Insight into one’s heart (ArDeep and DevAkshi FS) – Shot 4

4. Apology and Proposal

Next day

Deep’s house,

Aarohi and Deep reached their house after enjoying a memorable night party. Hansa welcomed them and tell Hansa whatever happened yesterday at the party and how they enjoyed there (excluding Dev’s proposal). Hansa felt happy hearing all that and blessed them that no one cast a bad eye on both of them. Deep and Aarohi smiled.

Hansa – “Aarohi and Deep, I bought few wires from the shops to make wire bags. I know my friend who sells handmade products.”

Aarohi – “That is nice, Dadi. Your wire bags are really beautiful.”

Deep – “Okay… It is really impressive. But, what is meant by wire bags? I am hearing it for the first time.”

Hansa – “Wire bags are made through a kind of wires. (She shows the wire to him) Through this wire, we should make knots and make handbags of any size. These bags are stronger than cloth bags and can be used for a long period of time.”
Deep nods with “Ohhh!”

Aarohi – “Dadi, teach him how to make a knot.”

Hansa gave him wire and taught how to make a knot. Deep could not make that knot even after trying for a number of times.

Deep – “Oh my god! These knot making and all are so difficult. How could you both do such things? So great.”

Aarohi and Hansa laughed.
Deep- “It depends on the concentration, Deep…”

Hansa – “Practice makes you perfect, Deep.”

Deep nodded and looked at how Hansa made knots so fast. After some time,

Deep – “Aarohi, come on. You complete your project works now.”

Aarohi nodded and took her white cane and followed Deep to his room.

Aarohi – “Deep, I really feel and for your brother Dev. He is really a sweet guy.”

Deep – “Yes, Aarohi. He was devastated by all these things.”

Aarohi – “I wish if Dev could find someone else who could love him immensely.”

Deep – “I wish the same. I think he took the decision out of haste after seeing her for a long time. I am speaking with him soon he’ll recover. Sonakshi is also there.”

Aarohi – “Yes, Deep. A decision taken out of haste and keeping things as a result made the things mess. I wonder what will happen to Tanya and Dev’s friendship.”

Deep – “Tanya told us that she would speak to Dev soon. So nothing would happen.”

Aarohi nodded positively.

Deep – “But, you didn’t tell me anything, Aarohi.”

Deep said cockily.

Aarohi – “What?”

Deep – “How was your day yesterday night?”

Aarohi – “Ah yeah… Deep I enjoyed yesterday, so much. All of them are so sweet, just like you… Vividha is a cutie pie… Atharva’s presence makes the surroundings fun… Tanya is lovely and Rehaan is so friendly… I could see more of Sonakshi yesterday… DEv is cool and reserved… And the way you sang took me to the memory lane.”

Deep gazes at Aarohi’s gestures when she describes things and he smiled. (Song plays till the scene end)

Aarohi – “You know Deep, yesterday I felt like a normal girl who could dance and enjoy whenever she want.Deep – “You are a normal girl, Aarohi.”

Aarohi – “Yeah… No, I am not normal… I don’t have eyes and I have to depend on my white cane…”

Deep deepens his gaze and says, “Throw that cane there and hold my hands…. Forever.”

Aarohi – “Deep…”

Deep – “Yeah Aarohi…. I love you.”

Aarohi didn’t speak anything.
Deep – “Aarohi.”

Aarohi – “Can I hug you, Deep?”

Deep – “Yeah.”

Aarohi backed. Deep extended his arms.

Aarohi runs to him and hugged Deep tightly and cries.

She says, “I love you, Deep. I want you to be with me forever. I don’t know whether you got the best, but I got the best human as my soulmate.”

Deep – “You’re not my better half, but my best half, Aarohi. Because you don’t judge anyone by looks, you judge people by their heart. You added beautiful colors in my life.”

Deep kissed her forehead and cupped her face and joined his head with her head. He slowly released the hug and wiped the tears.

Deep – “It’s okay. Now you start preparing for your exams.”Deep nodded.


Tanya’s house,

Tanya rings for Dev for the tenth time, but Dev didn’t attend the call even for a time. Tanya gave up her hopes on trying, but decided to try for one last time.

She dialed Dev’s number and at the last ring, Dev attended the call.

Dev – “Tanya…”

Tanya – “How are you, Dev?”

Dev trembles, “I am fine, Tanya.”

Tanya – “Why are you shivering and why is your voice trembling? Are you speaking to any ghost or supernatural creature?”

