INTEQAAM •° A Fire Of Revenge °• (Twinj) SHOT : 3

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Heya Lovely People !
How are you ?

So here I come back with the third shot ?

Sorry for the delay but as you know I had my physics mock I didn’t got time to edit the third shot ? And seriously I was hell tried to update the shot after coming back since our mock was scheduled in evening and classes in morning ? I felt two lazy to edit and post ?

Nevertheless without wasting our time let’s go ahead with third shot ?

A/N : This shot is not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling’s and sentiments.

PS : Ignore the typo mistakes ?

I guess it’s time for everyone to keep tissue box along them ?

It was few day’s since everything started turning upside. Kunj’s behaviour started getting worse. His anger was reaching a peak , frustration and unwanted unknown emotions were taking place in him though unwanted by him.

The drugs he was given started showing their signs. His behaviour turned adverse to his pleasing. Twinkle was shocked by his changed behaviour. His ruthlessness and manhandling broke her inside but she could do nothing. She could not judge the reason of his worsen behaviour thus worse thoughts started circulating her mind. W..was he involved in some extra marital affair or something else ?

Kunj could not comprehend what was happening to him. His headaches started worsening. He felt alot weaker than before. He felt himself drained out of energy whenever he wanted to emphasize on recent happening’s. He wanted to share this with twinkle. He wanted to talk to her but he would just pass out with unbearable headaches and body pains and next morning when he awakes he remembers nothing.

But unknown to him and twinkle a devil was taking a mask of innocent. He (Kunj) was being used as a pawn of game but he was unknown to everything. Unknown to Kunj , twinkle started developing a sense of hatred and disliking toward’s him. She would scream and shout at him for his ruthless behaviour. They would fight but next morning he forgets everything.

Thing’s started taking worsened turns when twinkle started avoiding him , she started distancing him from her. Kunj wanted to protest and argue but every time he felt tired and defeated to say a word. He was getting bound by the chains of unfaultered fate.

Alas in between everything Kunj would usually pass out and sleep due to weakness at night without having his meals and morning breakfasts were skipped cause of one or other argument twinj. His body was getting drained of required nutritions.

He was helpless yet he was culprit. It worsened the day he collapsed in his office but twinkle was unaware cause their were enemies all around him. That day unknown to them the same person who spoke about Kunj’s health worsening due to the drugs took his tests and finally gave the nod to the devil that they could finally make a use of kunj.

That day they manipulated the innocent to become a devil. That day destiny trapped them into the worst game of love and revenge. A game that would take away life of two innocent’s and leave two culprits regretting over there deeds.

Storms brewed on the cold horizon promising nothing but winds to level even the mightiest of trees to the soil. The noon darkness and damp-smelling air threatened to render them helpless beneath whatever pitiful shelter they sought.

The charcoal sky, held attention of people by a golden streak, a crack in the cloud layer where the sun streamed through as fast as water through a cracked dam.

The rain was promised, the wind already unleashed, but there would be sunshine and warmth by morning, time to rebuild and repair but with an embrace if guilt. The thunder seamed to crack the air, as if the very heavens might split apart. It rolled like the ash could of a volcano, becoming a rolling booming rumble.

Guilt and regret was ready to embrace them without the chance of rectifying. They were innocent’s yet they were bound to become culprits of their loved ones. They were bound to fall apart in their Love , Hatred and Revenge.

” Please don’t do this Kunj ! Please stop!” Twinkle spoke crying struggling to free herself from his grip while kunj was busy kissing the length of her neck, biting her harshly leaving marks on her body and soul. It was dark and nothing was visible to her but she could feel his presence.

But why was he forcing her?

He never crossed his limits without her permission.

He never touched her without her permission.

He always treated her with respect and care than why this sudden manhandling..

Their was reason but hidden in darkeness of lies , revenge and hatered.

Today all of a sudden he was being romantic. He called her and asked her to dress up in a beautiful gown he sent. He prepared a dinner date for them in a lavish hotel.

