here”. Ansh spoke trying to convince Kunj and at the end th3y left after taking the woman who was none other than twinkle.


” It was me who convinced Kunj that you might not have been there and as you said you called out for Kunj I guess you were in some other room or place we could not locate you. Your screams were unheard cause of the noises and commotion that was happening outside the buildings. ” ansh cleared everything that was misunderstood.

” Then from the building many dead bodies were recovered from different floors who could not save themselves. They were so badly burnt that some were turned to ashes. You were declared dead to. Kunj was left shocked and shattered. He blamed himself for your death and twinkle she had forgotten alot about incident cause of trauma and hitting her head on pillar. All what she remembered was one name ” Kunj ” and nothing else. When she woke up she shouted for just one name. ”

” We asked about the reason behind her calling kunj’s name from your friend’s  and then we came to knew why won’t she after all he was her friend. We were hell confused that time but then we slowly discovered you were living here with the identity of KUNJ. Doctors said that any kind of stress can take away twinkle’s life and decided to put up an act but Kunj ended up falling for her and even twinkle did. Kunj might have never vinfessed his love for her in guilt and thought of cheating her. ”

” He thought he was cheating her by hiding the truth about your death and identity. It’s only me who had seen him suffer baselessly.  He loved you both equally and selflessly but see what did you both did. You both gave him pain in return just pain. You both failed. ” ansh spoke breaking into tears.

” I failed. I failed as wife.. As a lover.. I killed him.. ” twinkle fell on her knees crying miserably remembering how she ignored his please to listen him sometime back while adharv stood shocked and numb at all the revelations.

She failed !!

But no…

No she have to find him..

She have to find him..

She can’t loose him..

What did you just said ? Where is Kunj ? ” ansh asked holding twinkle by her shoulders.

” I…I sh..shot him.. ” Twinkle spoke shocking day lights out of ansh.

Twinkle and ansh ran into dense jungle down the cliff as things get clear where as adharv stood shocked and shattered at the revelation..

What did he just do ?

He…He had knowingly become the reason of his brother’s death..

His motive was to make them suffer and not kill him..

Regret and guilt hit him like a bucket of cold water..

But was it to late ?

Indeed it was to late..

Twinkle fell on her knees sobbing badly still trying to gather herself and find her Kunj , Sun was setting and red hues mixed with darkness was now invading sky , with the arrival of darkness it felt as if the darkness was invading her life along.

She again stood up gathering the strength. She can’t loose this time. She will find her Kunj at any cost.

Storms brewed on the cold horizon. The noon darkness and damp-smelling air. Swara cast her eyes to the charcoal sky, her attention held by a golden streak, a crack in the cloud layer where the sun streamed through as fast as water through a cracked dam.

The rain was promised and here she was cutting her way through the dense, suffocating undergrowth, fighting through the very air, which hung heavy and moist. Trees tall as cathedrals surrounded her. The rain forest seemed to have an intelligence of it’s own. It’s voice was the sudden screech of a parrot, the flicker of a monkey swinging through the branches overhead.

But it all came along with a wave and guilt. It came with unbearable pain.

Before darkness completely invades and clouds shudder she have to find her Kunj. She cut through the dense jungle down the cliff all alone finding her kunj even without caring for herself to get into some trouble or might having a face off with deadly wild animal.

Twinkle and ansh was trying to find Kunj in that creepy jungle down the cliff. But as time passed darkness became apparent in lightness. The mixed hues of darkness and sunlight gave a vibe of horror in this creepy jungle but it promised a new morning.

But was it applicable to the person who were slammed with the harsh truth ?

So here ends the fourth shot..

Revelations were shocking ? Ain’t ?

So yes it was none other than Kunj’s twin brother..

Who expected this kind of past from Kunj’s twin brother ?

Oh My goodness Kunj suffered in his childhood to ? But back then he had a doting brother to protect him but one Misunderstanding ruined everything..

Did you all expected something like this ?

Will they be able to find and save Kunj ?

What do you think about twinkle , Kunj and adharv respectively ?

And if Kunj is find and saved do you think twinkle and adharv deserve his forgiveness ?

They haven’t just hurted him but played with his life and broke his trust knowingly or unknowingly..

TRUST : It takes years to build , seconds to break and forever to repair..

Thank You for showing your love and support on previous shots ? I hope you like this shot to and support ?

Ciao gente bella a presto ❤?

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  1. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing shot.
    Eagerly waiting for next one.

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Belated Happy Christmas ❤

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Ciao anche a te e posta presto. ????
    Colpo incredible ???

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Grazie ❤??
      pubblicherà il sabato
      fino ad allora goditi la storia il cui link è riportato di seguito ??