Dev looks at his hands shivering and wonders…

Dev – “No, Tanya… Actually, I am extremely sorry for what I did yesterday without knowing anything. I did that out of haste like an emotional fool. Till yesterday evening I didn’t have any feelings like that… But seeing you after a long time made me think I did wrong…”

Tanya – “It’s okay, Dev. No need for any explanations and I know you well. After all, we are friends…. Did you forget that?”
Dev- “Yeah…”

Tanya – “Yes…? You forgot that.”
Dev- “No, I meant that you know me well.”

Tanya – “Are you not crying in your room?”

Dev – “I cried yesterday itself.”

Tanya – “Acha!”

Dev- “Don’t think about my words, Tanya. You have chosen the best man for you. You’re lucky to get a friendly guy like Rehaan and the vice versa.”

Tanya – “I know that, Dev. But we should be in contacts unlike the previous incident. Deal?”

Dev – “Sure, Tanya. We will be in contact. Bye.”

Tanya cuts the call with a relief and smile of securing their friendship with Dev. Rehaan hugged Tanya from behind and rubbed his face with her one.

Rehaan – “Looks like my baby is happy.”

Tanya – “Baby? Am I your daughter?”

Rehaan – “If you try to be smart…”

Saying this, Rehaan kissed her lips.

Tanya – “Rehaan…”

Before she could complete, he gives another kiss.

Tanya – “The door is open, Rehaan.”

Rehaan – “I closed the door, sweetheart. So don’t worry.”

Rehaan tickled her hip. Tanya punched his stomach with her ankle lightly. Rehaan backed out rubbing his waist.

Rehaan – “Ouch! It’s paining..”

Tanya laughed at him.

Rehaan – “Okay, what did Dev say?”

Tanya – “He apologized me and I am happy that he told me to remain as friends. Last time, we lost contact, but now it is fine. I hope everything goes well.”

Rehaan – “Sure, sweetheart. Everything will go well.”

Tanya hugged Rehaan and says, “He told me that I am lucky to get you. It’s very true. I am so lucky, Rehaan. That’s why I got someone who accept me the way I am. You accepted me despite knowing my breakup and whatever happened yesterday.”

Rehaan – “A relationship will remain blissful only when two of them takes effort. See, I am a Model and I have to attend a lot of parties and events. I have to work with females as well, but you trust me completely even if some rumor arises. These things are bigger than what I did for you.”

Tanya – “Now only you said, the relationship is based on two people’s efforts. So one’s efforts never become smaller or bigger than other one.”

Rehaan (winks) – “Love you, sweetheart.”

Tanya blushed.


Two weeks later,

Sonakshi’s house,

Night 8 PM,

Sonakshi brought Dev to her house and introduced him to Bijoy and Asha. Bijoy and Asha know him that he is Deep’s brother, but meeting him for the first time since he didn’t attend Sonakshi’s wedding stating work reasons. Sonakshi brings a bag also which she hides behind herself and takes to the kitchen with a sheepish smile. Bijoy and Asha couldn’t understand Sonakshi’s behavior. While Dev makes them both engaged in a conversation.

This one week has changed Dev a lot and also the deepened the rapport of Dev and Sonakshi. They have been talking through each other till late night. Sonakshi has become Dev’s  3 am friend.

After some time, Dev also entered the kitchen. Sonakshi sighed.

Sonakshi – “Thank god… You somehow managed my parents. Let us start our mission.”

Dev – “You don’t worry. They never get doubts on us and they also won’t sleep. I took uncle’s help so that he won’t let aunty sleep.”

Dev and Sonakshi are going to prepare a cake for Asha’s birthday, so that they could cut the cake today’s night 12 AM. Sonakshi ordered the cake already, but the cake got damaged due to carelessness of the shopkeeper. Dev saw Sonakshi when she is arguing with the shopkeeper and then he cooled her and gave the idea of making cake on their own. Dev knows how to bake cakes so Sonakshi took him to her house after buying some required things.

Dev – “Take the purpose flour… 3 cups…”

Sonakshi – “Uff oh! I forgot to take that….”

Sonakshi and Dev started to search for Purpose Flour and found at the top shelf of the kitchen. Sonakshi couldn’t match up the height… Sonakshi searches for stool…

Dev – “Oh why are you searching for stool? I am here na… I’ll could take the box.”

Sonakshi – “It might be heavy, Dev.”

Dev – “You are underestimating the power of my muscles.”

Sonakshi derided and turned her hair adjacently through her face.

Dev managed to take the flour box from the top shelf, since his eyes are on Sanjana’s hair and how she is adjusting it. So the box falls on him and the flour fell on him completely and as a final touch, the box falls on the head.

