Instagram love❤ ( sanveer ff ) part 1

Hey everyone !
Inara is back ?
Hope u all remember me ?
“Yaar m frustrated kya kru ye banda 3 din se baat nhi kr rha kya krun” sanchi pulled her hair in frustration while talking to her panda.
Pandu tum hi batao aisa kya busy hai ki ek msg bhi nhi kr rha ya na reply kr rha hai mana ki engineer hai but still thoda baat toh kr skta hai na..she questioned her panda.
I know now he has completed his studies nd job kr rha hai bada engineer ban gaya hai but still ye bhi koi tareeka hua
5 saal ho gaye hai relationship ko…kahi ab vo bore toh nhi ho gaya na…is this the end of our relationship..she said while tears filled her eyes..
Pandu I love him ..i love that idiot like i love you..she hugged her pandu and started sniffing..
But why m i crying…i m sanchi mishra..i m not weak that I will start crying fr such stupid reason …if today he doesn’t msg me I will block him from my whatsapp as well as my life…
She looked at a guy’s photo and glared her.
Look mr.veer malhotra if u don’t msg me today then trust me i will break up with u mind it so just msg me atleast send a hi…plsssss.
She kept lookng at his pic fr a few seconds
And then looked at her watch
Oh shit it’s 12 :40
If I dont sleep now then definitely m going to get late and then that khadus buddha will start lecturing me..
So she lies on her bed placing her beloved pandu beside herself and closes her eyes to sleep
When suddenly her phone beeps with a msg
She ignores it and closes her eyes
After a few seconds her phone beeps again
She thinks of seeing the msg tw
But when the phone beeps for the third time she picks the phone and sees ‘ 3 msges from veer’
Finally a smile appeared on her face
Look pandu that idiot msged me she said while showing her phone to her panda..she opened her whatsapp and read his msg
Hi srry a little busy …send me ur address …as soon as possible .
Address achanak? She msged
Give na pls he replied.
I gave it to u to twice ?
Ya but I forgot??so pls send me please he requested.
Fine Flat no.202 king towers, dadar , mumbai. She typed
Bas itna hi…he asked
Nahi installments mein de rhi hu ??obviously itna hi hai?
Ooh ??chalo now m sleeping bye i love you❤
As if mai chaukidari krne ja rhi hu bye good night she typed and kept her phone aside
Did u just see that pandu, he has changed..i guess it’s over..she said and cuddled with her sweet little pandu
Next morning
Sanchi was sleeping with her stomach facing the bed and her mouth partially open when suddenly the doorbell rang.
Arghhh itni subah subah kaun aa gaya…god give these people some Brain is this the time to come to someone’s house she murmured while rubbing her eyes when the doorbell rang again.
Oh god stop ringing that again and again m not deaf…she shouted while walking towards the door.
She opened the door and as soon as she looked at the person standing in front of her she was shocked..
Kamla tai she shouted and hugged the lady tightly
Are are sanchi beta jaan le legi kya..leave me …it’s suffocating she chuckled??
Haan haan jao ek toh itne dino baad aaye ho aur aate hi gale bhi lagane nhi dete katti..she said
Oho let me guess veer se ladai hui??she said
Ladai nhi …I m thinking of killing him ??she said angrily
Hawwww murder of ur 5 year old boyfrnd whom u love so much..she said
Toh kya aarti utaru…you know kamla tai it has been 3 days we haven’t talked nicely..I dony knwo what has happened ..i feel sab khatam honewala hai..she said sadly.
Buddhu don’t think like that he might be busy she said
Oh really mai busy nhi hu kya… every morning I go to buddhe anand malhotra ki daant khati hu.. then that irritating girl ria…i bear her everyday and kuch din jab mera badluck bhi kharab hota hai then I meet that kabir sir…but still i think of talking to him..but he is always busy..i know he is an engineer he has many responsibilities but still 5 mins he can talk na

Fine chal uski galti maar dalna usko jab milega…pehle mil toh le aaj tak mili bhi toh nhi hai usse…
To be continued..
So guys how was it!!
Hope it wasn’t boring.

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  1. Boring ….
    not at all…it was amazing plz continue…
    post next part soon…..???

  2. Anu88

    Though I am a kanchi fan fir bi this ff is really amazing and so so interesting yaar…………….. please yaar continue this story……………lots of love for u …………….tc friend

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