      Link :

  3. Shalu02

    Marry Christmas ? with lots of love ?
    Episode is fabulous ?and Shocking ?
    Feeling bad for Kunj? and twinkle also ?
    Hope ?they find Kunj and saved him
    And I think It’s not Twinkle mistake? hope Kunj know whole truth ? and take right decision and they comeback together ? not like Adharv judge Kunj ? please don’t show like that ? post soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank you ❤??
      Let’s see what comes for Twinj ?
      But I assure you would find Kunj much more sensible and mature here rather than stupid like twinkle ?
      Link :
      Do read the story ❤

  4. feeling bad for kunj n twinkle too sm their she suffered too n kunj I CNT tell how will he cope n how n new devil arise n fight with every one n hv innocence too. quite weird mixture hope he knows twinkle suffering s too becoz in all dis she had been raped n also lost her child so don’t know I m super excited to rd further , awsm writing keep doing gud in ur life.

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      I agree twinkle has suffered but it doesn’t not justify twinkle’s decision of attempting to kill Kunj without even listening his side ?
      Link :

  5. Really good. But even I feel twinkle was not at fault. She lost her baby and she reacted like a mother for killing her baby and it was justified. Feeling really bad for kunj. Both twinj deserved a happy life…

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      Twinkle’s action as a mother was justified but not as a Lover ? Her decision was impulsive , Kunj asked her to give her chance to explain his side but she didn’t so she need to suffer a bit to gain Kunj’s forgiveness ❤
      Link :

  6. OMG ??
    I am crying ? poor kunj he has suffered so much ?
    Adharv ? What to say about him but said correct that one misunderstanding destroyed everything.
    Ansh was bang on ? His outburst and revelation was so good ? Twinkle ? Well she suffered to. She was misguided but I hope you show bit if regret from twinkle’s side cause I believe love is all about ‘ TRUST ‘. If she truly loved Kunj than she should have realised that he won’t ever do something like this ? Well I just don’t know what to say about her it’s up to you ? All I have to say is this shot was amazing and superb ? Everything was so well written and described ??
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  7. Feeling very sad for kunj as well as adharv as he was misguided. Twinkle was right in her place. She lost her baby that broke her and she was not in a state of mind to understand the reality. She should not be punished because she suffered a lot. She was raped by her own love. She was unaware of the happenings with kunj. The story is great but I don’t think it is right to blame twinkle.

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      I agree twinkle has suffered but twinkle’s actions were not justified ? If she lost her child than Kunj doesn’t even know about that ? And as much I agree that she was raped by her own Love. She should have once thought that why Kunj would want to do that to her when he loved her so unconditionally ? These reasons just doesn’t not justify her side to receive Kunj’s forgiveness instantly ? She needs to suffer a bit for that ?
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  8. Oh God ??
    Revelations were so unexpected ??
    Poor Kunj ? He suffered since his childhood ??
    Adharv’s side of story was shocking to core ??
    Twinkle loved him ?? I never expected that ??
    Not even in my wildest thought..
    This story is so complicated full of emotions ??
    Each and everyone here has there own suffering’s but sure Kunj is to be sympathized more ??
    Twinkle’s abortion was actually done by adharv ??
    This means Kunj is unaware of the fact that he lost his child ? Or does he knows about that ??
    Adharv should suffer the most and little bit for twinkle to after all she should have shown trust on her love or tried to find the truth behind every changed behaviour of his ??
    This shot was splendid !
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  9. Amazing shot.. Loved it dear.. so the mystery man was Kunj brother who did this to twinj.. twinj suffered alot because of him ? post soon..

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    I am left speechless ?
    I just don’t know what to start from and what to praise first ?
    Revelations from past are heartbreaking ?
    Everyone is suffering from there own misery ?
    But I don’t want kunj to forgive twinkle and adharv just like that both should suffer and adharv should suffer the most ? But please don’t drag Kunj forgiving twinkle cause she suffered to ?
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  11. It was amazing…
    Poor kunj..suffered alot ….
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    One misunderstanding…& everything end …
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    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      And yes I agree you twinkle and Adharv need to earn his forgiveness ? Their suffering’s can’t justify their actions ?
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    Twinkle…………….Ab bhugat , aur Adharv bhi! HUHHH!
    Eagerly waiting for the next!!!!! <3

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Cheenu ❤?
      Nope twinkle just didn’t remember many thing’s about that incident and since doctors asked to avoid any stress for twinkle kunj never talked about that incident ?
      Link :

  13. Oh God kunj has sufferered from childhood..?? Adharv is so cruel?he was the one living with Kunj’s identity and blaming Twinkle..huhh??? I think Twinkle is not at fault coz she did it for her baby .. But that can’t change the reality she lost KUNJ? I’m sure he is alive but they have to gain his forgiveness or I think kunj would come back with the next soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Sumo ❤??
      I don’t complete disagree you sumo but twinkle’s suffering doesn’t justify her actions ? she needs to earn Kunj’s forgiveness ☺
      Link :