Dev screams…. His face is full of floor. Dev breathes finally but as soon as he starts breathing, he starts sneezing. Sonakshi couldn’t stop laughing seeing his makeover.

Dev stopped sneezing and looks at her, who is laughing like an idiot. Dev gets lost how she laughs in a cute and beautiful way and looks at her and smiles seeing her. Sonakshi finally stopped laughing and looks at him.

Sonakshi – “Are you going to keep smiling or…? OMR! The flour and all got wasted.”

Dev is embarrassed. Dev started wiping the flour from his hair and the flour gets into one of his eyes.

Dev – “Ouch!”

Sonakshi – “What happened?”

Dev – “Flour get into my eyes… Ouch!”

Sonakshi – “Wait, I see…”

Sonakshi looks at his eyes and asked to close his eyes.

Dev – “What are you going to do if I close my eyes?”

Dev laughed while Sonakshi says, “Then okay. You deal with it.”

Dev – “No no….please help me, Sona.”

Dev pleaded like a child. Sonakshi laughed.

Dev closed his eyes and Sonakshi blows the dust from his eyes. She made him sit on the floor and cleaned some dust from his hair. Then, she opens his eyes and blows the dust from there. Sonakshi smiles seeing him sitting like a cute child.

She pulled his cheeks while Sonakshi screamed, “Ahhh!”

Sonakshi laughs at him. Dev rubbed his cheek.

Sonakshi – “Enough enough… Now you go and take a shower.”

Dev – “I don’t have a dress…”

Sonakshi thinks, “Umm… I have a legend’s dress for you. Come on.”

She takes him to her bathroom and gave a jeans and black shirt to him. She asked him to take shower fast. Soon Dev took his shower and comes back.

Sonakshi – “I have sieved the floor and some  floor remained in the box. So, exactly we have three cups of purpose flour. Now let us start our work.”

Dev says the requirements and Sonakshi mixed all that. Dev mixed the cake mixture with a whisk and keep the mixture in the oven. Then they take out the cake and Dev decorated the cake with creams and cherry toppings.

Finally the cake got ready.

Sonakshi hugged Dev, “Dev, thank you so much. If you’re not here, I don’t know how would I have made this…”

Dev laughed at her, “Now you say, why is this shirt ultra-special? This shirt looks normal.”

Sonakshi – “Do you know whose dress is this?”

Dev nodded in negative.

Sonakshi – “This is Deep’s dress. He came here for one day and he did a stupid ghost prank on me. I was scared to the hell. So, I chased him and pushed him into the mud in my garden and even rolled him in the mud.  He cannot clean it in water also. So he took a bath here for 1 hour (giggles) and left his dresses here unknowingly. It happened a month before.”

Dev is surprised hearing that.

Sonakshi – “Why are you surprised? These things are nothing. I break 10 eggs on Deep’s head once. Sometimes I bully him. Except pouting at me, he could do nothing.”

Dev says with pride. Dev laughs. Seeing it, Sonakshi also laughed.

Sonakshi – “He got showered with mud and you got showered with flour… No wonder you are his brother. Okay, you don’t reveal this to him. Otherwise, he will kill me.”
Dev smiles.

Sonakshi – “Oh, Its time… Let us make arrangements…”

When Sonakshi moves, she slipped due to flour on the floor. Dev holds her and they both shared an eye-lock (Rang Rahi Hoon plays) Dev and Sonakshi are lost in their eye-lock for some moments.

After half-an-hour,

Bijoy blind-folded Asha and took him to the living room where Sonakshi, Bijoy and Dev have decorated with balloons and some Happy birthday posters. Bijoy unfolded the black cloth. Asha smiles seeing the cake and the decorations and hugged Bijoy and Sonakshi

Bijoy – “You must be knowing what are we doing, right.”

Asha – “Of course, what is there to doubt? But what I wonder is, what is Dev and Sona doing these much time in kitchen..”

Dev – “We are preparing cake for you. Tadaa…”

Sonakshi opens the lid and Asha was amazed seeing the beautiful cake made by them.

Asha – “Amazing, Shona beta….”

Sonakshi – “Dev guided me and in fact he made this for you.”

Asha caressed Dev’s face with a smile. Dev smiles. Asha cuts the cake and fed Bijoy, Dev and Sonakshi.

Asha – “You know Dev beta, tomorrow Bijoy will prepare my favorite food for me… Aloo paratha…”

Dev – “Wow, Uncle is so sweet…”

Sonakshi – “Tell the remaining, mom.”