She thought might be today they can have a chance to talk over and mend their worsen relationship due to unknown reasons but who knew storm will embrace them this soon.

After dinner they decided to stay in a hotel room for night when all of a sudden kunj was being romantic but she denied as she was not feeling well. But rather than being panic like always and taking care of her he got angry and today every limits broke after he pushed her and slapped her.

She was confused by his weird and changed behaviour but today what he did and was doing shattered her soul and broke her heart.

She just questioned herself ” Did she do something wrong by loving this man? ”

Since days his anger increased.. She ignored it..

He shouted at her.. She beared it..

But today she was broken..

He forced her..

He slapped her..

She didn’t knew why he was doing this all ?

But this made her question their Love..

Did this man just faked everything ?

” Stop Kunj.. why are you doing this all ? Please stop.. I am not feeling well kunj please stop “ twinkle screamed trying to stop him from undressing her.

” Don’t you know why twinkle ? All because of you.. It’s your payback for what you did.. I Hate You twinkle !! I hate you…” Kunj said with an unknown anger.

Twinkle was shocked with his word’s. She looked at him straight into his eye’s but today she could not read him like always. They were blank and emotionless as if they were devoid of soul. His eye’s that screams his emotions were blank.

His kisses and bites travelled down her body while twinkle was giving up to defend herself , it felt as if it became her destiny , tears escaped the confines of her eye’s as he left his mark’s on her already wounded soul in the darkness of night just as her life.

After a while twinkle was lying almost as a lifeless soul on her bed wrapped in just a duvet covering her naked and wounded soul , tears were rolling down her eye’s like a flow of river.

That devil was laying beside her sleeping peacefully after ruining her soul. After tearing her soul apart he was sleeping peacefully.

” Why are you doing this Kunj ? You are breaking me inside.. I don’t want to hate you… “ spoke twinkle crying covering her mouth with her hands to muffle her sobs as she held duvet to her chest.

This was not LOVE.

He forced her. For her it was not less than being raped.

She was cursing her fate , cursed herself for loving that Devil , She was RAPED ! RAPED by her own Love.

After a while gathering herself twinkld dressed herself and left the room crying all broken and shattered leaving kunj there only.

But she left him to a Devil , she herself betrayed her destiny. A person came into the room and smirked evilly seeing an unconscious kunj. The first thing he did was inject him the drugs but this time dose exceeded it’s limit.

He dressed kunj afterwards and sat their only on a chair looking at him with unknown emotions gushing through his eye’s. It was same exact as Kunj , attractive but devoid of warmth like kunj. The only difference was kunj had gradient blue colour where as his was gradient green.

He sat near Kunj on floor on his knees looking at him intensely and spoke in a hoarse and venomous tone ” See Kunj ! What have I done with your life. Since childhood you spoiled mine and now I am doing same. You always overshadowed me Kunj Sarna but I promise I will fill your life with darkness of pain and hatred yet you will burn in the fire of revenge just like I did years ago. You snatched my everything kunj but this time I will get my everything back. ”

He suddenly stopped and looked at Kunj with a kind of obsession apparent on his face and eye’s ” I am sorry Kunj but now you have to bid adeau to your happiness. I am sorry for what I am about to do but I am not even sorry Kunj ” the man finished and laughed hysterically.

But that devil made a mistake by his unwanted noises. Kunj groaned and moved in his unconscious state. He was gaining his consciousness back. The man huffed in anger and hid himself in the room behind curtains for a while. His plan failed for this moment but he wasn’t going to give up.

Kunj again woke up with a vulnerable head ache. His head felt as if it would burst any moment He could not remember anything. He was clueless how he came here.

Kunj opened his red swollen eye’s , His head was hurting as if it was about to burst. He looked around to found himself all alone in a hotel room.

What was he doing here ?

Why it was such a mess and this headache. It felt as if it will take his life one day..

He tried remembering everything but failed miserably.

He held his head in pain trying to remember what happened but all he recieved was unbearable pain and blur flashes.