  14. Secret_Admirer

    Fantastic shot ?
    Heartbreaking revelations ?
    I felt really bad for Kunj ? He suffered so much ?
    Adharv should suffer and twinkle needs to earn Kunj’s forgiveness though she suffered to but her shooting Kunj can take his life so yes she should atleast make some effort to get his forgiveness ?
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    A woman who could not realize the difference between her Love how can I expect her to trust and recognize Kunj ??
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    She atleast have some effort in gaining kunj’s forgiveness ??
    About adharv this man ? He needs to suffer too ?
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  17. Vibhu

    Ahhh .. so I was right upto much extent.
    This Adhrav is an idiot. Can’t he have faith in his brother & his best friend.
    He ruined both of their lives just becoz of his own sillyness.
    I’m feeling so bad for twinj.
    Don’t know whom to sympathize more!???
    Twinkle deserves kunj’s forgiveness coz she has also suffered a lot.
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    Wanted to do good for his brother and got only suffering. ?
    Great update my dear
    Loved it so much

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      Twinkle sure deserves Kunj’s forgiveness but not just without atleast suffering and regretting a BIT.
      She needs to earn Kunj’s forgiveness cause just like Adharv didn’t have faith in his brother twinkle to failed to trust her LOVE ?
      And adharv will sure suffer for his doings but not before brother’s confrontation ?
      I have posted TERE SANG YAARA ?
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  22. Maddy25

    Sorry for commenting late. I was busy dii However i read alll the episodes together and i loveddddd it. Plzzzzz continue sooon dii plzzzzz.

  23. Itne saare shocks ?
    Baap re soch bhi nhi tha k esa bhi kuch ho sakta h..ok I already guessed it k kunj ka koi twin brother hoga Jo k sab kuch KR Raha h or esa hi HOA but adharv ka esa shocking past nikle ga ye nhi socha tha I mean ek misunderstanding ki waja se adharv NE kunj ko it na hurt kia jab k kunj ki to koi galti bhi nhi thi in sab me ? woh to already Tut Chuka tha jab usy pata Chala k uska Bhai his only family is no more????
    And twinkle omg..she used to love adharv not kunj..but ye kesa pyar k jis me usy pata hi nhi Chala k jis insan SE woh pyar krti thi itne saalo SE or jis SE shaadi ki woh dono different person hn.. Ok I agree k adharv kunj ki identity usy kr raha tha but personality to change this na dono ke i mean Kya larki h ye Jo pyar ek SE or shaadi dosre SE and then played as a victim why bcz she lost her child but was kunj’s fault in all this us bechare ko to shayd pata bhi nhi tha k twinkle was pregnant… maybe.maybe adharv twinkle ka sacha pyar he was just her crush jisko woh pyar samjh KR bety gai ho but what about kunj wese to kunj SE pyar ka dawa krti h or usy ek bar bhi ye Jane NE ki koshish nhi ki k Jo larka usse itna pyar krta g uski ankho me ek anso nhi dekh sakta Jo usk lye apni Jan Tak de sakta h woh khud apne Bache ko kese mar sakta h???
    I just hate her alot and adharv too they both directly or indirectly hurt kunj alot and I don’t want k kunj unhen maaf kry?
    Hope k kunj zinda ho..
    Post soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ❤??
      Twinkle could not recognize Kunj and Adharv first cause of identity swaps and then that incident in which she got her head on pillar she forgot about that incident. And twinkle and Adharv both will suffer as per they deserve ?
      Link :

  24. Meharin


  25. SSK

    Amazing episode.
    There were so many shocks in the episode but I really felt bad for kunj. He suffered so much. I just hope twinkle finds him out and he is fine.
    What adharv did was absolutely not right, without knowing he just acted. I hope everything will be fine. The episode was written really beautifully.

  26. I’m speechless.
    I’m having goosebumps.
    Seriously aanu I thought of a twin brother but not such horrible past.
    What’s gonna happen now!?
    Don’t kill Kunj please huge request.
    Adharv I don’t know whether he deserves forgiveness of Kunj or not but twinkle does.
    But not instantly.
    She should suffer a little.
    I feel twinkle is not at fault completely. She even faced her problem and losing a baby is not so easy. And so for Kunj.
    Forgive adharv of he regrets but not soon.
    I know you have already planned everything perfectly.
    So I’m here, waiting to read more parts.
    Loving your book.
    Of course love you.

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Ramu ❤??
      Yes you are right twinkle deserves kunj’s forgiveness but she need to earn it ?

  27. Meharin

    Post soon dear!

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