Asha – “He made this for me on the first day of marriage. I wonder if I could get such a cooking husband. Then only, I came to know he knows to cook only aloo-paratha…. It has been 28 years but he knows only that. If I get mood-off, he will prepare that for me. If Sona got mood-off, he will prepare that for me…”
Dev and Sonakshi laugh. Asha also laughs.

Bijoy – “Ohho! I have celebrated Asha’s birthday for 27 years and she is also saying this dialogue as a ritual. Now my daughter also joined.”

Asha and Sonakshi shares hi-fi.

Sonakshi – “But Dad cooks aloo-paratha better and best than anyone in the world. Mom used to say this each and every time when I cook aloo-paratha.”

Asha – “Sona, do you know whose birthday today is?”

Everyone laughed.


Next day,

Dev called Deep through the phone.

Dev – “Bhai, there is an important news. One of my clients is a doctor in Jyoti Hospital. He told me that a German doctor Mr. George has paid a visit here. He is one of the renowned eye specialists in the world. Can you consult him regarding Aarohi?”

Deep – “Thank you so much Dev. Loads of love to you, bro. I’ll consult him soon. Can you please join with us?”

Dev agreed and cuts the call.

Deep, Aarohi and Dev come to Jyoti Hospital and Dr. George conducted few tests on Aarohi. Deep and Dev were called by Dr. George

Dr. George – “Well, there is a good news for you Mr. Raheja. Aarohi could gain her eyesight. She is perfectly eligible. There are organ banks so need to worry about donors.”

Deep gets excited and happy.

Deep – ” Doctor, when shall we conduct the operation?”

Dr. George – “Within 2 days… Because I have my schedules in Germany after that and it is difficult to keep the operation later.”

Deep – “Sure, doctor. You can do her operation tomorrow. I’ll take care of the application.”

Dr. George – “Sure.”

Deep – “Doctor, May I know your fees?”

Dr. George – “1.5 lakhs.”

Deep gets sad as he cannot manage to arrange the money soon, but smiled and goes with Dev. Aarohi is sitting outside. Deep knelt down besides her and holds her hand.

Aarohi – “Deep…”

Deep – “Tomorrow is your operation, Aarohi. From tomorrow onwards, you can see the colorful world with your new eyes.”

Aarohi don’t know how to react on this.  Aarohi smiled and cried simultaneously. Deep also cried. Dev felt emotional on seeing them.

Aarohi – “I am extremely happy, Deep. It is not because I’m gaining vision, but I am happy that I am going to see your face, who did a lot for my happiness and you made me feel like a normal girl despite my blindness.”
Deep – Okay Aarohi. We shall leave now. I got a project now and I hope I got selected in it. So I have to leave there.”
Aarohi – “Okay Deep, all the best.”
Dev – “All the best bro.”
Deep smiled at both.

Night 7 PM,

Deep returns home after getting rejected in another project. He is sad and gloomy. Hansa called him but his phone beeped.

It is from Mr. George. Mr. George apologized Deep that the donor’s family has refused to donate the donor’s eyes and suggested him to look for a donor within the operation time. Deep was devastated to hear this.
When Aarohi called him, Deep runs to his room shocking both Hansa and Aarohi.

Deep enters the room and closed the room. He leaned his head on the wall and cries.

Aarohi knocks the door, calling out his name. Deep didn’t respond. Aarohi keeps knocking the door and Hansa also comes there. As the knocking sound increased, Deep wiped his tears and keeps the things as it is and opened the door.

Hansa – “Why didn’t you open the door and Aarohi has been knocking for 5 minutes? You usually won’t lock this room, right?”

Deep – “Oh, that is nothing. I was bathing so I couldn’t hear the noise. You don’t worry.”

Deep says with a reluctant smile. Hansa gets little doubtful, but she goes. Deep enters inside, followed by Aarohi. Aarohi closed the door, surprising Deep. Aarohi comes near him and touches his face. Deep removes her hands from his face and goes.

Aarohi – “Did you cry, Deep?”

Deep – “What happened to you now? Why are you speaking out of context?”

Aarohi – “Answer my question, Deep.”

Deep – “No…”

Aarohi – “You are lying, Deep. Then why should you break things?”

Deep – “Aarohi, please don’t…”

Deep holds his face and turns his face towards her face.

Aarohi – “Why did you cry?”

Deep releases his face, forcibly and turns.

Aarohi – “Tell me, Deep. Sorrows are halved when you share with someone.”

Deep – “I don’t want my sorrows to affect anyone.”
Aarohi – “So you accept that you cried.”

Deep – “Yeah, I cried.”

His voice breaks. Aarohi touched his face and could feel the droplets from his eyes increasing. Vikram sits on the bed with a thud.