He is in so much pain his complexion is ashen. His natural golden skin has sunken in tone to something so lifeless that it scares a person to just look at him. His eyes close and he sucks himself into a deeper place to cope.

Not being able to handle the pain anymore Kunj slumped lazily against the bed rest and gave up on trying to remember the recent happening’s.

After a while when Kunj tries to get up from bed he suddenly felt something blackening in front of his eye’s , once closing his eyes and opening them again he started walking but wasn’t feeling well , he held his head between his hands to steady himself but within seconds everything blackened out.

Kunj fell on to the floor unconscious and the person who hid behind the curtains gasped in horror to see kunj faint. He didn’t expected him to faint after injecting him another dose of drugs. Within seconds he was by Kunj’s side and helped him to lay on bed and immediately called someone.

The man who took Kunj’s test a while ago appeared again after few minutes and saw the man walking around whole room in tension and Kunj was lying on bed unconscious.

” Aryan ! Thank God you are here.. See him he fainted just after waking up.. I don’t know what happened to him suddenly why did he just collapsed ? ” asked the man in worried tone. For the first time since he returned to destroy their life he showed the signs of having emotions. Like something inside him finally broke but again they were blank.

Aryan nodded his head and checked Kunj and after a while spoke with a sigh ” I told you before that this drugs is really dangerous for a human body and since kunj is being given twice the amount his body has weakened alot. I don’t think so he will be concious any soon but now two more doses and he can loose his life. We can’t give him these drugs anymore if we want him to be alive. ”

” What ? But how can this be possible ? Didn’t you counted the total amount of drugs and took his tests and confirmed we can continue with what we are doing ? “ yelled the person angrily.

” Yes I did checked him and told you before also that with continous doses and not having proper nutrition his body has weakened alot. I don’t know why but the last time I checked him his condition was not that bad but now it has worsened. We can’t continue giving him drugs his condition is worsening. ” Aryan replied in same tone.

” Now whatever you want to do or make kunj do you need to do without these drugs. A small amount of drugs now can harm his nervous system badly or can even cost his life. Now choice is upto you if you want to take your own *stops seeing the man’s glare and takes sigh* take his life in pretence of your revenge “ Aryan said and left the room with the sigh leaving them alone.

He looked at kunj , series if emotions rushed in his lifeless soul. He was in dilemma , he was confused what to do. At one point was his revenge. If not his luck he would have died that day in that fire but here his revenge was on verge of taking his *sigh* he didn’t wanted to admit this truth but he can’t even deny it.

But keeping his inner turmoil aside that person decided he is gonna do what he came for and left Kunj in that room on his own but caller few man to look over him. He decided it was time for him to push his plan into final end.

Time passed and kunj’s rude behaviour increased. Sometimes he would be rude and next moment he would forget everything. His behaviour confused twinkle but more than that she started hating him.

It was a normal day everything was going well but today twinkle discovered something that changed the meaning of their (twinj) relationship. It could strengthen and mend their broken relationship and she decided to give kunj one more chance for the unborn soul growing inside her. Their symbol of LOVE.


Twinkle could not name it but she knew for his deeds she cannot let an unborn baby suffer without even trying for the one last time to gather the pieces of their shattered souls and relationship.

Screen is focused on an orphanage where many children were surrounding a man, happy in his presence as if his love heals their broken soul’s, they were laughing and playing around him.

The man was none other than Kunj !! Whom anyone seeing won’t believe is a Devil for someone’s life. He was lost in their company.

He was smiling but can anyone believe the devil behind that innocent smile , that devilish smirk that ruined a soul is smiling and laughing selflessly. These small smiles of these innocent kids gave him peace when he tried to ruin another life.

Was it just all what we saw ?

Or was their something more than that ?

That’s when he recieved a call from twinkle. She asked him to come home as soon as possible. He was confused why this urgency but still left for their mansion. He bid adeu to the little happiness spreaders and sat in his car to leave and meet the love of his life but……………..


