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Hey Nandini…

What happened yr..?Are you still embarassed at that kiss thing???Come on,it’s been do long..I was just kidding..

Nandini yr..


Ohh hii,,finally you’ve spoken…!!
You are seriously mad..Who take these little things serious..?

I do..

You are impossible..

Hey,dont copy my line…You copy cat..



So what were you doing.?

Nothing just completing my practicals..

Ohh great…Have you ever done something other than “STUDYING””.????


Great,nandu has learnt to give back to others..
So where are you these days.?

And you.?


Great…What are you doing these days.?

Just working on my new project..And I’ve to write report and I really dont want to do that..?

Great yr….You should enjoy these phases of your life and do it with dedication it’ll be fun…

Ohh please..I dont need your lecture….


Or wait….Can you write that for me.?

Why would I..?No I wont

Nandu please….??

No..Do it by yourself

You cant do this much for me..???

Stop doing emotional drama….Ok I’ll….
But how’ll I give it to you.?

Thank you nandu?
How..?You can post me that no?


What what.?Of course we’ve to meet…..


(Nandini is a brave and bubbly girl but she’s kind an introvert…Meeting people ranks last in her list and above that she has just met Manik so its little uncomfortable for her )

Yes nandu meet…!!So when’ll you complete it…??And where should we meet.?KFC,Mcdonalds or Pizza hut..??

I’ll complete it by tomorrow.You can it day after tomorrow BUT we are not going to any KFC or Mcdonalds.
I’ve my classes.So you can meet me @metro I’ll give it there and will leave..

Like seriously nandu????
Dont worry I’ll pay…!!

No more arguments on this.Thats final.
Now I’m going bye.

Fine…Its good it’ll save my money??

Nandini’s POV

I’ve exams in few days and I’ve agreed to complete his notes.But why..?We dont even know each other then why am I doing all this for him..!!
Relax nandini…

Heya..Your report has been completed…!!

Are you a robot or what..?

You stay online all the time..??

Have you any problem with that.?


No no please tell me if you have,I’ll give my best to solve it?

Shut up..
Acha when is your b’day.?

You are planning a surprise for me.?

I’m asking generally….!!

Its 20November..And yours??

8th december…!!

Ok…I’m so glad you’ve told me this..Should I throw a b’day bash for you???

Shut up…!!
You just troll me…!!I’m going bye..You can take your report…

Ok angry bird?


Next day they met and as she’s said she just handed him the report and left from there…


Thank you so much nandu….
I must say you’ve changed a lot…Was looking beautiful….

Thank you??

Are you sure,you dont have a boyfriend??

Dont start again…
Ok I’ve my exam tomorrow,so going bye……

Whole day Manik didnt contact her,she thought he must be busy so she also didnt text…But it was strange as he stays always online so she finally decided to text..

Where are you..?
No msg..!!


Are you fine..?

Just a little upset..Dont want to talk to anyone…

You can share it with me if you want..
I know at times we feel low..Nothing didnt go according to our plan..But everything will be fine sooner or later…Be positive….

There are a lot of things…I cant type that much…If you want to know I can tell you on call…!!

Hmmm ok..



Nandini–Hii,So whats the problem…?

Manik–Wo actually,after completing degrees from space,I’d done some stage shows and enjoyed that phase of my life a lot..But now I want to stabilise my career..Singing is just my hobby…And from past two years I’m trying to set up a business…And I am failing miserably..Few times I’d cracked the deal but then got stuck in some other stuff…Dont know why all this happening with me….And this year,it is the last attempt…Dont know I’ll be able to do that….!!

Nandini–Hey its ok…..I know its really heart breaking but you’ll come out of it…!!And hope everything goes well this year…

Manik–Hope the same…Om bye then….

Nandini–Ok bye

Nandini’s POV

I hope he’ll be able to achieve everything this year…!!Why am I so concerned about him…!!Well….hoping for the best….



How are you..??

I’m good…
And I want to say something…

Yeah say….?

Whatever I’ve said yesterday,,I just want to say I dont need anyone’s sympathy….So I hope you wont do that…!!

Why would I….!!Where did sympathy come from…!!Its just care….So FRIENDS..???

No…..I dont want to befriend with anyone….I am really reserved person….And I request you to dont keep any expectations from me…!!I neither want someone to be special for me nor I want someone considers me special…If you dont want to continue this…Its completely fine… !!

No…Its nothing like that …Its ok….

Nandini’s POV

Dont know what has happened to him…It was too rude but may be he has some reasons…If we’ve crossed our path,then there must be some connection..!!

No friends..??
Will it continue in future..?
Will they be special to each other ever or not..??

Stay tuned to know…
Hit the vote button and do comment your views…

And a request,since I’ve mostly written Ishqbaaz ff,,I’ve followers from that fandom…And I’m getting very less views….So if you guys know anyone who is MaNan fan….Do share this story,I’ll be really thankful to you…

Lots of love

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    awesome one…

  2. TUFriendsForever

    Awesome I think Manik has an dark past why is he getting rude when talks come about friends??? Hmm I am finding it interesting yeah Nandini is always studyingggg but singing can also be a career I liked it keep writing

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