(Oh Mahiya plays)

Aarohi – “Deep…”

Deep – “I don’t have luck, Aarohi…. … I cannot be a good son, nor a good brother to Dev… Now I failed as your boyfriend… I am unfortunate.”

Deep cries.  Aarohi cupped his face,

Aarohi – “Nothing like that, Deep… What happened to you?”

Deep – “No Aarohi…. Nothing like you say. In the past two weeks, I attended a lot of auditions, but I was rejected in each and every one. I just have only one music video… But what to do…”

Aarohi – “Deep, you told me right… Life is not always unfair. You’re no supposed to become a singer today but you’ll definitely become a singer in future. Don’t you remember many talented people got rejected by people at first?”

Deep (tearfully) – “No, Aarohi. My parents were against my wish to become a singer. They want me to become a businessman like Dad or a lawyer like mom. I stood strong in my decision so they cut their contacts with me. They didn’t like me singing in cinemas. Now, I am 28. But I am there on temporary job and couldn’t do anything. I cannot give financial support to Dev being a elder son. Now by today’s night… the donor’s family has rejected to donate the donor’s eyes to you. I am so unlucky, Aarohi. I cannot do anything….”
Aarohi hugged him tightly and says, “Quiet! Keep Quite, Deep. Don’t speak anything.” Aarohi wiped Deep’s tears. Deep didn’t release the hug.

Aarohi – “You didn’t support Dev financially. But Sonakshi and you are the one who called him daily and supported him emotionally when he undergone a heartbreak. You gave him an emotional support. About your parents, they will understand you soon, Deep. Don’t worry about them. Concentrate on your passion. You told me that it is a risk filled field and you accepted it whole-heartedly. Take this as a part of your journey, not the end of the journey.”

Aarohi continued…

Aarohi – “Is he the only doctor exists? You may see an another talented doctor who can do my treatment. Also, I got used to this condition itself, Deep. Also, you are there for me to hold my hands.”

Deep – “No, Aarohi. That is different. You must get eyesight.”

Aarohi – “I understand Deep. But you should not lose hopes on such small things. You gave hope to me, but now it is not fair if you lose hope.”

Deep – “Thank you Aarohi. I’ll not cry again.”

Aarohi – “It’s not about crying, Deep. It is normal to cry when something happens in your life overpowering you. It is about not losing hope. Also, understand one thing. You are not alone. I am there for you to listen to you and heal your wounds. Also, like you say, it won’t affect me if you tell your matters. It hurts only when you succumb the burden into yourself. I am sharing my matters with you and you heal all my pains and add happiness, right? I also expect it from you.”
Deep – “I’m sorry, Aarohi. I won’t do that again to hurt you. Promise!”

Aarohi – “Now smile…”

Deep smiles and so is Aarohi. Deep’s phone rings and Sonakshi’s name flashed. Deep attends the call casually without knowing about the bad news waiting for him through the devastated Sanjana.

To be continued.

  1. Nice episode deep didn’t let feel arohi alone and incapable he assure her that she is also normal girl like another their love confession was nice when deep said that you don’t need stick hold my hand and their hug was cute yes if you can make something it’s great talent my mom make many thinks like that bag and something I tried alot but didn’t success like deep so everything fine between dev and tanya yes it felt really awkward that you proposed someone who already committed and if that person is your friend then it more awkward and embarrassing but they decided that they both will be on touch was nice because I really feel that every relation has their own place if you can’t be a couple you can be friends and they were friend before also devakshi are good friends know dev is introvert kind I think he really need time to be comfortable with someone but he is with sonakshi their movement was cute like how flour fell on dev and when sonakshi was cleaning his like he was sitting quite like a small child who scared from her mom scold dev was shock how sonakshi and deep live with each other eggs and mud etc yes her mom already had an idea what they are doing it obvious moms always know about our surprise my mom to knows about everything what are we up to deep was feeling very low he was happy that arohi can see amount was big but he was happy but at last movement donor back out he was rejected it’s really hurt him he left his family for his dream but it can’t be so it’s obvious arohi consoling deep was nice and yes mental support is more important then financial support and deep and sakshi both are giving dev to that support it bigger then money well eating for next episode

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much for the long comment dear. I loved reading your comment. Yeah, even I cannot make the knots like my grandma does. Dev would understand his feelings for Sonakshi soon. You’re right, mental support is many times bigger than the financial support.

  2. Avneil fan

    Amazing episode 😍.sorry for not commenting on previous episodes..I couldn’t comment because I went out of station😣.loved ardeep bond💖.

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