In the dark room, even the ticking had a relaxed feeling, as if it was a heart-beat at rest. It felt as if the air moved like cool water and the aroma of her wet soil from heavy rain would infused anyone far more deeply than it did in the light of day.

In the twilight the fabrics were muted hues, as if they too awaited dawn to ignite their colours for all to see. A man was sitting on a chair. His face hidden in darkness.

But his gaze was fixed on a picture that could he seen due to the candle burning on the table below. It was a twinj picture with cross sign marked. He turned his face opposite to look at Kunj……….

” You both will pay for this.. Today I will broke her and soon you will be broken by your love KUNJ SARNA “ spoke the man with venom and hatred laughing hysterically.


” Kunj you can’t do this.. No you can’t.. I won’t let you do this ” spoke twinkle crying miserably.

She thought breaking the news of her pregnancy to him would bring a change in his behaviour but she was so wrong. This devil had called a team of doctors at home for abortion.

” It will happen at any cost swara even if you don’t want “ Kunj replied angrily.

” You can’t do this Kunj.. this is your child.. this is OUR CHILD…OUR SYMBOL OF LOVE.. How can you even think of killing an innocent soul. It’s you who had to protect our child. How can you do this ” twinkle spoke crying but it had no effect on devil.

All she saw was an unaffected devil standing infront of her devoid of emotions. She cried , she begged him to listen her but it felt deaf years to him.

Soon team of doctors arrived. Seeing them twinkle started moving back. ” No I won’t let this happen. I won’t let this happen. I won’t. Please kunj I will leave your life but don’t do this “ twinkle spoke chocking over a hiccup crying miserably and was about to run but was held by two nurses.

” Please Kunj.. please don’t do this.. ”

All her pleading’s felt deaf ear to him. Twinkle was forcefully taken into a room. Her screams echoed in mansion but could not be heard outside.

There was no one to save her and that little soul existing in her.

After a while doctor’s walked out of the room. Her screams died along that little soul. Twinkle was lying on bed numb and shattered.

Again ! Once again her soul was damaged by that Devil but this time that Devil took the last reason for her strength to change him , He killed their baby , he killed their symbol of love even before he came into this world.

What sin had she done to bear this all pain ?

What was all that little soul’s mistake ?

” I won’t leave you Kunj Sarna. I won’t leave you !! Now you will pay for this all. You will face the wrath of a mother for killing her baby ”

That’s when she decided to avenge kunj unknown the fact that she was gonna commit the worst mistake of her life.

On other side that devil revealed an evil smile as team of doctors left he whispered ” I broke your happy bubble Kunj Sarna. Best of Luck for your life “


” OH MY GOD TWINKLE ! You Killed Kunj ? “ person said acting utterly shocked.

” You Killed Kunj ? You Killed your Kunj ! “ continued the man laughing hysterically like insanes.

While twinkle slumped on the rough barren ground in shock. She could not believe her eye’s. Some blur flashes started invading her mind. Gun fell of from her grip as those blur flashes started becoming clear.

Realisation started hitting her with alot of questions that were left to be answered but this was too LATE to realise. He already left her….


Uhuuu so here ends the third shot..

Seems like this mystery man has a deep past with twinj specially Kunj….

Oh My ? Kunj is already suffering so much physically and mentally ? and then this fall from cliff ?

What do you all think..

Will Kunj survive ?

Will kunj be rescued from the cliff ?

Or destiny has turned bitter on twinj?

This mystery man himself has a series of twisted emotions to go through ?

What kind of relationship does he have with Twinj ?

So by now I have three different guesses from SidMin78 , Myra and Ms Anonymous..

Here they are ?

1 : Kunj has a twin brother.

2 : It’s yuvi with a mask of kunj back for his baseless revenge.

3 : Or kunj has some dual personality disorder.

Well the option three is totally out of the box but one of the first two options can still be true ?

Which one according to you is possible ?

So next shot is all about revelations and if you all want the next shot as soon as possible then comment down there and share your reviews.

Thank You for showing your love and support on previous shots ? I hope you like this shot to and support ?

Ciao gente bella a presto ❤?

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