inside feeling….7

mr.ranawat said mohan rudra select dress to paro.. paro feel happy… something special to feel her… mohan think megha words and cut phone call…

rudra select two ladies dress and show to mohan..mohan ask y two dress is enough paro… rudra said ya one is paro and another one is megha u give this blue saree to megha… megha like blue color.. mohan look saree very beautiful and imagine megha wear saree same saree.. mohan ask himself y i’m any time thinking only megha…mohan phone rings..mohan see paro name attend the phone call.. paro said mohan u buy my dress na.. u buy red color saree… mohan reply rudra buy him already…

in rudra home
rudra give dress to paro and paro look surprisingly same red color saree she ask.. rudra ask u like it na.. paro reply ya.. owe super color saree…i like it verymuch… mohan give megha saree to paro and told rudra select this saree to megha u give to megha..rudra look mohan and said u give to megha in office..mohan reply today i’m not going to office..paro go to meet officer sir so paro give dress to megha.. rudra said no rudra room..rudra ask mohan what problem u and megha.. mohan reply problem..rudra said i hear voice only no problem but ur face said some problem with u… mohan said work tension..

megha house..
door bell rings…megha doesn’t hear anything..megha only hear mohan harsh words..(megha doesn’t change her dress she wear same dress)..paro ready to leave. some breaking sound hear.. paro go inside room via window.. see megha break all things cryingly… paro suddenly hug megha and console her… megha feel relax..paro ask reason for megha state… megha said i failed my love… paro ask tell clearly… megha said everything to paro.. paro similely said u truly love one person na.. ur love is true.. ur love give strength to u… ur lover definetly accept ur love.. megha said my love is true but my love is oneside… paro reply ur lover misunderstand u he also love her and said i will prove her.. megha ask how.. paro said call ur lover and told come home…megha call mohan said come home immediately.. mohan ask why..megha cut call.. paro said megha go and fresh her and change this dress… megha see saree like it and ask y u give saree to me and megha said yesterday ur birthday my side small gift.. megha go to change saree..sametime mohan arrive megha house.. paro opendoor and ask u.. mohan come inside house and said i’m come to pick u… mohan ask water to paro.. paro go to kitchen.. mohan come inside megha room look all broken things… mohan clean room.. paro search mohan doesn’t see her and paro phone rings.
paro speak to rudra.. rudra ask u give saree to megha.. paro said ya..paro like it..sorry.
rudra ask y u ask sorry… paro said i’m tell megha to i buy a saree… rudra said no problem..paro said she wear the same saree.. rudra said take one photo and send my phone… paro said k… megha change saree in mr.bhalla room…paro go to see her and take photo to her phone…photo is not clear so use mohan phone to take photo to send rudra… rudra see photo smile… megha ask paro anyone come..paro said ur lover not come…paro see megha blouse fitting is loose and said megha to change dress… paro go to megha room take megha dress and doesn’t see mohan..same time mohan in washroom.. megha change dress..she feel headache.. paro look megha sad face and said go to your room i take coffee.. megha said no need i prepare myself.. paro said no.. go..paro prepare coffee and come to megha room look shock..megha hold mohan holar and ask tell resaon… paro putcoffee on table and remove megha hand on mohan shirt and tell megha he is mohan..he is not ur lover..he come in ur home to pick me.. megha said i love mohan.. paro look mohan..mohan look floor and doesn’t see paro eyes..paro understand and give coffee to megha.. mohan leave room.. paro said megha i’m very happy u love mohan but give time to mohan.. mohan have bad experience in love.. megha ask tell what experience… paro said definetly mohan told u… megha and paro come outside house…mohan ask sorry to megha..megha doesn’t speak anything turn her face…

in bsd office
paro come to meet rudra…and ask amar about rudra.. amar said he is in interrogation room..don’t go there sit in rudra cabin… paro enter rudra cabin… paro look interrogation room via mirror see rudra change him shirt and turn close her eyes… rudra come cabin see paro close eyes and murmuring something.. rudra call paro..paro doesn’t respond..rudra put hand on paro shoulder..paro closed her mouth with hand and ask sorry and said i don’t see.. this is not my fault.. rudra ask what fault..tell clearly… paro said ur… shirt… rudra see mirrior understand..put hand on paro mouth..have an eye lock..amar enter room suddenly rudra take hand from her mouth..amar give some files and leave room.. rudra ask paro what r u doing her.. paro said i personally speak one important matter.. rudra said i don’t have time in personal..go home.. paro said megha..

rudra and paro in one restaurant.. paro eat icecream and doesn’t speak anything to paro.. rudra told tell fist matter and eat slowly… paro said ur friend in love… rudra doesn’t hear properly only hear word love… rudra ask who…whom.. paro clearly said ur megha in love… rudra happily ask megha..who is tha luckiest person.. paro speedly said ur brother.. rudra said brother..mohan… paro said ya..mohan.. rudra told mohan doesn’t tell anything to me..rudra call mohan..paro cut the call..and said mohan doesn’t accept megha’s love… rudra ask why… paro said u know na mohan have bad experience in love.. rudra said i don’t know me and mohan in same college but different dep.. one year before mohan help to catch terroist at that time only my friendship start… paro said i think mohan like megha but doesn’t accept.. rudra said i ask mohan directly… paro said no… love is not a thing…it’s a feel… mohan doesn’t hide her feelings anymore… time change everything..

some colleagues speaking ill about megha..mohan hear their conversation and hold collar and try to slap..

  1. Hi sunc,today only i read all ur ff n i like it so much . I have become ur fan but update regularly ok

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